Random Disconnected Thoughts

Remember this? Well, it happened to me yesterday. Yes! I forgot to pick up my laptop bag thinking that hubby had picked it up when he walked to the car in the morning. And then realised that my bag is not in the car only when we were a couple minutes away from office ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Dropped the little fellow in the daycare – told my manager that I am going back home to pick up my laptop bag (Total face-palm moment and very unprofessional), grabbed a couple of sandwiches as breakfast and hubby drove me back all the way home to pick it up. Waste of 2 full hours, a hugely bruised Ego and a smirking Hubby… Gah! *Still pulling out the 4 hair on my head.


Watched Satyameva Jayathe episode-2 on Sunday night. Thankfully was staying up finishing some office work and needed some noise-so had the TV Switched on. Wonderfully conducted show.Plenty of times I had tears in my eyes as I watched the participants share their stories, shuddered at the thoughts that crossed my mind. Spent a sleepless night thinking about it. Made me want to quit everything Im doing in life and spend the rest of it with the little fellow-every waking/sleeping moment, so that he stays untouched by all this. Chaperoning him everywhere until he turns 18 and knows he can defend himself – Well, thats just motherly instinct. Cant possibly happen in real life everyday can it? I HAVE To give him space to spread his wings, have to let him fall-but I sincerely hope that we are there to cushion any such falls, to just ‘BE’ there for him, hope that he comes to us for even the tiniest thing he wants an answer for-so we can keep him safe! God! After that episode – Im breaking out in cold sweat just thinking of how many people he would be exposed to, how many times he needs to make a judgement on his own – and how soon would the society force him to grow up…

Reading books like Crazy – Some that I finished:

The first 2 books of the Shiva Trilogy – Am enjoying the fact that these portray Shiva as a human and how he bacame God. Though some things are beyond logic and difficult to relate to scientifically – its an interesting read. Looking forward to the third one now.

The JD Robb latest (Nora Roberts) – In Death series. – Read them for some futuristic thriller ๐Ÿ™‚ Am hooked on to it since its first book and this is already the 35th or something…

ย The Thirteenth Tale – I think it was suggested by Seema and loved the book.Had been quite sometime since I had read something ‘on the edge’ and it was a dark read.

The Twentieth Wife and Feast of Roses – I first read The Shadow Princess – the last one on the trilogy and then ordered the first 2 on Indiaplaza (Check it out, equally good discounts as Flipkart). Read them back to back, marvelled at Nur Jahan’s prowess and cunning, was transported back to the Zenana and the Mughal Reign for about a week.Was living in it dreaming of those gardens, roses,women, horses and fights.

The Mistress of Spices – Not a bad read – I thought it would keep me as captivated as “The Palace of Illusions” but not really. It is a very slow read and I had to push myself to read some descriptive narrations.

Jodi Picoult – The Lone Wolf. Finished in 3 days. Though not as emotionally draining as her other books-kept me interested enough to read through the whole thing. Pick it up if there are no other options – I would say!

The Secret Garden and Gentle Falls the Bakula – both half read – have to complete them now. Wasnt impressed much with either…

Any new book suggestions? Have marked Sangi’s review, RMs review and The Bride and SnS reviews – any more?


How becoming a Mommy changes everything – I LOVE mangoes and wouldnt share it with hubby either before. Now, I cut a mango thinking I will pack it for dabba and then instead pack it for the little fellow, thrilled that he is enjoying it as much as I am ๐Ÿ™‚

On a hurried morning, Im running behind him to get him ready,brush his teeth and cribbing about his lack of apetite-simultaneously forcing some idly in his mouth, and then slip on the shoes to run out to the car, head already 10 steps ahead at work and then I hear mom shout “How many times should I tell you to have your milk, its all gone cold”, and I see she is running behind me with the glass of milk! Sigh! Mothers…


Weather in Bangalore is suuperb these days, tuesday was a huge hail storm with tiny hailstones strewn all over the black mat in the office and then the weather cooled down. Loving it now. I only regretted being in office and having to act all dignified without being able to rush out to pick up those stones and pop them in the mouth – would have surely done it if it were home and ofcourse made the little fellow also enjoy it!

