Chota Mogambo and other updates

Now that all the necessary pilgrimage are done – he now looks like a little villain with clean shaven head and tiny ear rings in his tiny ear lobes.Thankfully the Thirupathi trip was easy and uneventful – though as expected he brought the roof down crying both times just because he couldnt move his hands! The minute the tonsuring was done or the ear piercing was done and his hands were free he stopped crying. Such a champ he was,he immediately began to laugh and play even when the tears in his eyes hadnt dried yet. It made me cry to see him that way – a tad guilty for making him go through the ordeal that I still dont find necessary.

Well, that done and now we are back – I cant believe that its just a matter of days now before he turns one! I still remember when I began my maternity leave and counting days for delivery and its already an year! An year thats just flown past with all the awe and pain of bringing up a new born. I can no longer call him a baby?! I can no longer say his age in months. Im living these days with these thoughts in mind – bitter that my baby is growing up so damn fast that I just dont seem to have enough moments to make memories with him. Sweet – that he is growing up to be his own person – learning all the activities at an alarming rate now.Slowly beginning to understand our words, choosing whom he wants to go to – refusing to go to new people.And he recognises his grandparents giving them immense joy.

You ask him to sing and he sings “AAaaaaaa” And then looks at my face for confirmation and smiles. He loves playing in the water now – so its a tedious task to give him a bath! Another thing he’s learnt is to show his nose 🙂 Anyone asks him to show his nose – he scrunches up his nose and breathes heavily 😛 showing his 4 small teeth.

You ask him where the bus is he points his index finger just about anywhere – thats what he’s noticed when I point out buses and cars to him from the car!

He’s beginning to hold onto the wall or the sofa and walk.Put him in the walker and he is a little terror – pulling down everything he can reach, putting his tiny finger in to even tinnier nooks and crannies, pulling the plastic chair,my cosmetics box,his toys – everything on himself and then moves back terrified – looks at us soo innocently like he doesnt know how that happened! We cant help but laugh.

But he also understands scolding now – a change in my tone, he realises that Im angry (maybe) and he reacts with either an ‘AYE’ himself or he makes this sorry smiley face ready to cry.And he still responds to my singing which is a blessing on nights he is cranky and cries in his sleep…

Most of all he’s begun to show his love. He loves to climb up on us – climbs all the way up to the chest and hugs the head with all his might and makes cooing noises :-). He’s happy playing by himself as long as someone sits there with him.

And slowly but steadily he’s begun to move out of baby foods. He now eats the dose and idly we cook, rice and dal with veggies, apple, banana and papaya has now been introduced. Drinks the usual milk we buy at home. So, in a way he’s now ready to be taken out on trips that I’ve again begun to dream about 🙂

Guess it takes less than an year for any woman to become a mommy blogger with the world revolving around her little one 🙂