Friday Fun – Chutku Gaya Cubbon Park

Over the last weekend, we took chutku to Cubbon park – finally. It was a dream for my MIL that we should be taking him on the toy train ride and something or the other always came up and the outing never happened. So, this saturday, Mom also had a holiday, so with 2 sets of grandparents and parents – Chutku went to Cubbon park.

Sometimes, I feel he is more grown up and mature than us! While we rushed to get the tickets for the toy train, he leisurely ambled around looking here and there, tripping here and there, getting up, dusting himself off and then following us. He was so lost looking at the huge crowds and kids everywhere. He sees a kid, he stops and asks “what is your name” And he repeatedly asks the same question over and over to any kid he sees! You can imagine my frustration while Im trying to get him in the queue and he does this with the respective kids’ parent staring at me!! But then, it was so much fun watching him do that-trying to strike a conversation with perfect strangers.

Once inside the train, he was so lost that he didnt know what was going on. He kept trying to see forward towards the engine and kept looking backward to see how long the train was. At the small tunnel, everyone screamed and his face was a sight to see. Being the bad mom, I was laughing my head off looking at his face with wide eyes and open mouth turning here and there. And then, he saw the slides and the swings from the train-that was the only thing he recognised and the only thing he wanted to go to later. Once we got down, he kept bending to look at the engine, so until the next set of people loaded onto the train, I carried him and stood there so he could take his fill of the engine and sing ‘Engine No 9’.A couple of pics that hubby clicked there all have Chutku staring at the engine and the driver 😀

Then we saw this Dragon ride which is just one small circular ride with a “hump” in the center – so it kind of goes up a little and comes down in full speed. We took Chuktu in that because he loves ‘humps’ on the road. We call it the ‘dhad dhad’. He thoroughly enjoyed that ride and we kept saying ‘up up up up’ ‘down down down down’ to also make him understand the concept.he said “Thirga Onana” “Lets go again”. But then we also wanted him to sit in the tea-cup and so we rushed there as all rides close by 6pm and it was past 5.30. Unfortunately he didnt enjoy that one bit. He got scared, climbed into my lap, hugged me and put his head on my shoulder saying “Chennilla amma, Onana” “Its not nice amma, lets go”. I felt that in our greed to show him everything, we over did it a bit. Felt sorry for him after that 😦

And then we just decided to take him to the playground where he played a little bit of see-saw,swing and a couple of times on the slide. Unfortunately it became 6pm by then and the security guy came blowing his whistle asking everyone to clear the place. So, we decided we should take him there again sometime and this time with more time to spare. And rather than sitting on all the rides, we should just let him run around and play in the park.Despite the heat, the place with so many trees was so cool that we all, also enjoyed the cool breeze as we walked back to the car.

We then went to Ballal residency for dinner as all of us were exhausted! There the little fellow put on a show for everyone sitting in the courtyard by singing all the songs/rhymes he knew and thankfully for the first time I could do some decent recording of it all 🙂

And sunday morning, when asked where he had been last evening, he says “cunnon paLk. jhoola jhoola, jaaro bande” (Cubbon park, swings and slide) – NOW, we know what he enjoyed most… Sigh! Simple pleasures is all that he craves for…


Chicken Soup for the Indian Couple’s Soul

I finally, finally got selected to review this 1 book from Blog Adda and I was thrilled to recieve this book last Thursday. Thankfully I had just finished reading a book and very happily took this one up.

For one – I’ve always liked Chicken Soup series – read most of them. But somehow always the setting used to be very different and there were occassions where I really couldnt ‘connect’ to the story.

But this one – I Loved! Brought out the super romantic in me 🙂 The stories are so true and sometimes you can visualise the ‘romance’ between the 2. Its all about romance all-right, but not too mushy like the typical M&B either. True stories that you would’ve seen around you-uncles and aunts, cousins – couples around you.

Some stories just brought tears to my eyes, some where I was found nodding away realising “Hey this sounds familiar”, some where I had a silly smile on the face, some which really rung very close home. Some morose about loosing a partner – where you know there will come a time when one of you will outlive the other – got me thinking too and having a mood-off!

A couple of stories, if I remember right “Sincerely yours” is beautiful.About how love not expressed in words. Some where love takes a backseat in the daily routine of kids and work and running the house and how we would end up finding it at the oddest of moments…

Some stories where I thought – would we (hubby and I) be like this in our old age – a rosy picture of the 2 of us holding hands to support each other and walking towards the sunset, or would we continue to be bickering about silly things and complain to show that we care…

Some pages that have been ear-marked to ensure Hubby reads it…

So in all – its an emotional roller-coaster -especially if you ’empathise’ the romance in those stories 🙂 Go pick it up for some feel good love…

What I didnt like – some were boring and some about death, but every Chicken soup has such stories – you cant like all now- can you? So I would rate a 4/5 for this book.

