100 Happy Days: Day 73/20

Before going to bed, I had to put up the post for today’s blogathon.

Sometimes we meet people in unexpected ways and something just clicks. Would you call that fate? Destiny? Or just lucky coincidence?

When we moved here, we first met a couple at the Indian store – the lady heard me chiding Sam to not run around the store with the cart in Kannada and smiled at me as if she understood what I was telling him. At the end of that shopping trip somehow I realized she spoke kannada too and decided that we will say hello after we pay the bill. Once outside, for a change, husband also agreed to speak to the unknown couple and we stood right there, outside the store and started a conversation. Things just clicked. We met a lot of other couples and families thanks to this couple. The surprising thing is, this couple lives nearly 40mins away in another town! What a coincidence that it had to be that day and that time that we were both there at the store? and they have a son the same age as Sam.

Today they had invited us for dinner. We were a bit hesitant – we had not had much interaction with them-just a couple of casual meetups like Sam’s birthday party. But we went. And that click happened again. Though a few years younger than us, we had quite a lot of conversation and just returned home.

So for today, I will thank God that where ever we go, despite these yearly moves, we are blessed to find people around us that we can think of pursuing the friendship. Isn’t that what it is here? Friends become family? I’m hoping we add them to our list of growing family of friends.



100 Happy Days: Day 72/19

I realised I forgot to post before bed last night. Reason? Watching Tumhaari Sulu in bed 😁 I have always liked Vidya Balan and wanted to watch this movie too. Like always her acting is good. The emotions and embarassment and holding back tears while she tells her boss that she won’t work anymore- It was completely relatable.

Being a mommy has made me so emotional that I couldn’t stop my eyes from filling up when they searched for their son and when he comes back home. Hugged the little body sleeping next to me so hard that he pushed me away in his sleep.

100 Happy Days: Day 68/15

Happiest moment was playing with Sam for an hour in the afternoon – he taught me how to make glider planes with paper. I cajoled him to sit on my lap while he taught me and I kept bothering him with hugs and kisses until he finally said “Amma, you are not focused, I am not going to teach you” πŸ˜€ We spent a good afternoon laughing and doing funny things while husband slept after waking up to watch cricket match at 3:30 in the morning *Eye roll*

Though I woke up with determination to get all set for the weekΒ  today and finished bath and pooja first thing in the morning, the rest of the day was just as lazy as possible. I have the latest Sophie Kinsella – “My not so perfect life” and have been binge reading again.

How did you all spend the long weekend?


100 Happy Days: Day 67/14

Happy Sankranti everyone! It has been a fun, eventful day.

Despite a few small kitchen mishaps in the morning, I managed to cook both the pongals and the rest of the food before hubby’s aunties and their families arrived and get ready too.Β  A good 5 hours was spent chatting and catching up and coffee/ chai later they left by 5pm. After that its been just lazing around with our books and dinner and now watching Hum Aapke Hai Kaun!! on Netflix – I have no idea why hubby picked this movie but watching it made us realize that its been 22 years since we finished school!! :-O I remember watching this movie on the day right after my 10th std final exams. But 22 years?!!

Madhuri Dixit and Pehla Pehla pyar…and that lace dress…aaahhhhhaaa- I had one like that too. Ah! Teenage πŸ™‚

Time does fly!!

100 Happy Days: Day 66/13

Happy Moment of the day – desserts!! As usual we bought a lot of unwanted but tempting food from Wegman’s – yet again! After a salad lunch at Wegman’s – that place always makes us hungry, we bought a mini apple pie, a blueberry oatmeal cake,a honeycrisp apple cake and a chocolate mini fruit tart. We had been wanted to check out the wine options at their wine shop and bought a bottle of red wine too. We came home and while watching Batman begins on Netflix ate all that dessert with a glass of wine too! :-O A whole week of calorie counting fell flat today.

Watched the new Netflix series of David Letterman show, the first episode – Barack Obama. MUST WATCH! I have always admired him and Michelle Obama and thoroughly enjoyed the show today. When he speaks it doesn’t sound frivolous, it sounds like he knows what it is to be a part of the community and how people actually think and act. It sounds like he knows what needs to be done and how to do it. His speech shows humility. Last but definitely not the least, his admiration for his wife and love for his children is the cherry on the cake. My respect for the man only increases every time I hear him speak. I would love to see Michelle Obama on the show too.




100 Happy Days: Day 65/12

Today was quite a warm day with rain before another freeze starts tomorrow. So, kids were out and one little girl came home to buy girl scout cookies. While I was writing our names and choosing what to buy, Sam decided he wants to pay for it with his piggy-bank money and ran up to get it. There-this is the empathy thing for me. An 8r old boy who does not get any pocket money, who has maybe 10$ in his piggy bank-the 50cents he has earned for cleaning his room or when his ammamma gave him a dollar or so, decides to pay for the girl scout cookies! My happy moment for the day.

We went to Sam’s class and our car battery died. We didn’t know what to do and asked another parent there who thankfully had not yet left and also had a jump start in his car and the car started. We had worn thin jackets because the weather was warm but as sunset, it was beginning to get cold. Our blessing for the day.

Finally, we came straight back home though our initial idea was to eat chaats for dinner. As an alternative, though, we made noodles with maggie masala for dinner watching Apollo-13 movie. Our peaceful moment of the day.

Good night!


100 Happy Days: Day 64/11

The fun part today was Sam understanding the hindi I spoke with hubby. 

The evening did not start great after Sam came home and I was giving the details to hubby after he returned which Sam completely understood. While he continued to do his homework, he said, “I know Appa, Amma told you all about my tantrum, I know she is asking you to tell me to not scream at her, she said ‘tum bolo’ meaning you tell”. The husband and I just exchanged a look that means we better learn some other language and FAST!  Not many days left for him to figure out everything!! 

Oh another mousy joke for you all:

Where does a mouse go to replace its lost tail? Ans: To a re-tail store πŸ˜†

ETA: I realised I hadn’t put the answers for the previous ones, so sorry Ani, here are the right answers:

What does a cat tell when it sees something it likes? – ‘purr’fect

What does a cat read first thing in the morning? – a ‘mews’paper

Oh! The joy of sharing silly pjs with the 8yr old who cracks up even before he completes the jokesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

100 Happy Days: Day 63/10

This is perhaps more for the blogathon than the happy days post.

I was talking to a friend who is an ex-collegue today morning and we were discussing everything under the sun, from music to fashion and work and kids. It felt like we were sitting there in the cafeteria and talking. But then I realised how much life has changed these past few years. Change has been the only constant! 

She has seen my struggles from the time I used to take Sam to day care then to his school days and working from home after coming here to doing absolutely nothing now! I realised how lethargic my activities have become now as compared to those days. I seem to have lost that quickness that comes with waking at 5am and out of the house by 7.20am with everything and everyone packed! Phew! How did I manage that, I feel. Today, like I was telling her, I have to find activities to kill time. Been sitting and eating and putting on weight, I said. She said, ” That’s not who you are, do something. I want to see a stylish, foreign returned R when we meet”. Huh! Now I have to take that as a challenge and do something! Will the 10k steps work? Will calorie counting work? 

What about mental stimulation? What about feeling good that I have been productive today? 

Well, because this is also a happy days post, I have to say my productivity for the last 3 days has been completing that 10k that felt like a distant dream until last week!

Oh! Talking of calorie counting, I have a parcel arriving from India for Sankranthi which is going to topple all charts!