Fun in Impromptu Meetings

Ever since we came back from Columbus, there was this sense of having lost something.

Over the past 2 weeks/weekends I’ve realised what it is! The freedom of meeting friends when and where you like, of taking on the spot decisions of staying back at a friend’s place or going out for dinner.

We had A and his wife L coming for a visit from US for a month and we had been planning for months as to when and where we can meet. But none of those plans worked as they had come on a very tight schedule (yeah! who doesnt?) and so we had to meet them on a weekday. Another couple had just become parents and thinking we could kill 2 birds with one shot, decided to meet in their house. So, there we were on a tuesday evening – direct from work,3 couples meeting. Anyone can guess that we lost track of time and didnt think of dinner until past 10pm. Then rushed to the nearest hotel, didnt want to eat there-so packed food, went back to their house and by the time we finished dinner it was past 11.30!We just called back home and let them know that we would be staying back there – wow! just like that… And the best reason we had was the distance and the unearthly time. We spoke upto 2 am (I think) until our eyes were drooping and then somehow adjusted on comforters and slept.

This weekend too – the same thing happened. We met another couple from college and since it was cloudy/the weather ideal to eat hot bajjis and butta on the road side – off we went. After eating all that stuff, on the spur of the moment we decided to even go out for dinner!While most of Blore was dressed and to party, we 4 were dressed in comfortable home clothes and went to a pretty high-end restaurant and we really didnt care!!

This reminds me of all the times I over stayed in A&Ls home/ Raj and Aravind’s home playing cards/raja rani kalla police (yeah! can you believe it?) and trying to sleep at 5 am when A told us ghost stories!!! The time I did my production release from Raj’s house and it bombed! The nights when we came back home only to take our comforters and pillows to go back to their house to sleep. The week nights they came home to watch one of those rare hindi movies and stayed back over night. ( There are sooo many memories that I guess I’ll just do another post on the long days of June and July in Columbus.)

Those were the days…


My City – Unsafe…

Yesterday, when my friend at work gave me the news of the bomb blast near the Madiwala checkpost in the afternoon – my reaction was – “WHAT!!!” and my voice had invariably raised that my manager and couple of others turned to ask what was wrong. I was in a state of shock for a few seconds just making sure that I heard right. And then I called home/hubby/Dad and made sure that they were all at home/work and safe.

Its still so hard to believe – though the blasts werent big, it has still hit very close home for comfort. My city – my home – I cant believe has become so volatile. We Bangaloreans are generally in a comfort zone – thinking that nothing can happen to us/our city.

There has been one more bomb that has been found near the famous mall today morning. How are we to know its safe to even step outside? Where will the next attack be? Will it be small/big? Even now what about the injured? What about those unfortunate ones who happened to be there at that time?

I just hope the miscreants are caught as soon as possible – before any more damage is done to our city, which had so far been a safe haven compared to many other places. I wonder – what they got out of this? Scaring people? (Well, they HAVE succeeded in doing that)Is it a warning for something bigger? I shudder to even think of it…

[Hubby was more upset than me-I believe he almost screamed at someone when they said its to be expected that Blore is next on ‘Target’] – Pray – what target? Is it some kind of a fun game happening here????

Ranjish hi Sahi…

Came across this song after a long long time and it still has the same strong effect on me. It always leaves me with goose bumps – It has such a feeling of helpless surrender in love, the plea,the desperate need to see,to be with that person…

This song has been sung by Runa Laila and again by Asha bhonsle but I like the Runa Laila version better. Here’s where you can listen to this song (I’ve been listening to it for 4th time in a row now!) –

And the lyrics are here: (highlighted the lines I just love

ranjish hii sahii dil hii dukhaane ke liye aa
aa phir se mujhe chhod ke jaane ke liye aa

pahle se maraasim na sahii phir bhii kabhii tau
rasm-o-rahe duniyaa hii niibhaane ke liye aa

kis kis ko bataayeNge judaa’ii kaa sabab ham
tuu mujh se Khafaa hai to zamaane ke liye aa

kuchh to mere pindaar-e-muhabbat ka bharam rakh
tuu bhii to kabhii mujh ko manaane ke liye aa

ek umr se huuN lazzat-e-giriyaa se bhii mahruum
ai raahat-e-jaaN mujh ko rulaane ke liye aa

Meaning of some of the words (though even without them you can just feel the song)
ranjish : animosity
maraasim : relationship
rasm-o-rahe duniyaa : manners, traditions of the world
pindaar-e-muhabbat : love’s pride
umr : ages
lazzat-e-giriyaa : joy of crying
mahruum : devoid
raahat-e-jaaN : comfort of the soul

Is this how a "Married’ woman should look?

More often than not people think Im not married- Well and I do take that as a compliment all the time, having been married for 3 years now.