PS: And Oh! Chutku took a look at the front page and called it Amma and Appa! 😀


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Children and Technology Exposure

Before I begin my rant, take a look at these 2 vodafone advertisements for 2012 featuring children:

Do you think these Ads are appropriate? Do you think they did the right thing by showcasing small children instead of adults or even the latest treand of teenagers? I think so. I met my friends over the last weekend and all of them had the same thing to say. There is only so much you can stop the kids from watching TV. And even the cartoons these days made specifically for the kids use language like Girl Friend and Boy friend with the girl fluttering her eye lashes at the boy or kissing on the lips. how much can you stop your kids from watching these? And now these advertisements too. Is it possible to completely ban TV for the kids? Then they learn it from their peers.

My friend’s brother’s son in 1st grade comes home from school and tells his aunt “today,X gave love letter to Y”. when asked what a love letter is, he says “She wrote a heart and inside that wrote I love you and gave it to him”. And apparently all the kids in the class knew about it and were ‘teasing’ those 2 about it and also had the cunning to hide it from the teachers. This kid-thanks to the open-ness and the attention the family gives him, came home and HAD to tell someone. Perhaps he had an inkling about not telling the parents-so he told my friend-who he considers as his best friend. They later just told him to say he is friends with everyone and anyone if atall someone gives him a card like that! And that he should wait till he can write and understand better before he gives such a card to anyone else. Yes, there is still some bit of innocence left but shouldnt it all be only innocence at 6yrs?!!

A friend’s daughter went and asked her grandmom-when will I wear the clothes like the aunty on TV? Pointing to breasts asked-when will I get those like you and mom? What do you answer? Just telling her that she will get it once she grows up sufficed for the moment…

Teenage boys and girls, trying to find a place on the internet where they can book a room and ‘make-out’ – heard this again from a friend who has teenage children…

Where does all this come from?Certainly from the peers and peer pressure? OK, I can ban TV for my son, but can I stop him from such influences? Can I stop him from making friends? Can I stop him from exploring and wanting to find answers so he can also be a part of the group? No, right? So how do you teach your innocent child what things are without actually being too moral about it, without admonishing, without being shocked yourself? And is it even right for a 4-5 year old to be talking of ‘girl friend’ ‘boy friend’? I see kids in daycare who have just started school and that kid comes back to the day care after school. I saw her wiping off her cheek the other day when another boy gave her a kiss. I asked what happened and she says “cheee! he is a boy.” That boy, until then, did that out of innocent affection. Now ofcourse he got the thought in his head that he shouldn’t be doing that and its something wrong. How do you tell that child that its OK for a child to show his affection? Or how to teach them where to draw the line and at what age?

I understand that with the current speed with which the kids get onto the internet (it has also become necessary these days what with home works and results and tests – everything being online for the kids) and the exposure they get from it, the awareness will come much sooner than we did at our times.But is this loss of innocence so early on good for the kid? With half information or incorrect/assumed/hear-say information where will it lead the kid? Will we be able to answer all their questions? And how aptly can we answer those questions?No, Im not being a prude-Im only being a cautious parent.How much is enough/how much is too much?

And Im just touching the surface of the iceberg here I feel. There is a lot more on exposure to technology to the kids that I find un-necessary – what with gifting 8yr olds iPods and iPads and online games – including dressing up the dolls and online cooking-is there really fun in it I wonder. Where is the good old doll or kitchen set with which we would do ‘real’ dressup or ‘real’cooking with puffed rice and water mixed with a little chutni-pudi and salt and jaggery?!! Well, that must probably for another post-for now, I reserve this post only for the limit of exposure on TV/internet for what I have mentioned above…

Answers anyone?

CSAAM – 2012


I know, Im 10days late and I should’ve done this on the 1st. Last year too I blogged about it here and I sincerely hope that it would help the numerous children who have been unfortunate to have experienced something horrible like this. Please do share your thoughts on this at your own blogs or contribute here if you have think it can help atleast a single kid fight this abuse or an adult who can overcome the unwarranted guilt. Do your Bit.

Here are the details:

A lot of you have been asking us how to take part in this, what are the rules etc. We want to keep it as open as we can. Any thoughts? Please share. However for the convience of everyone we have put together the ways you can contribute as well as some very broad guidelines…

If you would like to add to the discussion or know somebody else who would, please note that we welcome entries

The list of topics is available here. Anonymous contributions are accepted and requests for anonymity will of course be honoured.

