A weekend trip to DC

Writing this post on my way back from DC sitting in a relatively new and clean Greyhound bus.

I had been looking forward to this trip since October last year, if truth be told but I wasn’t sure if it will ever happen. My friend from my first job days is travelling from India to DC on work and when she was here in October last year we planned to meet the next time she was here.

So I immediately booked my tickets and planned the weekend. The best thing about us is we are both extremely opinionated Librans. Thoughts that are kept to myself just tumble out while talking to her. She was the one who introduced me to blogging, we share the same passion of good books over movies and dont like outdoorsy activities much.

We checked out a local pub near Georgetown university, went to spy museum and the touring Cirque Du Soleil show. I am glad I planned the show because she liked it as much as I did just as I had hoped. Through all this there was one thing constant- talk talk talk. I guess we finally gave a bit of rest in the cab last night on the way back to the hotel and also because we didn’t want the driver listening in!

Like she wrote me on WhatsApp just a few minutes back

It always amazes me that even when we don’t meet or talk for years it always feels like we are just continuing a conversation we left incomplete yesterday.

Its always a great break to be just me with someone who “gets” me. I can’t wait to plan another one like this. Sanju, are you reading this? πŸ˜‰


100 Happy Days: Day 99

Yesterday, to celebrate mothers, there was an event organized by the ladies for the ladies in the community. There were 350 women in all and it was a grand event in every sense. Women dress for other women is so true. There was a sense of “this is just us ladies and we can let our hair down” atmosphere, though the cynic in me recognised that there would be gossip and judgements later. I also realised that I have changed so much. I used to be uncomfortable among only ladies before. I never liked the topics of discussion. But now, I can hold my own conversation without zoning out!

It was a fun evening with dinner, drinks and dancing. I guess after coming to this country, I never had an evening out with friends and no husband and kid. Its May and we don’t know what life has in store for us in the coming few months, but once again we have finally made friends and are getting comfortable in the community.

100 Happy Days: Day 98

I had a good day today. Took the car out by myself for some ‘me time’. Went out at 11am and got home by 3.30pm. Just some window shopping and when I got hungry, bought a sandwich and a frappuchino, sat at the table and ate by myself. I realised then, that I have never done that – eat by myself, ever! So both the driving and the eating by myself are both small personal tick marks for me 😎

100 Happy Days: Day 94

All of last week, the energy levels were low and we somehow got through the days as Sam was home, down with flu. Nothing much to do and we just spent the day lazing and reading books and watching TV. These are the kind of days that I feel glad that I am not currently working. Neither me not hubby had to do any “adjustments” in our schedule and get stressed about who would stay home to take care of Sam. How do single parents manage multiple kids? I always wonder!

Since his fever let up by friday morning, he has been craving for ‘something different but yummy!’ So tried my hand (of course with my partner chef) at cauliflower rice pulao and Thai green curry. Both turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself πŸ˜‰ Sam however has given me green signal to do ‘more and more green curry’. It might now become added to the weekly menu!

Watched Dil toh Pagal Hai on Amazon Prime. How many memories it brought back! Of my grand mother who came to the theatre to watch this movie as a family, my brother and cousin teasing me ‘ yeh pagal hai!!’ Everytime I wanted to watch it on cable tv, of hunting for that one bracelet for a friend ☺ Going to bed now with a smile that a movie triggered.

PS: Sam did not like the movie one bit, he got so bored that he walked out to read his book!

100 Happy Days: Day 93

Nearly a month back, Sam came home and said he wants ‘many things’ to eat at lunch. He said his friends got burgers/sandwiches and juice and finally cookies for dessert. He was bored to take only 1 thing in his dabba. While I told him that he doesn’t finish that 1 thing also, I began to think what else I could give. We got honest less sugar juice and I began to put additional fruit like grapes along with chappati/idly etc which is his main lunch. I wanted to avoid store bought cookies which gave me the thought of baking at home. With all that prelude, I proudly present, iyengar bakery style, benne (butter) biscuit and masala biscuit πŸ˜πŸ‘‡

Oh, wait! the post doesn’t end here… we were all bored of our south Indian food. So, here is what we had for dinner πŸ‘‡

Roasted veggies with butternut squash and mixed veggie soup both of which turned out quite good, if I may say so myself 😎

100 Happy Days: Day 89

The weather was unseasonably warm and husband working from home gave me the opportunity to take the car and go do some of my own stuff. Went out from 10am to 2pm loitering in the nearest strip mall. Went to Ulta and bought stuff that I probably will use once? AND got a free goodie bag with products that I have no clue how to use! But it was good to just get out of the house, drive by myself and get some stuff done. That independence means a lot to me. Ending the day watching a movie online-a midweek treat.

