Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo…

After a really long time this song was selected by someone on Radio a couple of days ago. And after a long time this song stuck in my mind – even as I got up in the morning…

So here it is for all of you:

I listened to the Asha Bhonsle version but somehow it didnt strike a chord… And I liked that the pics in this video are all Madhubala’s. Ah!

Now give me a lovely nice book and let me be… sigh…


Its your Dog, not mine…

So please keep it on a leash when you walk out on streets. This is my humble request to people with dogs.

Yes,Im one of ‘those’ people who are scared of dogs. Period. I dont know why and it doesnt matter. Not that I hate dogs or have anything against them – No! I like them. But I dont understand them!I love little puppies and love to cuddle them. I dont know what goes on in their heads when they see me and coming running towards me – my only thought is fear! That they will jump on me, they will bite me! And the fact that both my brother and me have sensitive skins,we have been warned against animal fur – that adds to my reason of staying away from them. So please, if you have a dog – I will look at it from far and appreciate it – might be even talk to it from far – but please dont let it come near me – I dread it – my hands and legs begin to shake – visibly, and they tell that a dog knows when you are scared of it. And that intensifies my fear – what if it knows Im scared – will it bite me? The very thought of those long,sharp teeth *shudder*

And why am I saying this? Because – the neighbour who has a dog – a pretty huge one at that too – decided to let his dog outside – seeing that I am walking Chutku back home. And looking at Chutku the dog decided to run to him and my poor baby can hardly walk yet didnt realise that the dog was running towards him – he just stood there saying ‘bow bow’ and I see the dog running toward him. I almost froze in panic. I instantly carried him and told the owner – can you please hold your Dog. And he snarled at me! – “Its not going to do anything”

Me: Its running toward my son, can you please hold it until I pass

Him” I told you its not going to do anything – in a very rude tone.

me: I dont know that – can you please hold it

Him: Ignored me and walked to the opposite house and complained to the guy standing there.

Me: Look, its coming back to my side – hold your Dog (It probably was excited to see Chutku!)

Him: Glared at me

Me: Excuse me – can you hold your dog – I dont care if it wont bite – and Im not being rude to you – Im requesting you to hold it while I pass – so you dont have to be rude (By this time I was scared and angry)
Him: You can go – I will hold it – in a very princely manner.

Hmmppphhhh and Im still seething. At 6.30 in the evening when Im walking back home from work and letting the little fellow walk and get some better balance I dont think I needed this…

(Image courtesy: Google images)

The Angry little Man

When Chutku was born and we asked a panditji to write his janampatri he said: Oh! This one is a fiery fellow. He will be very stubborn and he will get angry very fast.

And I wondered every time I looked at a thin,frail, wrinkly little baby who would sleep on me through out the night,howl and whimper in colic pain – this fellow? angry? hmmmm, Im one too and I know how to handle him.

But I realise that its not at all easy! Nope! This little 2 feet fellow stands up to his full height, looks up at me or his Dad and says “AEye!” if he so much as thinks we might raise our voices. We should just let him be – to put his tiny fingers in the electric sockets, to chew his shoes 😦 , to climb stairs on his own, to jumping down from the window sill, to walk on wet,fresh swabbed floor, to play in water – all these now! And depending on his mood he decides if he wants to cry or show his anger.

Today morning he realised he couldn’t scream back at his Dad – so he began to cry and came out of the room searching for me – and he didn’t find me anywhere close.Instead, he found the electric socket with the mosquito coil in it and he decided he can switch it on – and pooff! vanished all his tears – instantly, he was so thrilled on seeing the light on the mosquito coil switching on and off, his instant reaction was a very happy ‘ayeee’ – all anger forgotten…
And one look at me, he comes running with arms outstretched – “Ammmmaaaaaaaa” and there melts all my anger. The little monster knows how to make “mushys” out of his parents with just a look and a smile…

A humbling experience

Saturday was spent with parents. While Dad and I were trying to feed a few morsels of food to the little fellow – standing in the compound, there came a Kabadi wallah. The house is on an incline and the man must’ve been atleast 55 pushing his cart with effort. He stopped in front of the house and began talking to Dad! I was a bit surprised initially and then realised that he is the regular guy to whom my Dad sells all the old newspapers and knew his life history. My Dad then asked him if his son got a job. I believe that Dad helped the son write his CV.

Slowly his story unravelled. Widower with 3 children – 2 daughters and 1 son, he came to Bengaluru, started with this Kabadi business and educated all his children. Yes! Even his daughters! His youngest daughter is studying in 1st year BCom and the son is an aeronautical engineer from an university in Tamil Nadu! And all the 3 children have studied with free seats – obviously because there wasn’t any other way. The son has now got a job in a govt company and the eldest daughter has just delivered a daughter too. The man mentioned that the Son-In-law is a gem of a person and he loves his daughter. I liked the fact that here was this man from what we consider a lower strata – who educated his children with no discrimination of boy/girl and I also admire the children who realised the difficulty of the parent and put their best efforts to get where they are today!