Please remember to send in a mail with all necessary links or just your input to so that we can track your contribution and make sure that it is not inadvertently lost or something.

Some guidelines

1) Please precede the title of your post with CSAAM April 2011. Then add a hyphen and your title.

2) Please insert the badge html(above) in your post. If you carry it on your sidebar for the entire month of April too apart from just within your post, we would be honoured.

3) If you refer to sources for information kindly italicise that part of your post which is taken from the source and provide the link to the original source in a bracket.

And finally

4) Please do avoid any graphic descriptions of the abuse.  Stay as factual as possible if you’re doing first person accounts

Friday Fun – The Naughtiness

He has taken a huge liking to water. An extra mug has to be given so that we can give him a decent bath.He asks us to fill his Sippy with water and then walks around the house with the sippy in inverted position-with a stream of water on the floor! Now not just pick up after him but also wipe after him. Susu is again a bahana-to go in there, open the tap and start filling the mug with water.Ask him why he wants that water, he promptly replies:Amma,susu water (I will pour water to susu). Eh? You need to first DO susu na?
And ask him where anyone is, he will tell – Ammamma-kitchen, Thatha-Room, Appa – office, Amma – Susu! Eh? Even to the neighbour.This boy is born to embarass me, I tell ya…
Every night its his Ammamma who feeds him dinner – showing him the moon, threatening to call the police, running around behind him and ensuring that he eats his dinner. The other day he didnt want to eat anymore and mom was cajoling him, that see even Chandamaama moon is eating dinner from his grandma and insisted that he eats a morsel too. That worked for a couple of bites and then he says “Ammamma, chandamaama moon ammamma susu maadakke hogide, neenu hogu, nange beda!” *Moon’s grandma has gone to susu, so you also go, i dont want anymore*! Mom was so shaken with laughter that she couldnt even continue to stand there 🙂
He is fascinated with the cooker and all kitchen items. Not sure if I have mentioned here but he loves to throw the vessels into the ktichen sink and hear it make that loud ‘ThaN thaNa’ noise. So, he gets the milk packet and says “amma, cut cut maadu, haalu kodu” (cut cut and give me milk) and then wants to cut the veggies himself, the powder puff is his chappatti – he goes around with it,puts it on the floor,presses it,turns it this way and that and says “Amma, chappatti-thinnu*eat* “. He loves serving coffee to everyone, he pours water into any vessel he can get, keeps it on a plastic stool we have and pushes the stool to us making enough noise to wake the sleeping dogs and then before I can scream at him for the noise, comes to me very sweetly, hands over the vessel (it can even be the huge chappati atta making one) and says “Amma, cOpphhee, kudi*drink*”there, I cant even scold him without feeling guilty 😦

Every morning, we have to take a U-turn at a signal and that takes nearly 5 mins. At the signal, there are many pigeons and that is our favourite pass time- to count how many are there and how the fly… One morning there were only 3 of them sitting on the parapet of the building and I was showing them to Chutku and saying, see there are only 3 birds today. Where did the rest of them go… Suddenly he screams, “Amma,alli amma, alli ide nodu – kaLLa maadthide”. *”Look amma,look there, its is playing peek-a-boo” Sure enough, there was 1 pigeon, half visible, hopping around behind the bill board!

Thoughts on my mind right now

-Oh how did I goof up that very important list at work? Though not entirely my fault – there was a 50% chance of me reviewing and correcting it. So the onus is on me 😦

– Do I really need to attend the 2-4 session? Loads more to complete today (yeah, and kicking myself for writing this post instead of completing that work)

-Mom and Dad going to meet brother in June – how do I manage alone after having been used to them around for so long?

– What if that long pending Hyderabad trip for me or Mumbai trip for hubby materialises at that time only :-O?

– Cook being mean to mom – talking to her in singular. No amount of telling her that she cant talk like that is working.She has a BIG attitude problem. Do I send her away or like mom says wait and watch?

-Long time since I met the school friends. Should call them up sometime soon…

-Should we go buy Chutku a new pair of slippers today if we leave early?

– What to do about that mounting credit card bill? And there is still so much more shopping to do!! God! Scary thought…

– I need to give money for Chutku’s milk for the afternoon for his bread.Or shall i take the bread back home and buy him a butter omlette instead,which he likes?

– I need to call up that shop from where Women’s web sent me that earrings as gift. Checked them out on FB and its so cool. Everyone loved it in office and now I want to experiment with my looks wearing dangler ear rings – something I have never done before.

