For the Naughty 3 Year Old…

You’re my Pumpkin pumpkin you’re my honey bunny 😀

Happy Happy Birthday Chutku….Muuuaahhh…

So what do I say to you this year specially that I havent said before. How many times shall I tell you that I loooouuuuuvvvvv you and will Squueeze you while you squeal in delight and try to run away from me? And then if I dont act on the words – you come running back and stand in front of me with those eyes twinkling – expecting and waiting for me to make a grab at you and tickle you and do the ‘squeezula’ with you.

Im thankful that your “Terrible Twos” are over! Whew! Literally – you want things the way *you* want them and *when* you want them.But I know it doesnt end here-its only going to get more and more challenging!

As usual this year you’ve grown up so much. To look back I think this has been a very big milestone year – your clarity in thought – how you put two and two together, come up with your own logic. I used to wonder when you would start talking and now there are times when I wish you would just stop your questioning! The questions come faster than I can think the answers. And sometimes you provide your own answers which are irrefutable and then watching me laugh at that answer gives you joy :-).

For your 3rd year, your work is quite cut-out for you. I feel guilty that I need to start pushing and prodding you slowly into ‘main stream’ – going to school, fully potty trained, stopping the mid-night feeds-so I can stop the bottle use. *sigh* lots to gear up to, Chutku, and I know you are up for it- its me Im more afraid of!

I love it that you Love me, I love it that you need me and search for me and keep giving me impromptu huggies and kissies. I love it when you rush towards me knowing very well that I would hug you back or kiss you back. I love it when everyday on the way home you keep telling me “Amma…this… Amma…that” and will show me every single hurt you’ve had and expect me to kiss them all away. More than all this, I love the trust you have in your Dad – the way you run and jump up to him knowing he *will* hold you-without a single thought of what-if! And I pray that your Dad and I continue to live up to that trust and expectation you have.

Every moment I think of you- I send out a small prayer to the One above-sometimes thanking for bringing you into my life, sometimes for just keeping you healthy and happy, sometimes for ensuring you get all the happiness and joy you deserve and most of all to keep you safe and healthy.May all the good forces be with you-always and all the energy and right attitude be with us-your parents-so we can help and guide you in whatever best way we can. And Hope that our decisions concerning you, are right for you.

What more shall I write for you today? I can go on and on and it will just be a smitten mom and her words. So I’ll stop here and wish you once more –

Happy Happy Birthday and Loads of Happiness and Naughtiness and Good Health to you my Little Bundle of Joy! Muuuaaahh… Looovvvv you…


Blog-a-Thon Anyone?

Hello People! Been a long long time since I dropped in here. Loads to write and things I dont want to write – About the Connecticut School shooting about yet another Delhi Rape case. Why? And its all so depressing and pathetic and it induces so much anger in me that I feel that all these people should be made to stand in the city centre and stripped and flogged and stoned – no they dont deserve Capital Punishment! I feel that way they are getting away easy! They need to suffer like how they made the girl
suffer.Whew! Thats a little bit out of the system…

Anyway the purpose of this post was something else altogether. When I first read that Monika of and Sin-a-mon tales was hosting a Blog Marathon I was excited. But a few things that stopped me from jumping into that marathon was:
1. It was already the 3rd/ 4th of December – so there was no catching up time.
2. December being a busy month at work and with the little fellow’s birthday coming up – I was not sure if I could have ideas every day to post.
3. Most importantly – Didnt want to log on to FB with my ID.

So there… But I just couldnt stop thinking about it and mailed some of you-my blog buddies about the thought of doing a marathon in January – how about beginning the new year with a Blog-a-Thon? 🙂 So here are some of them who said an enthusiastic Yes!!

1. Seema
10. Nithvin

So Yaay! Im so glad Im going to have so many friends joining with me in the blog-a-thon and thanks a ton to Monika for doing that marathon blogging in December which is giving us the enthu to do it all Jan!

Ladies! Lets have some fun and rock!

Anyone else interested in joining this Blog-a-thon do leave a comment here and join us…More the merrier!

Lets blog away…