Happened quite sometime back. Standing at a signal, I was admiring the fingers of a lady sitting in the neighbouring car-lovely long fingers and pastel painted long nails – thought maybe she is an artist – she has such pretty long fingers.Cribbing that I have such ugly stubby fingers and nails. Hubby says “You are an artist too” huh? “You drew designs on my heart!”



Friday Fun:Chutku and his Cause/Effect Examples

Its been quite humid and hot these days. Saturday afternoon, he said he was feeling hot and asked me to put on the fan. Then Dad asked him – what does the fan do – he said ‘it goes round round’, then again Dad asked what happens when FAn goes Round round? He thought for a few mins (while I said Dad that it might be a little too high funda for him) and he said “Thatha, Switchu haakidre Fan baratthe, Fan round round thirgidre gaaLi baratthe, Avaga Sheke Aagalla!*” Both Dad and me had our jaws dropped to the floor!

*I put on the switch, the fan will go round round and breeze comes, then I will not feel hot”!ย  He understood the whole concept and could put it so clearly in words that made us happy. (This is a direct translation of what he said in kannada – so please dont mind the langauge mistakes)

Taking medicines is a big deal. He has now learnt to spit it the moment I pour it in his mouth, or he keeps it in his mouth without swallowing and then spits it out as soon as I am out of sight. I tried telling him that he should swallow it to get better and tried every trick under the sun but to no avail. So, as a last resort, to ensure the medicine goes down his throat-I did what the doctor had suggested – hold his nose (Yeah, I know, Im a bad mom). I poured the medicine in his mouth, waited a split second to see if he swallowed and if he didnt – I held his nose – so as a reaction, he HAD to swallow it. It happened a couple of times and then just mentioning that I will hold his nose did the trick.

After a few days, we went to a function where I fed the little fellow first and then I sat down to eat with him beside me. And the minute I drank water, he stood up on my legs and held my nose and said loud enough for everyone sitting there to hear – “Nungu” (Swallow). Everyone around laughed out loud and said “Tit for tat”!!

He has finally learnt to chew his food – atleast those that he likes. Earlier, give him a grape and he would keep it in his mouth for ages and would never bite, and then spit it out. Suddenly one day, I guess he bit it accidentally – he comes running to me and says “Amma, grapes bite maaDide – juice-u banthu, Chennide!” with a huge smile and ran away ๐Ÿ™‚
* Amma, I bit the grape and juice came, its very nice”

Half his life so far has been travelling by car – to and from work. Effect is that he recognises most cars and vehicles on the roads – Any white Xylo – Badari Maama car, Any innova – R chikkappa car, Any Ford fiesta – B Doddappa car, Any Alto – Thatha car! And the best excitement: Tata Nano.His own car: Reva car – “Amma Reva car-u nodu, naanu driving maaDtheeni, ninna angadi ge karkondu hogtheeni, gemchu thogoLana” (I will drive and take u to shop, we will buy gems ๐Ÿ™‚ ) The selfish fellow!

Its raining almost every alternate evening here. And for him its the first time that its registering. We came home one evening and he heard some noise. He looked up and around him and said “MaLe barthide – neeru yelli?” (Its raining, where is the water?) At first I didnt know what made him think of rain. Then I heard it- A lorry unloading jelly stones in theย  back alley and that noise sounded like rain falling on the window panes ๐Ÿ™‚


He is our own little elf these days. He loves to help especially since he knows we praise him after. He loves getting the milk packets inside, keeping them in the fridge, keeping veggies inside, his favourite-put stuff in the dustbin!


He picks up his Dad’s Dabba, asks his Dad to open the window of the car, and says “Naanu Office-u hogthini – Car inda jumpu maadtheeni!” (I will go to office, I will jump from the car!)

