A weekend trip to DC

Writing this post on my way back from DC sitting in a relatively new and clean Greyhound bus.

I had been looking forward to this trip since October last year, if truth be told but I wasn’t sure if it will ever happen. My friend from my first job days is travelling from India to DC on work and when she was here in October last year we planned to meet the next time she was here.

So I immediately booked my tickets and planned the weekend. The best thing about us is we are both extremely opinionated Librans. Thoughts that are kept to myself just tumble out while talking to her. She was the one who introduced me to blogging, we share the same passion of good books over movies and dont like outdoorsy activities much.

We checked out a local pub near Georgetown university, went to spy museum and the touring Cirque Du Soleil show. I am glad I planned the show because she liked it as much as I did just as I had hoped. Through all this there was one thing constant- talk talk talk. I guess we finally gave a bit of rest in the cab last night on the way back to the hotel and also because we didn’t want the driver listening in!

Like she wrote me on WhatsApp just a few minutes back

It always amazes me that even when we don’t meet or talk for years it always feels like we are just continuing a conversation we left incomplete yesterday.

Its always a great break to be just me with someone who “gets” me. I can’t wait to plan another one like this. Sanju, are you reading this? 😉