Amma @ Home

<Warning: Pretty boring post on what we did at home. I wanted to put something out here for the days that we spent lazing at home>

That was Chutku’s only mantra every time we spoke to him about moving here. I felt guilty that a 5 year old boy, when asked what he wanted in America, said, Amma every time. How much he craved for undivided attention from me.

I had plans-BIG plans, small plans on how I would spend time with him for the 4 months we would be together. Arty Crafty stuff, board games, books etc; etc; I had some ideas for myself too – to learn to bake a cake, try new foods and of course catch up on all my novels.
The best part – there was no TV in the house! Yaay! I thought. The husband had bought a good laptop and that would suffice.

A week is all it took for Chutku and me to get rid of the jetlag and be on our feet. Dreary days meant we couldn’t go out anywhere by ourselves and we did not even own a car then, so for most days of the week we were stuck at home. The owner of this house had left a battery operated car that the little fellow could sit in and drive. That was exactly what we did every evening if it wasn’t raining. Take a walk. The little fellow was all excited – he was in America you see! Mornings started late by 10am which he spent  talking on Skype with both sets of grandparents until around noon. Post that we would have bath and lunch by 2pm. Then, we played scrabble or snakes and ladders or he would just play with his cars while I blissfully read-the library here has a good collection of Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts and every other american writer 🙂 Once the husband finished work, we would take a walk or watch something on the laptop for an hour or so and then the little fellow and I would be off to bed by 9. Of course, the day would have a couple of screaming matches and tantrums too – it was not a fairy tale land ofcourse!

In between,I also got better at cooking (I think). Pushed myself to try some new stuff. Started making the Idly and the Dosa batter at home, trying my hand at akki rotti, baking brownies, cooling kulfis, some odds and ends of deep fried food on rainy afternoons etc; It was a way to keep myself occupied as well. Didnt want an Empty Mind Devil’s Workshop syndrome. However, I didnt do all the baking and lengthy dishes that I had thought I should try my hands on.All the arty crafty stuff I had planned with the little fellow never happened either. I tried a couple of times, but he was more interested in playing with his cars than doing stuff with me, so I gave up 😦

Chuktu and I were slowly getting bored of each other and of the confines of the house all day long. We both aren’t used to so much of being with each other. He didn’t like the discipline I wanted him to follow and I didn’t like the mess he created!

We were going stir crazy with hardly people around us and all that pent-up energy. Once we made friends, I have no clue how quickly the summer passed. Like I wrote in the previous post, every weekend was a blur of activity. Thankfully the other kids were an year older and year younger to Chuktu, so the kids got along very well. The ladies planned the weekends and the party started from Friday evenings 🙂 Weekday evenings, we would have early dinners and then plan movie nights or play times. Plenty of coffee was had and bedtime was no less than midnight.

It was a fun, well spent summer. I feel it all happened seamlessly since I had no stress of working and time schedules. I could be really flexible with breakfast at lunch time and dinner at evening snack time! In retrospect, I enjoyed being a SAHM while I continued to wonder where the time flew every day.

NOTE: Seema aunty, I know you would be wondering about the tooth – so the dentist said the tooth will fall by itself and not to worry! yaay! No extraction!


My baby has become a boy, already?!

So, I was actually thinking of writing about the schooling here and the changes the little
fellow had to make, but then over the weekend, something else happened…

I saw that he is getting a permanent tooth behind his still firm front tooth! I knew this
was coming up in a few months, I was waiting for his tooth to shake, waiting to tease him
about the ‘India Gate’ in his mouth. On his part, he had been telling me how tooth fairy
visited his classmates and how in some cases the kids got gifts and in some cases the kids
got a $ coin, what does the tooth fairy do with so many teeth, what is he supposed to do if
it falls in class etc etc;

Sadly, now I think we need to get 2 of his lower teeth extracted because it isn’t showing
any signs of budging! I am petrified of dentists and am nearly in tears. Hoping for some
miracle that the tooth begins to shake and fall by itself. That’s the natural process that
even Chutku would perhaps enjoy! It feels like he is being cheated out of that shaky first
tooth experience and forced to sit on the dentist chair.

Since I noticed it on Sunday, I’m on a roller coaster emotional ride. A shaky tooth
would’ve given me some warning that my baby is growing up, but seeing that permanent tooth there has shaken me up! OMG! When did my baby grow up so much that he is already getting permanent teeth?! his face is going to change, he is going to grow up in a wink now (which I already think so) and I’m so angry with nature that my kid has to go through the same tooth issue I went through. That’s so mean and so sad. I generally take things in my stride and keep talking about how things will be when Chutku grows up, but this? I’ve been talking about this continuously for 2 days now!