Finally leaving you with Some of his latest words and some pictures :

ivare = Iruve (ant)
Hemlet = Helmet
Cippulu =Clip
Mugali = Mulangi (Raddish)
slaine-u = Snail
kookal = koodalu (hair)

He looks at the seal (sea lion pic) and says it is crow!!

Some Pictures (Seema, this one’s for you-to compensate for not putting up Friday fun posts for over 2 weekends now ๐Ÿ™‚ )

The Weekend that Was…

Was a lot of activities and a lot of fun too.

Friday – Took the Day off as we had to do the Akshara Abhyasa pooja for Chutku. It is mainly done in the 3rd year before the kid joins school. And 4th was the ‘good date’ that the pundit ji gave us. So, we did a small pooja and we made him write on rice with a gold finger ring after which we just left him to scribble to his heart’s content on the slate. And not just the slate, his clothes too got some nice chalk doodles ๐Ÿ™‚

Once done with the pooja by 10am, we relaxed – I put him to sleep and sat down to finish ‘The Feast of Roses’ until 12.30 while hubby ran around getting documents xeroxed for the passport appointment at 1.30 for Chutku. So had a hurried lunch, got him ready, packed lunch for him so I could feed him in the car and we left home at 1pm to reach the passport office at 1.40. We hurried in and after standing in the queue for 1/2 hour, the verifying officer said that the address proof of RAtion card is not enough. So we rushed back home, grabbed some electricity, water,telephone bills and rushed back by 3.15. Whew! It was HOT and tempers were raising in the car too – including the little fellow’s. Thankfully, they accepted the documents that time around ( we were worried that they will not oblige and ask us to take a fresh appointment) and then the longer wait began. After the first round of verification and the second round of collecting fees and checking the passport application forms we had to wait for 1/2 hour for the counter B officers to call us. What did the counter B officer do? – check the same documents again – our passports and then address proof and sent us off to counter C. Now here begins the hassle. At counter B – there are say 15 officers and at counter C there are only 4. So quite obviously there is a huge line of people waiting here. Though they have mentioned on the notice board that for Senior citizens, children below 3 yrs and tatkal will be done on priority basis once you come to counter C nothing of that sort happens. And one of the persons standing there and yelling out token numbers told hubby, when asked, that the token numbers are picked up in a random order and depending on how many token numbers were there for a particular category ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So we waited and waited for nearly an hour before we were called with a cranky child (there were many like us) and then finally the Granting officer also did the same- verify the originals and the xerox copies! Whew! The entire day just went by sitting there.

We were hungry by then and on the way dropped into to Forum mall, ate at transit while the little fellow- happy with the banana he ate, ran around so much that we decided to take turns-one eating and the other running behind him. Im sure we provided enough entertainments to the others eating at the transit. once done, I went to return something at westside and instead bought a couple of lip gloss and nail polish from L’oreal! Yeah! I think something had gone wrong in my head after all those hours at the passport office! :-O in turnย  the little fellow got all his finger nails painted-1 shade for each finger-all shades of Rrrreds, Purrrples and brrroownnns! *Gross* (which I painstakingly removed while he slept on sat hehe).

Sat – We had a function to attend and we reached the venue so late that the food was also almost all over…MIL had insisted that i ‘dress-up’ in a saree and not to go in my ‘usual salwar’. So, lots of ‘dress-up’ happened in saree -so much so that I couldnt really feed Chutku his dinner-his Dad had to do it *smirk*.
Sun – With my parents going to London to visit Bro in June and with my FIL wanting to listen to my Chikkamma (Mom’s Sis) sing (She sings extremely well-has even sung for AIR), we had arranged for a musical evening yesterday with all my Family members, in-laws and a couple of FILs friends. The event was supposed to start at 3 but by the time everyone trickled in and my aunt actually started to sing it was about 4pm. And went on till about 5.30pm with her singing a lot of out favourite Bhava-GeethegaLu. Post which we served upma and kesari bhaat, coffee, ice cream, bonda with sauce (the caterer had forgotten to get the chutney! ๐Ÿ˜› ) and by the time everyone left and we dropped my aunt and cousin back home it was 8.30pm. So it was aย  wonderful evening spent with good music. Like I was telling hubby – “mehfil jamaa sakte the if we had started by 6.30 with ‘drinks’ and finger foods and with candles and orage lights” ๐Ÿ˜€ We should surely try that for the next time (hehe). Thankfully the little fellow slept on the way back in the car so that was a little relief. I had a long chat with hubby’s cousin and hit the bed satisfied and tired at 10pm.

