Is there a sure shot Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy?

Women’s Web is hosting a contest:

and I decided to participate too… I had never put up my birth story or my pregnancy story here and I kept thinking it was too late – but what better opportunity than this, now? 🙂
Where do I start… Lets start from the very beginning – I had a miscarraige in the 10th week of my first pregnancy. And after that I was paranoid at every stage…
So,when the home pregnancy kit showed a blue line and we took the day off and excitedly/nervously ran to the gynaec. She asked me if I was sure or I wanted to do the test again and I said I was sure. So, she asked me to come back in the 10th week to do my first scan and ensure that things were smooth and that we can hear the heart beat… In the meantime – I think sometime around the 8th week, Hubby had an accident and Im not sure if that was the stress or implantation, I had spotting. So, we ran to the doc again and got a scan. This time around, the scan doctor was pretty happy with the growth and so she asked me to come back in the 10th week again so we can make sure that the heart beat was heard. 10th week – I was such a nervous wreck that the scan doc joked that my heart beat without the scanner was so loud that she would not be able to hear the baby’s! When we first heard that beautiful sound of gallopping horses – we recorded it and hubby had tears in his eyes. We were SO happy… But the pregnancy wasnt without its stress…
a. There was some goof-up about my age and the blood reports came as a high risk for Down’s syndrome – so my Ob-Gyn asked me to get another scan and blood test done at a specialised scanning center and take the opinion of that doctor – so for the next 2 weeks-I was paranoid until the results came normal.Because of all these confusions my Ob-Gyn was extra careful and asked me to visit another very famous center at the 20th week for the scan. -That was a horrifying experience-The doctor was unfriendly and didnt give me any inputs and neither did he show me the scan images. I was terrified. Then I couldnt control it any longer and directly asked him if all was well. He just nodded his head and told me that his receptionist would give me the reports!!
b. My Granny passed away when I was about 7 months pregnant – I had BP fluctuations for about a week during that time and I was asked to relax.
c. After the 7th month Seemantham, when I went for the 28th week blood test- the ob-gyn said I am a border line case for GD! Then I was asked to meet the endocrinologist and Iwas told that since I was Not diabetic I could control through my diet and was put on a diet – He was surprised that I was eating 3 chikoos and 1 full pmogranate in a day – Chikkoo apprantly are extremely high in sugar content! “Eat everything in moderation – dont skip anyting, but dont over eat either”
d. During the 3 trimester I think I had a scan every 2 weeks because the doctor was not happy with just ‘feeling’ the baby – she kept thinking that the baby was very small for the number of months and because she had already seen so many fluctuations in me, she told me that she was being careful.
Oh! And all these months I had to lead a hectic project where I had to even do the manager’s part of the work too and he was most unhappy that I was going on maternity leave at that time! So, I was putting in 12hr days almost 4 days a week until the 7th month and after the BP fluctuations episode I had to bring in higher management to be taken off the project so I could do my 9hrs at work and leave… by the time I was ‘slowly’ relieved from my role – I was already in the 9th month.
Finally, on Dec 22nd – which was my due date and I had absolutely no signs of labor, I went for a check-up and that was the first time I told her that I havent felt the baby move since the previous night. She checked the heart-beat and though it sounded OK she asked me to get admitted. She discussed the situation with hubby and me and In her words ” Under normal circumstances, I would’ve given it another week, but in your case, because the baby is small and you are on controlled diet for GD, I think the baby is not getting enough nutrients and I would rather have the baby out and feed it outside than leave it inside and keep getting worried if its getting all the food it needs and if its growing well. Get admitted and I will induce the labor”. I was so practically unprepared!

We rushed to the hospital,finished the formalities (some confusion and they took me staight to the labour room assuming I was in labour!) and she came, checked and induced pain – all in about 1 hr time. It was around 10.30 am in the morning. By about 12, I was getting a little more pain when she came and checked and told me that the baby’s head was still floating and was not in position and it could take about 24hrs of labor – and in all this 24hrs if she finds even a bit of destress to the baby she will do a C-section. I got worried and Mom was petrified!We asked the doctor if I can have a C-section right then. After a lengthy discussion with the doc,.hubby and me – the doc finally agreed to do the C-section at 1.15pm. I believe she even told hubby that I should’ve given ‘normal’ a shot but then when she took Chutku out at 2pm and gave one look at him she told me “Right Decision R, I dont think this little fellow could’ve withstood the 24 hrs of labour, he is so small-no wonder his head was not fixed yet”… Purely instinct on my part here…