Then, last night, Chutku said he will tell me a joke. I want to put this one up here,
because this is his first joke which made me feel he IS growing up…

Chutku:”Amma, Look under there”
Me: Where?
Chuktu:”Ammaaaa, look under therreee”
ME: Bend down to see under the chair and ask again”What do you want me to see”
Chutku: “Ayyooo Amma, you should say “Look under where (wear)” and starts giggling.

I then got the joke and we both laughed. As soon as hubby came home, I narrated this and
his first reaction was the same as mine “He is growing up!”

I only wish that this boys’ jokes will continue to be narrated with childish innocence to
the mom 🙂

I miss the little chubby cheeks and the twinkling eye naughtiness, but I hope to keep the
camaraderie going well into his boyhood. Wish me luck!

So Far… (1)

The 2015 blogathon that I did was all about what was happening with my life then – hubby’s move and our subsequent move in March was all that my life was revolving about. An year later, here we are, quite settled and I’m back to working from January.

The year of 2015 gave me my first big break in career/job. Quitting wasn’t an easy decision – both financially and mentally. 12 years in the industry,having finally found a work-life balance as well as enjoying what I did, to leave it all was mentally tough. I did suggest to the husband that I will travel only for a few months taking loss-of-pay leave but for the sake of the little fellow, we decided the move would be better.The only condition that the little fellow had, to move, was “Amma should stay at home with me”. so, in a way, he got me to quit and take things as they came.

We landed here in April right after his school year. I had a wonderful and hectic month before the travel – meeting all loved ones, spending quality time with friends and wrapping up work and home. We landed to 2deg C cold and rain and shivers which is typical east coast weather for spring – or so I heard. The little fellow was all happy that we were together “family” he said.However, I took quite sometime to settle down-more mentally than physically. No one I know, nothing to do, no time limits, no friends, just gloomy rainy days and a very active 5 year old. Thankfully, we went on quite a few trips and met family the initial 3 months that kind of kept me from getting completely depressed.

Then came July and we got lucky.Met 3 families with kids the same age as ours and the fun began! We started planning trips every weekend and were out all summer. Evenings were for playing tennis and gossip and impromptu potluck dinners. Not working, gave me an option of cooking dinner for 10-14 people at 5pm and packing it all to the park. It also gave me flexibility of staying awake past midnight and waking up at 11am. The days before school began just flew by. We did beach trips, water park trips, amusement park trips, sight seeing trips,temple trips, shopping trips and NYC trips 🙂

September started with school and the in-laws visited. So, I never got the chance to sit at home idle and bored.Those 3 months were all about visiting family and east coast sight seeing with the in-laws. Again, not working, gave me the chance to cook every meal, our way for the in-laws, ensure they never had to do anything here, plan trips according to hubby’s leaves and Chutku’s school holidays. Never had to stress about food and packing and time constraints. A wedding in December was the culmination of the in-laws trip and they left before it got too cold.

Though I got the necessary documents to begin work, I began earnest search only by the time the school started and then kind of let it go, thinking I will pursue it more seriously once the in-laws left. Guess I was lucky that I got a job pretty quickly, considering my conditions of not wanting to travel too far and give me an option to work from home when required. Thank God for that! I, in fact asked them for a couple of weeks time before I signed on the dotted line.

Christmas was spent with family and new year was spent partying at home with friends and celebrating Chutku’s 6th birthday.

Phew! I didn’t think there was so much to write when I started this post. But of course, there is much more to write about last year – the trips and the family fun. In due course…

An Year Later…

Hello, hello! How have you all been? I’m wondering if this post will pop-up in your readers and feeders (I’m hoping there are still a few of you who have forgotten to delete this link from your readers ;-)) and what your reaction would be. “hey! who is this? Is this LLT’ s post? Has someone hacked her space? What is this!” Right? Right… I feel like I’m hacking my own space! Its been so long since I put my nose anywhere near the direction of this blog.

So… I think I’ve been away for far too long now. When Maya asked me to do the Blogathon, I was just not ready to get rid of my lethargy and start writing again. Also, I didn’t know what to write about! I was not getting any thoughts that I can put into a coherent post. But then, her mail got me to at least get back to reading my favorite bloggers again and the Jan blogathon was fun for me 🙂 Still it took me more than 2 months to want to log in and start commenting again.

Finally, here I am – exactly an year since the big move and decided that its time I came back here. Time to renew my connections with the friends I made here, time to get out of my cocoon and ease back into the comfort zone of blogging.

So for those of you who got the ‘ping’ on your feeders -thanks for still having me there! I hope to write as regularly as I used to before 🙂 Aiming at atleast 1 post a week. Now that Im back to working, I sincerely hope I will have some fodder for posts here…so please do come back and encourage me!