This was one long weekend which was worth recording…

Early morning confrontations

Have you had any? Does it affect you? Because it affects me.

I hate arguements (Ofcourse except with Hubby :-p) It spoils my mood, upsets my day.Especially a morning arguement. I remember telling mom way back in high school not to scold me/argue with me in the morning before school. It would ruin my day.Initially mom just brushed it aside as a teenage-mood swing. But then every time she would scold me for something in the morning, I wouldnt be my best self when she got back from work – invariably my day would’ve gone bad – I
ย would’ve forgotten to take the homework, fallen down and hurt myself, fought with a friend, band master scolding me – something gone wrong… Then she realised that it was true – my day would go bad simply because I would be brooding about the morning and not concentrate on the moment.So, she stopped scolding me in the mornings -yes, she would wait fo evenings and we would finish whatever it was before I went to bed so that the next day would be better…

Coming to the husband – I dont know why, but nobody hackles me as much as he does. Initial days of marriage, we worked in different shifts and we would hardly get any time to spend with each other-we would only see a sleeping spouse- he would be sleeping while I left to work and I would’ve been in snooze-land while he came back from work.So the scope for arguements on weekdays would be rare. Weekends were different – saturday mornings would start with fights – mostly on how to spend the weekends.But the Saturday mornings that we fought – the whole day/weekend would just get spoilt for me.So,After a few weeks I just stopped planning the weekends! And then hubby also understood that the morning arguements spoilt the day, and so even now, we try and avoid arguments in the morning, so much so, that a couple of months back, I stressed out with the morning chores and screamed at him, and he said “these early morning arguments,I’ve realised, put my mood off” so can we please stick to not argueing in the mornings”…

Now, why am I saying all this?Because, I now have a new contender for my morning arguements – my cook! She comes in at 5.15am, and then starts grumbling no matter what we-mom/me ask her to prepare for the day, and generally we ignore her.We also ignore the salt-less dishes, half cooked bhindis, thick chappattis-though we still think that a cook has to do a better job. I mostly support her knowing that she is a single parent to 2 small kids having her own set of problems. But a week ago, she spoke to mom in singular in a really bad tone and said she didnt have to learn cooking from my mom, that she had been cooking for 6yrs now in different houses and they had never asked her to cook in any particular way etc; etc; All the lady had to do was put specific ingredients to the masala and put it in the mixer,so that mom could mix it with the rice – no chappatis too that day. Mom just did the grinding herself and when I went to the kitchen she told me all that the lady had spoken-in front of her.When I questioned her, she just only fought more-saying she didnt need to take an cooking exam(!!) and that she just didnt wantto do it. Again she addressed my mom in singular. I didnt care if she didnt want to cook that dish (knowing that she is a cook,and that she needs to do it our way) but I didnt like the disrespect to mom. I lost my cool, screamed at her, told her that she could go and not come to work from the next day. Some more words and then she just left. But it spoilt my mood – big time. The whole day, I couldnt concentrate much on the tasks, seething inside for the words she said and for the words I *should’ve* said. At the heat of the moment I can never really get the right words-they only come to me after.

All this time, I thought only arguements with loved ones ruffled me and affected me, but that day I realised it was more of a stress thing related to the arguement that spoilt my day.I need to keep this in mind, going forward. Try not to get into arguments first thing in the morning…

So tell me, like I asked in my first sentence – does it affect you as badly as it affects me?


PS: Not able to comment from work. But I am reading all the posts though! Even publishing new posts arent working – posting this in a hurry before Chutku grabs the laptop!