And Yesterday while returning home, we saw a blind man with a guitar on his back and with a stick in his hand trying to figure out the way on the street in the dark…

Sigh.I feel so humbled. Life has been so easy for me…

CSAAM April 2011 – CSA Awareness month

Do check this link: http://csaawarenessmonth.wordpress.com/ for all the information.

There is this great initiative in the blog world about Child Sexual Abuse and the entire month of April has been dedicated to Awareness. Sad but true – I’ve experienced myself and heard a lot of stories on this from many friends. This is bestest initiative I’ve come across here in the blogsphere so far and Im trying to do my bit. And like I was commenting on a Sanju’s blog, If a couple of parents read this post and realise that its a big bad world out there and they need to equip their child to be prepared for the worst, let the child know  that they as parents will always be there and support the child – I guess I would’ve done my small bit. Hats-Off to this initiative from Kiran and Monika for bringing up this topic and letting people tell their experiences – helping in some way to the healing process and best of all for bringing in the experts and teaching us parents how to handle something that is so obviously around but is all the time brushed under the carpet for various reasons. 

Children are innocent – lets help retain that innocence…Lets do our bit – please spread the message around…

Here is what it is all about:

Child Sexual Abuse is a topic which is rarely discussed in India thanks to the social stigma and cultural taboos associated with it. Nonetheless, research does show that over 53 per cent of our children, across SECs, geographical locations and age groups report some degree of sexual abuse.

The CSAAM April 2011 is an effort by a group of bloggers, both parents and non parents, to bring this topic to the fore, to generate discussion and awareness and remove the shroud of silence that covers it.

Across the month of April 2011, we will have over 40 bloggers and non bloggers write about various aspects relating to child sexual abuse. We have the privilege and honour of being associated with NGOs like Arpan, Enfold, Rahi and Tulir, web portals like Womensweb.in, South Asian Parent and Blogadda who will partner us in this initiative to spread the word about child sexual abuse and the need to talk about this issue.

We also will compile resources which will help parents, educationists and caretakers to educate children about their bodies and their rights to their bodies. We will also have survivor stories, first person accounts of those who have endured sexual abuse in some form as children and experts talking with us about the emotional and psychological ramifications of this.
The Blog-A-Thon will occur through the month of April 2011 and if you want to be a part of this please leave a comment or mail us at csa.awareness.april@gmail.com

And here’s how to Participate:
If you would like to add to the discussion or know somebody else who would, please note that we welcome entries mailed to csa.awareness.april@gmail.com OR posted as FB notes and linked to Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month Page OR posted on your own blog with the badge and linked to the main blog OR linked or posted on Twitter tagged twitter.com/CSAAwareness OR The list of topics is available here. Anonymous contributions are accepted and requests for anonymity will of course be honoured.
Please remember to send in a mail with all necessary links or just your input to csa.awareness.april@gmail.com so that we can track your contribution and make sure that it is not inadvertently lost or something.

1 Year of "Samruddhi"

iToday marks 1 year of the Grihapravesha and shifting to our home Samruddhi. A dream come true for Hubby and me.  When we began we were short of cash, just changed jobs and even in our wildest dreams did we imagine we would build a home of our own. We started apartment hunting. But then (I guess Gods above suddenly decided that why will look at us too!) things fell into place and we decided to construct our own home.Even then we didnt dream that it would be so big, everyone advised us to construct 2 houses so we could rent one out and make it a little easy on the finances – but somehow we stuck to what we always dreamt about. With Chuktu being just 3 months old we didnt even think of doing the Grihapravesha, forget shifting, but that too just happened with the flow!
Though we are still very far away from having that Dream Home that looks picture perfect, there is still a feeling of content –  this is where we want to provide the little fellow with every comfort and joy, where we can put our feet up and sit anywhere, sleep in any room, sing as loudly as we want, laugh all we like, run around the little fellow, invite people over.

A cousin said she wants to christen our home as ‘Function Junction’ since most festival and party get together have happened here. And that’s the way I want it to be. Infact this is what I wrote back to her:
And I would LOVE to make the most of our home – I want it to be a place where people WANT to come to, where everyone will feel comfortable to be, where they can relax and enjoy, where they can feel that they can drop in at anytime… And that can only happen if people visit often. And these days, the only time people visit you is when you invite them or there is a function/festival. I try to make the most of the situation… 

Leaving you with some home pics:


Upstairs living – My fave french doors and the brown wall


Secret Santa gifts on the DVD Stand for New year


Main living

Living Room

Ganesha pooja in the dining room

Main door and view of living during Grihapravesha
Living room in blue

View of the house on Grihapravesha