I met a college friend in the bank over the weekend and last weekend met a friend who hadnt seen me for over 3 years and they both said the same thing: “You havent changed a bit!” “What do you mean” I asked – “Oh! You know, your face hasnt changed/matured (now I dont know what that means!!) you haven’t put on weight, you still have the same way of talking” (Excuse me?) blah blah…

And at work too people are surprised that I am married – and married for 3 years. And the first thing that people see when I say I’m married are my forehead for Sindoor and my feet for the toe rings – neither of which I wear and then back at my face with a big Question mark on their faces…which means everytime I need to give an explanation – Sindoor is not in our tradition/its optional and toe rings hurt my feet.Then they ask – then how do people know you are married? One of them even went to the extent of asking – what if someone falls for you thinking you arent married – I think you should atleast wear toe-ring!! Huh! What? I really had no answer to that!! (*in my mind – grinnnn, so I still look that young/good for someone to fall for me!!cool!* )

And then another common question – dont your in-laws/parents mind you wearing trousers/jeans/skirts – becoz generally married women dont wear them?! No, Thankfully my in-laws are very broad-minded. They really dont mind my wearing whatever clothes I want.

Here is the last one – I havent changed my last name after marriage – simply becoz its no big deal for either me or for my hubby. We’ve never given it a thought. But thats another thing people dont understand. We had to get a legal document in both our names and the lawyer conveniently changed hubby’s last name to my last name!! It was so funny! He didnt change my last name to hubby’s but he did the opposite! hehehe. We had to take it back to him and explain that I have retained my maiden name and that his last name is different. He gave a sheepish smile and changed it for us *uufff*

Why is it that even today people have such pre concieved notions that a married woman should look like this/wear all the extra fittings (Yeah I do call them that coz I dont need them to remind me that I’m married!!) I only wear my mangal sutra becoz thats the only thing I believe in and like wearing. Also – it doesnt show on any of my western clothes too. And can somebody show me if there is any rule in the constitution that married women in India should NOT wear trousers/skirts/jeans? That too in today’s day and age!And changing my name is something I will not do. Just becoz people recognise me by this name and this is my identity. Everyone who is anyone to us know we are husband and wife and I dont need to prove that I am married to him just by changing my name to his!

Which Neanderthal age ARE people in? Im not irritated- just majorly surprised!!!

Adventures – of a rainy kind…

Oh! wondering what other adventures can be had other than river rafting that I’ve already written about? 🙂

We got stuck in rain and slush 2 days ago which reminded me of a couple more such incidents…

Dad’s cousin had built a new house somewhere near the HAL airpot in Indiranagar. At that time Indiranagar wasnt even heard of – it was a new locality that was coming up ‘somwhere far away’ near the airport.(It was when I was still in school! seems like eons ago…)

It being a weekday we had to go to their house in the evening but Dad got held up at work – so mom,granny, me and bro went with another elderly couple in their Fiat car. The driver was also unaware of the route,so, though we did start pretty early around 5 in the evening by the time we figured out the house it was past 7 pm. It was already dark and it didnt just rain – it poured. I remember us reaching the road to that house and then suddenly there is a power cut-no street lights,dark, no road to the house and there far away we could see the house in lights and the streets were filled with water. The car stopped – just like that in the middle of the road – water had gone into the carbourator through the exhaust pipes! We had to get down and walk all the way to the house -drenched and dirty!

Another incident when the 4 of us – dad,mom,bro and me went to Mantralaya. It had been raining heavily for almost a week and we were travelling by our own car. We had another couple of hours left to reach the destination when all villagers said there was water flowing in from all directions a couple of kms further and no vehicles were able to proceed – so we stayed in a motel for that night and started in the morning. Everywhere vehicles had stopped and traffic was piling up on the small road. We being in a ambassador car went as far as we could and what we see? – cars floating in water! – YES! There was no road and water was flowing from one side to the other with enough force to topple car.
Solution? – the exahust pipe was covered with a plastic cover. We were asked to put our feet up on the seat and the car was pushed by around 6-7 villagers across that small stream,while water entered inside the car and our slippers were floating! There was no system of steering at all since the car was floating! Wow! Me and bro had a great experience while mom was chanting all the prayers she could think off!

Experiences that I wont forget in a lifetime 🙂

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na…

Got away early from work on monday and watched this movie…

My take: Great movie – definitely worth watching once with your loved one 🙂 For me it did bring some lovely memories of college days…

Go watch the movie.Imran and Genelia make a very nice pair. Not overtly mushy (Which hubby appreciated) but romantic,very refreshing, clean and simple. A nice way to spend a rainy weekend evening I must say…

Oh! yeah by the way heard that the movie is ‘Inspired’ from the telugu movie -‘Nuuve Kaavaali’.

Maane Tuuuu Ya Maane Na…

Scary Memory

I read this recent post by Sanju and remembered my scare which I thought I would rather put it here than hog her space. Very nice of me na? 🙂

It was a week since I had landed in Columbus and 1 day since I had rented the apartment and the 2nd night of sleeping alone. It was freezing cold and I didnt even have a bed. Having slept in the living room the previous night in the sleeping bag and being scolded for it by A I decided to take his advice and sleep in the bedroom-which would supposedly be warmer.