100 Happy Days: Day 86

Last year in May, I spent a week at work in New Jersey while hubby handled the house in my absence. By the end of the week, on a family whatsapp conversation in reply to some forward, he posted this below message which was/is the most I have heard him appreciate all the tasks I do. So, at that time, I had copied that message onto my phone memo πŸ˜€ Now, while I was looking for my memo of grocery list, I got this. Being Valentine’s day and all, I thought I should post it here πŸ˜‰ :

 This is so true and couldn’t have come at a better time!! R is in NJ on business this week and that leaves me to do all the chores in the morning, starting from preparation of breakfast and lunch for Sam to waking him up, pushing him into bath, getting him ready for school, ensuring he has his breakfast, drinks milk, keeps his homework and books in the bag, wear his glasses (yes this also a chore) and then getting him to the bus stop on time ( phew!!) at the same time having a pair of ear phones plugged into my ears, dealing with crazy client escalations and leaving me sapped at the end of it all only to realize that the day hasn’t even started yet. On the other hand, R weaves a magic wand. A wand that lets her do all this in parallel thus ensuring that Sam is happily ready well before time and at the same time calmly handling all the queries that her client throws at her ( yes she has daily calls staring at 7AM) along with packing lunch and snack for Sam and lunch dabba for me. All done with a smile on her face. Now this is what is called multitask and we (read men) are incapable of it. R please come back fast…..πŸ˜₯

100 Happy Days: Day 85

Pani Puri dinner: 

Sam is home today with a bad cold and congestion in his throat but no fever. I decided that he wouldn’t go to school as he didn’t sleep well last night. So I cooked fresh for lunch, comfort food of saaru(rasam), rice and cabbage palya. The boy ate a hot lunch and then said “Amma, you know what, if everything in my nose and throat has to come out I have to eat something spicy, how about hot and spicy pani puri for dinner?” Hmmm… over the weekend when we went grocery shopping the husband refused to get the pani pooris when I had asked him so I said no to Sam. 

Well, what do you think happened? How could the loving Dad refuse his unwell son? Sam asked for it while hubby called on his way home, so the pooris along with some jalebis came home. 

We had an awesome hot and spicy pani puri for dinner with jalebis for dessert. This reminds me of pre Sam days when I used to have masala puri and pani puri for dinner to help with my sinus and phlegm 😁 My son seems to have understood at 8 what I understood at 18!  

100 Happy Days: Day 84

Sitting jobless at home, most days are just ‘bleh’ (yes, thinking of you, SmitπŸ˜™) but suddenly a small moment happens that I notice, thanks to this happiness challenge. I wrote here in the beginning of Jan about the 10k steps that a few bloggers convinced me to do and I try and stick to it atleast weekdays. Today was one day where I was severly lagging behind (no lengthy phone conversations πŸ˜‰) so at the end of the day, I asked hubby to play some of the latest hindi songs and danced away for 25mins just so that I could complete those steps, walking suddenly felt boring. A good cardio and laughter from the boys, a good end to a completely boring day. Thank you, ladies, you know who you are πŸ€—

100 Happy Days: Day 82

Do you feel/hear the hush when it snows? There is a pleasant sound when it rains but there is a quiet, no not quite quiet, a hushhhh when it snows. I love it. Like the world is waiting and we are in a cocoon. And then just to disturb that peace we go out and do this πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Ž πŸ‘‡

Yes, thats me in pajamas rushing out when I could not hold it inside me-I just HAD to go out and feel the snow on my face. Later we all packed up and went out for a snowball fight. Today’s happiest moments.