Blogathon-January 2014 – Finished!!

Yippeee…Yay yay yay! I finished this blogathon, I didnt give up in the middle, I feel sooo goood…. *imagine me singing besura…*

Whew! Im so glad that this is finally over! When Maya first suggested it, I backed out saying things are quite stressful at work right now and weekend travels so I would not be able to complete it. She pushed me and said that I should atleast start and stop if I couldnt do it. But then, once I started, I just couldnt back off – I would feel like I failed my friends RM and Maya! So, I just hung-on and completed it…

Ofcourse, there have been cheat posts,  I have put up 2 posts in a day because the previous day I was travelling or had network issues – But I still did put 31 posts-1 for everyday.

Sadly though, I feel that this time my posts are more fluff than stuff 😦 I feel I could’ve done a better job of putting up more subject worthy posts or more poignant posts…

Anyway, now that its done, its done!! Maya – thank you for this initiative and atleast for the next one year – no more Blogathons please! And this time around, Im going to get a little more smarter-I will start collecting subjects that would be worth writing about or better still – I will write the posts and keep them in draft and will publish them all during the blogathon – Good thinking – Eh?