The house being on the ground floor, both the bedroom windows would open to the car park in front of the house. So, as I settled down to sleep, fully packing myself with all the warm clothes I had, I saw the despite switching off all lights in the house there was still light coming in from somewhere. I checked outside and there was the source – a car with its headlights on which was parked right in front of the bedroom. Initially, I thought that someone must have forgotten to switch off the lights but then I saw again,there were 2 guys sitting inside the car. I guess they saw me watching them and they stared right back at me. I immediately closed the blinds and called A though it was past 10pm.

He laughed at me and told me that they might be waiting for someone – that being a Saturday night and so just go back to sleep. I waited and waitd for 20mins but neither did the lights go off – nor did the car. Then I peeped in through the window of the other bedroom and those guys were still sitting there!

Being new to the place and having heard a lot of scary stories, I was pertified.I again called A and then his wife taking pity on me decided that they would come home and check.I was waiting for them like I’ve never waited for anyone before! They came within the next 5 mins and the more scary part was – those 2 guys left- immediately! as soon as they saw A and L step in! That got me more scared and L too decided that I wouldnt be able to sleep there. So away I went, to sleep in their warm cozy hall on the sofa-cum-bed.

Being very kind, they then gave me an option to sleep in their house every night until hubby joined me – but I decided that I had to fight that fear. After that, every night until hubby came – I slept in the hall in the sleeping bag – bearing the cold but just didnt get enough guts to sleep in the bedroom! But that was the last of any such scares – Thank God!!

Life is so short…

And there is so much more left –
To Do
To Feel
To Think
To Eat!
To Dream
To Realise those dreams
To see the world
To make a better life
So many things yet left to do, to look forward to – but inching closer to the big 3’O’ – am I loosing time doing things I am not so happy doing?

*sigh* the week went by so quickly! (Oh! am sure glad), and we are already half way through the year…

Memory brought on by aching muscles

After seeing the postive difference in hubby’s weight in 3 months since he’s joined the gym – I decided to go for it too, on a trial basis. And after 2 days my legs are hurting like mad! I cant get down the stairs, am limping at work too-so much so that someone at work asked if I had hurt myself!

It brought back memories of another time – last year when we went whitewater rafting in West Virginia. I was blackmailed into joining by my friends who said that hubby wont be going if I didnt join too… So with a lot of apprehension I decided to go too.

We were 13 of us in 3 cars and for some of them it was the second time. We left early on saturday morning on a 4hr drive to the river base where we were given wet suits/life jackets and instructions. Seeing our tensed faces the instructor asked how many of us knew swimming which most of us didnt – to top it off – it had rained the whole week and there was a lot of water. We were finally given a choice – want to take the challenge and go for the Upper Gauley river which was for experienced people with class 4 and class 5 rapids or take the easy way and go for the Lower Gauley which was only class 3 rapids at the most. The guys outnumbered the girls and chose the Upper Gauley and away we went in 2 rafts.

Notice the guide at the back of the raf
Initially-until almost lunch it was the general cruising along with class 2-3 rapids which gave us a little confidence. Our guide was a sturdy man who we later realised was doing most of the work of steering while we were just rowing with hardly any force :-p While everyone else in the raft took a dip in the water and even just floated along with the boat I was the only one with no guts to get into that freezing water to float.

Post lunch was when we had all major rapids,I remember 4 class 4 and 2 class 5 rapids which was a challange for all of us. With a lot of screaming and shouting we made through everyone of them – totally wet and wild 🙂 After nearly 5 hours on the water, at the end of it we all still had so much of adrenaline pumping that we didnt want it to end! In and out of those white water, steering to the instructions – 4 front/4 back – right side only/left side only – I can even now recall the isntructions that was being given. We were thinking at the end of it – that it was sad none of us fell into the water!!

By 5pm we were out and at the base camp when we realised that 1 of the guys had left the car keys inside the trunk of the car and had locked it! To unlock the car and get the key out took around 2.5 hrs by which time it was 7.30pm and we started back. By then with the exitement waning everyone was tired and for me-muscles I didnt even know existed were hurting so much that I felt feverish. The minute we started I was so tired that I slept and didnt get up until I was woken up for dinner at some roadside diner at 10.30pm. There was nothing veggie available so we had to make do with some pastry/french fries and ice cream. By then everyone was so tired that no one had any energy left to talk. Had a quiet dinner and started back again. I pity the guys who had to drive us back home!

We finally reached home at 2am in the morning on sunday and it took most of us 3 days of limping to and from work to get rid of all taht muscle cramps!! and with a really bad tan despite the copious amounts of sunblock. But I must say it was well worth it! Thanks to those guys who forced me to do it, though I’ll never acknowledge it in front of them and give them that satisfaction 🙂

An experience of a life time. Would I do it again? Hmmm, I really dont know if i still have the guts to do it or the energy. But ask hubby – am sure he would JUMP at the opportunity!

*sigh* I miss those days…