Im blessed!

-A group of construction workers going home after a tiring day. Nearing the bus stop they see the bus that they need to take to go back home. They run for the bus. Unfortunately among them is a lame guy who is unable to run. The others leave him behind and get into the bus and the bus almost begins to move. The lame guy puts in all his effort struggles and trips but still manages to run as fast as he can and gets into the bus which has slowed down thanks to his friends. There is a sense of accomplishment on the guy’s face.

-Children of construction workers are walking on the street. They see a car that is being parked. The driver is trying to negotiate a tough spot and is reversing and changing gears.Finally he parks, gets out, locks the car and walks off – He does not even notice these children. One among them who has noticed everything imagines himself as the car. making a ‘vroom’ noise with his hands on the steering runs backward,forward,honks and then settles himself next to that car – as if parking himself! He touches the car and walks away.And there is such a joy on that child’s face.

– The same set of children, there is a pair a sisters – one really small, has just learnt to walk. she picks up a lollipop stick that has fallen down (there is no lollipop on it- just the stick) and puts it in her mouth. The elder sister takes the stick from the little one’s mouth, puts it in hers, imagines to enjoy it and then puts it right back in the little sister’s mouth. There is a satisfaction of enjoying it and sharing it on the big sister’s face.

Some small things makes me wonder that I must have done something good somewhere, in this birth or the previous for God to have been kind enough to me to have given me all the privileges that I enjoy today!Am I not blessed to have been born as me?


MarghaLi Poove

Im back for a few minutes, just to post this song for my few visitors:

I LOVE this song. The music (AR Rehman ofcourse!) the picturisation, the scenic beauty – just everything.I first heard this song when I was a teenager and I loved imagining myself in a place like this… All carefree and full of life…

Speaking of life – it seems to be going at supersonic speed! So wait for a lengthy update post coming soon… ;-p (Like anyone would be interested!!)
Is anyone still visiting here? Do leave me a comment plz – so I know you were here!