100 Happy Days: Day 36

Online gift shopping! So much choice, hours of browsing! I almost forgot that I had to put up a post. Its so much fun to shop for girls, I tell ya…

It’s confirmed we are having cousins over for Christmas. Sam and I are soooper excited and our excitement has rubbed off on the very stable husband as well 😃


100 Happy Days: Day 33

A picture speaks a thousand words, again! Having married a foodie, I have slowly realised the way to my heart is also through my stomach 😉 Especially in winter, the food cravings are just uncontrollable. Here’s what we bought from Wegmans just now- three berry pie,chocolate mousse, mango chutney (i finished the first bottle we got last week) and maine blueberry cherry jam, we were only supposed to buy the pav. After eating hot pav bhaji, I am now sitting with a cup of hot filter coffee…cold weather and warm food…happiness indeed.


I am not going to include this in 100 happy days, since there really isn’t anything “happy, happy” to write about, but the benefit of blogging daily is that I can still add a random post that I can check back to know what happened today. A virtual, public diary note.

Not a very good day, but definitely a small progress worth mentioning…we as a family started yoga for just 10 mins every morning, hoping that it will help Sam better focus through the day. I know its not an immediate effect, but I hope to keep it going for the next 6 months until summer holidays. Wish us luck! 

And I realised that I can still touch my toes without bending my knees!! 😉 so that counts as happy, right?

100 Happy Days: Day 28

Happiness brought on by confidence. Confidence brought on by wearing smart clothes and all ready to head out by myself. Confidence of driving myself to the school to help at PTA for the holiday gift shop.

 It was a fun day. I met so many students-some who knew what they wanted to gift, some who were lost on what to choose, some who chose gifts under budget and some who made some tough choices of keeping gifts back because they were over budget. It was lovely to interact with the kids and get to know their thought process in choosing the gifts. 

What sold most? – slime! Who was it most tough to choose a gift for? – big brother 🙄

100 Happy Days: Day 27 

Finishing a good book by Susan Mallery and going to a neighbour’s house who is from such a different background by religion, country, growing up and then finding out ( a revelation) that our cultures are so similar over Turkish tea. 

There is always something new to learn and sometimes I feel blessed that I get to meet so many new people, learn so much, make acquaintance. Who knew even 10years ago that life would throw open so many small windows to this large, beautiful world?  

100 Happy Days: Day 26

Just to give a quick background:

a. We watched Boss Baby over the weekend and we spoke aboutGod/Baby choosing its family 

b. Where ever we go, Sam takes lemonade and tends to like them but it tastes artificial to me,  so I promised him that I will make him lemonade at home-our traditional lemon juice “nimbe paanaka” as we call it.

Sam has not been having enough water and been complaining of tummy aches.I thought the best way to ensure that he drinks enough water is to make that lemonade I had promised him on sunday. As expected, he came home, saw the lemonade, excitedly added 3 cubes of ice to it and finished it all. So I grumbled that he makes me worry about him like I should worry about a 3yr old not drinking enough water and was kidding about how he should have chosen some other mommy so she could worry about him. He was joking around too and then suddenly comes up to me, hugs me and says “I wanted you to be my mommy, you are the best, I was watching from heaven and saw that you are the bestest mommy, so I chose you.” 

What can be better than this? From some days being the “meanest mom in the whole world” to being the bestest? 😀😎

100 Happy Days: Day 23

Random thoughts of happiness- 

Gocarting! With Sam as my partner was the happiest, fun’nest’ moment today. Also the water jet game that got us sprayed with water, with little N as my partner. I love going to mall during this entire holiday season. I enjoy the colorful window displays, the life of the place. Ofcourse some un necessary shopping too. I got introduced to ‘Charming Charlie’ this time and its been accessories galore-just don’t ask when and where I will wear them. 

Ofcourse! How can I forget the twins who have been waking me up with cuddles and kisses the last 2 mornings. 😍😍

100 Happy Days: Day 22

Hot Breakfast cooked by cousin, yapping and online browsing in peace with kids away at park, drowsing and horrible movie watching on netflix all afternoon while the kids kept themselves occupied and then finally home made chaats dinner. Can you imagine, I had to put in effort to walk for 25mins so that I could get to meagre 6000 steps today?THAT level of laziness and relaxation-whats not to be happy about?