100 Happy Days: Day 95

Though a little later than I thought (blame it on the latest Nora Roberts!) I have to add this to the happy moments. Yesterday was our new year – Ugadi habba. Festivals for me are days to meet family and friends, eat good food, have a good time. We had invited another kannadiga family for lunch. This is the family that we accidentally met in the Indian grocery store who then introduced us to everyone else we have met here so far. We even visited them for dinner but somehow we could not invite them home. I realize that perhaps the invitation was destined to be for the festival?

I cooked the usual festival fare of bisi bele baath, gasagase paayasa and she got along carrot halwa. Their son and Sam get along like a house on fire and hand them a tablet – enough said! It was a day well spent in good company. Otherwise it would have just been another boring usual Sunday.

Wishing this ViLambi naama samvatsara will be filled with good times and good food in good company with great health for one and all 🙂


100 Happy Days: Day 94

All of last week, the energy levels were low and we somehow got through the days as Sam was home, down with flu. Nothing much to do and we just spent the day lazing and reading books and watching TV. These are the kind of days that I feel glad that I am not currently working. Neither me not hubby had to do any “adjustments” in our schedule and get stressed about who would stay home to take care of Sam. How do single parents manage multiple kids? I always wonder!

Since his fever let up by friday morning, he has been craving for ‘something different but yummy!’ So tried my hand (of course with my partner chef) at cauliflower rice pulao and Thai green curry. Both turned out pretty good, if I may say so myself 😉 Sam however has given me green signal to do ‘more and more green curry’. It might now become added to the weekly menu!

Watched Dil toh Pagal Hai on Amazon Prime. How many memories it brought back! Of my grand mother who came to the theatre to watch this movie as a family, my brother and cousin teasing me ‘ yeh pagal hai!!’ Everytime I wanted to watch it on cable tv, of hunting for that one bracelet for a friend ☺ Going to bed now with a smile that a movie triggered.

PS: Sam did not like the movie one bit, he got so bored that he walked out to read his book!

100 Happy Days: Day 93

Nearly a month back, Sam came home and said he wants ‘many things’ to eat at lunch. He said his friends got burgers/sandwiches and juice and finally cookies for dessert. He was bored to take only 1 thing in his dabba. While I told him that he doesn’t finish that 1 thing also, I began to think what else I could give. We got honest less sugar juice and I began to put additional fruit like grapes along with chappati/idly etc which is his main lunch. I wanted to avoid store bought cookies which gave me the thought of baking at home. With all that prelude, I proudly present, iyengar bakery style, benne (butter) biscuit and masala biscuit 😁👇

Oh, wait! the post doesn’t end here… we were all bored of our south Indian food. So, here is what we had for dinner 👇

Roasted veggies with butternut squash and mixed veggie soup both of which turned out quite good, if I may say so myself 😎