With that the pregnancy story ends but the ‘tips’ are here:

1. Read – Through all the tests and scans I used to read What to Expect – it was always on my bedside table. It used to give me an idea of what was happening inside me – whether what I was feeling was normal or I had to be concerned. It gave me information on every thing I wanted to know. And when I would be stressed or scared awaiting some result – reading about my baby’s development gave me positivity…
2. Talk to your Ob-Gyn – Ask every doubt you have. Its your body and you have a right to know what’s happening. I used to read/google and ask her a lot of questions. She would always ask me after the consult,with a smile – Ok, so where is your list for today… I always had questions and she always answered them practically. She never gave me false hopes – she told me-Im not your mother (oh! she didnt look like one either! she must just be about 45yrs), Im your doctor-I will tell you medically and practically what is happening to you and how you need to handle it too… She gave a lot of value to my emotions/ feelings/ thoughts and words… She always boosted my confidence.
3. Trust the Ob-Gyn – Im stressing this here again – through all the hormonal fluctuations/multiple second opinions that she herself suggested/scans – I had complete trust in her ability – she exuded the calm and proficiency of knowing what she was doing…

A few from the doctor’s mouth:
1. Eat healthy, eat for yourself – your body will demand what it needs and eat at right intervals. Do not eat for 2 like they say. Eat everything in moderation – forget papaya – even banana if overeaten can cause harm…And a couple of slices of papaya causes no harm – and its rich in antioxidants…

2.  Work until the due date – no harm unless explicitly told to rest. But dont stress-walk for 5 mins every 1 hour – if you’ve never excercised before – no need to stress about it either…Walk aroung your campus once before lunch, take water/loo breaks every 1/2 hr – helps prevent back aches/swollen feet.

3. Scanning doesnt harm the baby – you are not doing it everyday! And its better to be safe than sorry (And from personal experience, I know how disasterous it can be-a cousin lost her baby inutero which could’ve probably prevented if checked and scanned on time 😦 )

4. If you HAVE to take a crocin – its OK, no need to panic about it – but that doesnt mean you can self-medicate either -talk to the doctor before you pop in any medicine…

Finally – this one time – trust your instincts – Yes, sounds unscientific but if you feel that something is not alright – then 90% it *is* not alright…And there is no harm in consulting the doc at that time – and a good doc will definitely not ridicule and will definitely make sure that you are physically and mentally fit too…

For all the to-be mommies – Enjoy the attention you get now and Stay Healthy!!


On a more serious note I have officially begun my maternity leave of 12 weeks and am waiting for the baby now. I’d rather have the baby sooner so that I get to spend more time with the baby than just me alone! Im bored sitting at home with nothing much to do…
An empty mind is a devil’s workshop – i’ve only been thinking of what and how everthing’s gonna be. What would my first reaction be on seeing the baby? What would hubby’s be? Am I gonna cry? Am I gonna be thrilled? Coz right now all that I feel is a fascination – Even as Im writing this the baby is moving inside and I marvel at nature and the science of all this… How in 9 months there’s a living being inside me!
And sometimes I wonder, when mom and MIL are making plans for the baby clothes/debating between nappies and diapers – I just sit and think – what HAVE i got myself into?!!! Can clumsy me handle such a delicate thing? Take care of it? I dont even know what’s right and what’s not! And what kind of a parent am I gonna be?-Scary… A parent for the rest of my life – My whole identity getting re-defined… I dont think anything else – any other relationship demands so many changes in life and thought processes.
God! I now only pray for loads and loads of luck and ofcourse maturity (I think its definitely required! What say?) to help me don the crown of ‘Mother’!

The 9 months project

Is almost over and in its final stages of last minute tweaking and testing. Probably getting ready to “Go-Live”??
9 long months of making sure things are going right, loosing sleep and appetite and now when its finally getting closer to implementation – Im all apprehensive about the implementation date and hoping for a successful no hitches, smooth product delivery – maintaining 100% quality too!
And though I have my team ready – Yes! I finally get to be the PM :-), Im already thinking of the life long Post-Implementation support!