 – Chutku – sigh! This boy 😦 How do you discipline a rowdy, stubborn, dripping with attitude, 2yr old? Are we missing something in his upbringing?

-And Oh! I need to update the posts category and review my WP space once. When do I do that? Tonight after he sleeps? Lets see…

Do you all have such random,disconnected thoughts – some important,some silly and some mundane all within 5 mins? ?Husband says that my brain is like intel Pentium – whatever is the latest version, to be multi tasking like this… Am I weird?

Tagged – If there was a Dup-Me…

Now everyone knows Im Rush-me (the one always in a hurry, hehe) so if there was a Dup-Me with whom I could share my tasks,here’s what I would make her do…

1. Ofcourse, go to work 🙂 while I stay at home with Chutku to play and spend quality time with him and be absolved of all working-mom guilt!

2. I would make Dup-Me study and write all those certification exams that Rush-Me is still hesitating to venture out and take…

3. Again, Dup-me would do all my boring chores like hanging wet clothes and folding dried clothes, cleaning the fridge,keeping vessels in their right places while I sit and watch TV, talk to hubby and parents,be with Chutku.

4. Oh! And how can I forget cooking? Dup-Me would cook all the yummy dishes (including baking yummy cakes) which I know are time consuming and so avoid cooking them…

5. All weekend pending tasks, groceries buying would be remembered/listed and shopped for by Dup-Me while Rush-Me would relax and read,browse,blog all day long 🙂 maybe even do some artsy-craftsy stuff…

6. Knowing that Dup-Me would also want to spend some time with Chutku, I would leave her to be with him everytime I wanted some me-time – be it random window shopping, a lunch with friends or a movie-dinner date with hubby 😉 or even a 10min peaceful bath time…

7. More than anything, I would leave Dup-Me knowing that she would take complete care of my little one without him missing me, while I go away guilt free on that 2 week Europe vacation in July 😉

Ah! There, I finally finish the tag that Scribby had tagged me to do eaons ago… (Ofcourse, the reminder came from RM)

And now I will tag Seema and Deeps to do it too…

Sights and Smells

Bring on an onslaught of nostalgia to me. Today morning has been all gloomy and the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds.The weather is cool and there is freshness in the air. And when I opened the utility door in the morning-that freshness of water soaked earth and cool breeze hit me. For a few seconds I was transported back to Columbus of 2007 when it was raining and I used to walk to the bust stop every morning at 7.20 to catch the bus. When there would be no sun and it would’ve rained early in the morning leaving mist in the air and the cool breeze saying the leaves…

There is a particular air freshner that is used in Kohl’s.It was something that I didnt even know had registered in my mind until I went to the Lifestyle showroom a couple of months back. The minute I entered, I thought, I know this smell.Its so distinct, now where have I smelled this before when this is the first time Im coming to this store… And it struck me – In my mind I was looking at the rows and columns of clothes in Kohl’s – the dressing rooms to the right as I enter, the men’s T-shirts arranged in neat rows at the right hand side of the door and the accessories kept in racks on the left hand side… When the brat began to pull my trousers, I blinked to get back to the present.

The trees are all full of flowers right now.Blooming in spring and the tree lined streets look so beautiful and there is that rustle of leaves as you walk over them. And yet again, I think of those times when I first saw the beginning of fall in the US and was amazed at the rate with which the trees were shedding leaves and the streets and pavements were all full of these dried leaves…

A particular men’s deodorant (I dont know the brand) which makes me turn back and look at that person again – goes beyond my control. I always smile thinking of the time I first met hubby and he used to use that deodorant… Never gave it much thought at that time, but it had probably registered in my mind somewhere…

Finally, the smell of Ponds’ vanishing cream.I dont even know if it exists today still and I dont even know where I get the smell now – i did and it reminded me of my Granny. The one who passed way nearly 3 years ago and who had left using that vanishing cream for more than 5yrs before that atleast. So, where was this memory stored?

The song ‘Saathiya tune kya kiya’ – also always reminds me of Granny.She loved this so much that she would listen to it on repeat and still not get bored. So, everytime I listen to this song I recollect the sofa on which she would sit and watch TV…

There is a distinct smell to her wardrobe. I had forgotten about it until very recently when I opened my Dad’s wardrobe here in my home to search for something – the smell hit me. Its a kind of very sweet smell and I cant describe what it is either

Does it happen to you too? This sudden transportation into some other place in your head? It gets embarassing sometimes to be looking lost and not have an explanation to give…