Friday Fun-Chutku and the Kerala trip

We did a 1 week road trip to quite a few offbeat places including Kappad beach and Athirampalli falls. The first night we spent in a resort in Vythiri where unfortunately it was raining and the room was damp and cold. The tired little fellow who had played in a little stream slept at about 9pm but then woke up by 10:30. He listened for sometime and then said “Amma, thumba katthale, naavu kaadallideeva? Tiger bandu nammanna thindu bidatta?Amma naavu ‘K’ manege vaapas hogoNa alli malkoLoNa” *Amma, its so dark,are we in the forest, will tiger come and eat us?Lets go back to our home and sleep there” We tried explaining to him but he was not convinced at all, I made him sleep on me for more than an hour and when I tried to put him back on the bed, he woke up again. Finally, the husband who got a brainwave, switched the TV on to the cartoon channel, told him that see, we have cartoon here, no tiger will come so watch it till you get sleep. We were also so tired that we just slept after that. Sometime at around 2:30am the hubby woke up to see the little fellow still watching TV! :-O though he finally looked sleepy. At about 3am the little fellow had nodded off to sleep! He seemed to proove that he is a thorough city-bred…

Another point here, was the Kappad beach. We thought he liked water as he loved playing in the stream at Vythiri despite the rain. So, we took him to the beach (an extremely narrow stretch) right in front of the resort. We went prepared with a sand kit and everything. The minute we went to the beach, he took one look at the vast expanse of the water and refused to even get his feet wet. He kept running away from the little bit of waves that were coming close to his feet 😀 Then, the evil mom that I am, diverted his attention and got him close to the water – one huge swell of water which came right upto his little thighs, and what does the monkey do- climbs up my legs, holds on to my waist and wraps both his legs around mine!! 😀 The husband was having a gala time clicking pictures and laughing his head off… Post that, Chutku decided that the sand was a better place and the father, who hates that sand, settled down on it to build a hill and a tunnel through which his little truck could pass…

All through the journey we kept seeing a lot of Audi cars on the Kerala roads. We come back from the trip and the son pips up one day “Appa, nange Audi Car kodisu” *Buy me an Audi car* and the Appa’s jaw just drops to the floor. Then the son sees the Dad’s face and very sweetly corrects his sentence “Appaaaa, toy Audi car appaaaaa” Me? I was ROTFL 😀

Another one on cars – during the trip, Chutku suddenly starts screaming “Amma, hosa car nodamma” *Amma, see a new car” And I kept searching for a new car. The first couple of times I missed it and then he shows again “Amma, adu yaava car amma, hosa car” *what car is that,its a new car*. Guess what he was looking at? – Ambassador!!
Bwaahahahahhaha. He’s never seen it on the roads of Bengaluru and its a “new” car for him…

I didnt know he was getting to be a cleanliness freak like me until these 2 incidents happened-
a. At the resort in Vythiri due to dampness the bathtub had black spots and the little fellow was hesitant about having bath there until we told him it wont stick to him! And we would also have bath in that.
b. At Guruvayoor, we went late for lunch and were searching for a place. We finally got a place which was serving meals. Only after we entered we realised it wasnt clean but since the food was hot and we didnt have any other option, we ate there. Again for dinner when hubby and i were discussing where to go, the little voice pips-up- “Appa beLigge hogidvalla, alli beda alli galeeju!” *let us not go where we went in the morning, its dirty!”. We were both shocked as we hadnt voiced anything about that place-it was all completely his understanding and words!!

Through out the long road trip, I kept him occupied singing songs and letting him play with the tiny toys we carried. It was an experimental road trip to check how the little guy will fare on such long journeys and the whole trip went quite fine. We are now ready to get back on the roads I think! Yaay!






Friday Fun-Chutku school updates

{This one is for Seema and Deeps who has been asking for chutku updates for a long time now}

Now that everyone knows Chutku goes to school, I need to put up details of the last 2 PTMs we attended.

The first one, was right after hubby got back from Germany in July end.We went to school, saw all the coloring and pasting he had done, just had a general conversation with the teacher. I asked her about 3-4 times about his behaviour, let her know that he has major temper tantrums at home, asked if he pushes,fights with anyone-for all of which she just smiled and said “No, he’s well behaved”. Whew! That was one think checked. Then I asked her, that he had come home complaining one day that Madam made him sit on the window sill for talking to someone. She said, kids this age have very fertile imagination, we dont do any such thing, especially not like making them sit like that, and he hasnt been punished until now-so dont bother. She again reiterated that she is happy with him and there is no cause for us to worry.

The second one, was just a couple of weekends back where we met the other teacher. She said he is very possessive about the 2 class teachers and does not like anyone else coming to the class! Secondly, if he sits at the back of the class, he ensures to talk to his neighbours and make a lot of noise-so as a rule, just before the class starts, the teachers get him to the first bench :-O And here’s the clicher-he doesnt like to color…

Now for the positives: Though he doesnt like to color-the teacher stressed that he *knows* how to do it-just that he doesnt have the patience to sit and complete it. If compelled, he just ensures completion by scribbing everywhere not minding the borders.

The best part that we liked was when the teacher said that he understands the concepts taught in class-he is even able to come up with his own answers! 😀 finally-they said he has “Natural leadership qualities”-now whatever that means!!

Finally, on the school learnings- He seems to be enjoying school a lot. He comes home and Mom becomes Chuktu and he becomes the teacher, when he teaches Mom everything that happened in school that day. That way we get to know what new rhyme/lesson/yoga has been taught in school.

I hope and pray that this stinct of liking school continues