Counting days now and keeping fingers crossed…

What Is It? – Rant…

That makes anyone/everyone give advice – (unsolicited ofcourse),stop midway and ask how many months and how many more to go when they see someone carrying? And what do they expect me to say when they ask ‘how are you?’ – Should I be giving them my complete medical history?!!

For nearly 7 months i wasnt showing much and kept wondering ‘How come people dont notice and what will happen when they do’ but now that they notice its getting more tougher to keep patient and calm when everyone has some advice to give and something to say.

I know, I know that it must be concern and they are trying to say ‘We understand’ but still… It does get too stuffy at times.

And Oh!Embarassing too when you’re walking to lunch with 3-4 bachelors and some lady just stops and talks/advices you!! Sheeesh! :-O

OMG! I cant see my feet!

Finally! Its a milestone I thought I will never get to. Friends and family have been telling me of this day since I reached 4th month, but i somehow stuck it out until the end of 8th month!

So I think this deserves a mention here. Suddenly today I realised I cant see my feet while standing in attention – only the fat mound of my tummy is visible! I need to put my feet in the front – a teeny weeny step – and then I can see my toes!

Gawd! Now I think I need to be careful about climbing stairs and waddling around too… I think thats the next milestone I’ve been told about…

So,lets see when THAT happens… Couple more months to go yet…

Cartoon Imagery of the wud-b baby

Now that its public knowledge that Im expecting, there are some funny conversations that happen both at home and at workplace regarding the baby. Ofcourse Im mercilessly teased by my friends because I have a short temper/Im lazy and what not but here are a few incidents worth making a note of!

I had a bad cold a week ago and was consistently sneezing. Now imagine the baby also caught cold-then when it sneezes the imagination is that with all the air that comes out in a confined space my tummy bloats up at that instant and then goes back to normal! Like a balloon burst!

During the recent festivities I made a mistake of bending down to bow to the God after which I could strongly feel the baby moving around. (I wanted to write of this milestone over the past couple weeks – so its kinda recorded here!) So hubby’s imagination: The baby standing like a chota hanuman-with legs apart and hands on the waist and a huffy face saying: “Mamma! How dare you bend so much and cramp my (already less) space” Dishshum! Disshum! hitting my tummy…

Whatever! *rolling my eyes!* 8-|

Black or White

This post has been on my mind for quite sometime now. Ever since we’ve announced that we are having a baby we’ve been getting a lot of advice from really well-meaning people around us. Ofcourse the general ones being take good care of yourself/dont eat junk food/dont roam around too much etc etc; Along with all these are some advices to ‘make the baby fair’.

I’ve written about this before – the obsession for ‘fairness’ here and it irks me no end that people want a ‘fair’ baby – not just a healthy one! And this is one ‘advice’ I completely REFUSE to follow. Tell me that something is healthy for the baby and I will galdly do it/eat it but tell me its to have a fair baby – I WONT do it.

For me its a question of basic principle- How am I going to teach my child not to differentiate people by colour if I myself do it? how am I going to tell my child that color is not important to make friends and know people.How will my child trust me and believe me if at some point in time it gets to know that I wanted a ‘fair’ baby? Isnt that hypocritical?

What I should be doing…

What I should be doing-And what I’ve been doing…

Eat sprouts and fruits – Eating potato chips and cadbury’s

Eat healthy meals for lunch and dinner – Eating out at work and maggie and soup for dinner

Listen to good soothing music – Listening to Peter Andre sing mysterious girl and Billy joel – we didnt start the fire and Shania Twain croon you’re the one for me…

Read good books which makes you relax and happy – Got hold of Jodi Picoult’s ‘The perfect Match’ about child molestation and abuse.Well I did stop it (reluctantly) after 20 pages – got too heavy to continue.

Walk,Walk,Walk – Eat at 9pm and in bed by 10pm

Dont stress and keep calm – Take on more work and come home by 9.30pm

And pray God that everything continues to go smooth.*Touch Wood*
I know I’ve been bad – I just wrote about how ‘responsible’ I need to get! Well, but I’ve been consciously trying to change everyone of them. I just had an apple along with chips/Listening to ‘Garbh Sanskar’ that MIL bought just for me!/am walking as much as I can at work/trying to take it easy at work as well… And decided to buy only family drama and romance from Blossoms at my next visit 🙂 – Now! Thats something to look forward too – no one can call me shallow for reading M&B or Nora Roberts now! heheh!