Recap – MishMash February and March

So many things happened during February and I kept thinking I should put it all up as individual posts but there just wasnt enough time.

Shirdi Trip: After a lot of planning since October ’12 the Shirdi trip happened in Feb. At the last minute the husband dropped off since he had some office conference to attend. But I had a huge gang of people coming with me – all of my mother’s side family – uncles, aunts and cousins -at total of 15 people. Chutku being the only kid was nicely pampered and nothing I said was taken seriously. A Very scaredy cat looking at the train, he initially threw a huge tantrum refusing the get into to train. By the end of the trip he was ready to walk between the vestibules by himself, even categorically telling me that I should not accompany him. The trip itself was very nice and I gained confidence hat I can manage the little fellow by myself.

Parents’ House warming: Something I was looking forward to for quite a few months. Bro and SIL came for a couple of weeks and the house was full of activity and happenings. For me, though the house is big and wonderfully constructed – I now need to re-align my image of that house as Mom’s house-sadly it doesnt look or feel anything like the house I grew up in… Something I need to grow out of maybe-I tell myself thats wher my parents would live from now on… I met a lot of relatives I hadnt seen in years and suddenly felt how artificial people behave with each other sometimes and how I hardly had anything to say to so many of them. Ofcourse they have been a part of my growing up years and I know them well(really?) but either I have grown up or become more cynical. I did spruce myself up a bit keeping this as a good reason-a parlor visit and mehendi (after 3 yrs) and growing a bit of nails -All feel like some hi-profile, page 3 person 😛

3 of my friends had their babies in Feb and I spent some time visiting them all. Attended a few more family gatherings and also went out last weekend with my office friends. One of them wanted to try out the Fish-Spa at Garuda Mall (which I didnt-I found it yucky) post which we had a yummy and heavy lunch at Kobe’ Sizzlers, some window shopping and coffee at Coffee Day-was a day well spent…Not sure, if I will jinx it by putting here, but I’ve again begun to learn/re-learn driving, so I can be more independent with all the impending changes over the next few months.

Over the next few months, we are expecting a lot of changes-Chutkut’s school has been decided which is closer to my parents’ place, so we would be moving in right above my parents renting out the house above. The sad part is letting-out our home too, we’ve been here for only 3yrs and havent done anything as part of decor that I had dreamed of, but I guess thats just not to be 😦 It would also mean that the distance from work to home would nearly double – meaning we would be spending more than 3hrs travelling. On the positive side, atleast for Chutku, his school and daycare would be closer and I would always have my parents to fall back on, incase… Im only hoping that I dont make it a daily habit – I want to run my family myself!! And I hope that I can make Chutku a little more independent in terms of sleeping on his own since this house is all on the same level.

The next couple of months is another season of changes and adjustments for all of us-Im only hoping it would all be for the better…


Friday Fun: Latest on Chuktu

I know, I KNOW!! Post that blogathon, I completely lost the will to write everyday. To top it, the network in office also refuses to open up any of the links that I regularly read-maybe they have upgraded something? 😦 I dont know… Definitely last but not the least – Its been a busy couple months (Considering there are only 8 more days of March left). Should put up a post just for posterity on all the things that happened these 2 months. But well, lets get back to the point of discussion now, shall we…

The little fellow, doesnt remain so little anymore. School admissions done, he’s been announcing to all and sundry that he will go to XYZ school-No, we havent told him anything, all the information is what he has gleaned by listening to us. He seems to be ready too-says he will go to school everyday and play there 😀 When I cried that I will miss him because he wont come with me everyday he said “Naanu bega bandbiDtheeni Amma, neenu aLbeda, naanu ninge Chocolate thartheeni, huggie kissie koDtheeni” * I will come home sooooooon Amma, you dont cry, I will get you chocolate, give you huggie and kissie* My own words-back at me…But then I also marvelled at how much he has grown, he is capable of expressing his thoughts so clearly, in perfect kannada.

Talking of language – the little fellow is now also picking up English at a very fast pace. If we switch from Kannada to English, he does the switch too and responds in English. Some words that he doesnt know the right word, he replaces with kannada and waits for me to teach him the right english word, and then repeats the whole sentence in english. Better today morning, I couldnt understand his sentence in English and asked him to repeat in kannada –
which he immediately did. That switch between languages is what I really liked. And Oh! he loves story telling, anyone and in any language.

On the naughty front – No change – AT ALL! His old tricycle broke into 2, so while we were away for a few days, his Dad bought a new bi-cycle with support wheels, and kept thinking that its too tall for the little fellow. The little fellow, in turn, took one look at it, tried to figure out how to climb (I taught him) and was offfffff…..He is currently seen on his cycle all the time in the house. Rest of the toys do get played. He is no more cute, he is very inquisitive-we go to anyone’s house and Im behind a little exploring body, afraid that something will break… He is always out to embarass us – asking questions to anyone and everyone. We went to a friend’s place and her husband’s hand was in a cast – the only question he asked “How can you drive?”

The Brat, also had 1 major incident at daycare-he hit a child with a bat too close to the eye for comfort and I was petrified.I apologised to the mom and then kept telling Chutku that it is not acceptable behaviour. Also, had both sets of grandparents repeat it to him over the next 2 days everytime the topic came up. Post that, there havent been any complaints but I continue to dread each day. The other kid apparently came to take the bat in Chuktu’s hand which he didnt want to share and so hit him.

On the health front, there has been an epidemic of Hand,foot and mouth virus (Sounds like the animal virus we had studied in school) and like all other virus – this fellow had it bad. Major boils all over the hands and foot and bum area and 4 mouth ulcers. Quite obviously no food went in for nearly 4 days by which time he again lost weight and eyes looks sunken. But by now I’ve kind of given up on “fattening” him, so Im ok as long as he has enough energy to
run around and play.

The anger part. The terrible twos sound better compared to the tantrums and anger of the threes 😦 Im at a loss as to how to discipline him. Anything for which we say no, a major tantrum ensues and no one can control him. Finally, Im left to choices but to make him sit on the kitchen counter from which he cannot get down until he calms down, or keep away his toys. Both of which increases his anger until i repeatedly keep telling him to calm down and he will get his toy back once he apologises. He does apologise as soon as he calms down but that 15mins is horrible. He is so agitated that he just cannot listen.

Finally, sometimes the innocence still comes through. In some sentence of his, in his little nautankis when he gets a minor hurt and howls or at night when he still says “Amma, Santa Claus beda” and snuggles up to me or when with total abandon and confidence he just jumps from any surface expecting his Dad to carry him. My Baby has become a Boy.