A weekend trip to DC

Writing this post on my way back from DC sitting in a relatively new and clean Greyhound bus.

I had been looking forward to this trip since October last year, if truth be told but I wasn’t sure if it will ever happen. My friend from my first job days is travelling from India to DC on work and when she was here in October last year we planned to meet the next time she was here.

So I immediately booked my tickets and planned the weekend. The best thing about us is we are both extremely opinionated Librans. Thoughts that are kept to myself just tumble out while talking to her. She was the one who introduced me to blogging, we share the same passion of good books over movies and dont like outdoorsy activities much.

We checked out a local pub near Georgetown university, went to spy museum and the touring Cirque Du Soleil show. I am glad I planned the show because she liked it as much as I did just as I had hoped. Through all this there was one thing constant- talk talk talk. I guess we finally gave a bit of rest in the cab last night on the way back to the hotel and also because we didn’t want the driver listening in!

Like she wrote me on WhatsApp just a few minutes back

It always amazes me that even when we don’t meet or talk for years it always feels like we are just continuing a conversation we left incomplete yesterday.

Its always a great break to be just me with someone who “gets” me. I can’t wait to plan another one like this. Sanju, are you reading this? πŸ˜‰


100 Happy Days: Day 97

I realised, I should not hoarde these last 3 days waiting for something great to happen to finish these 100 days blogathon.

Infact, this past Saturday has been simply awesome. We went to watch singer VijayPrakash concert about 2 hrs drive from home. The concert was obviously simply superb. I don’t remember the last time I ever gushed and crushed on anyone so much!!! Felt 16 with all that adrenaline rush again πŸ˜ƒ

The other good part was going with another family and meeting a lot of other kannada families from our town at the temple who were all there for the same reason- lunch and then the concert. It was a day very well spent. Also, making new friends in this still new place. Am I hoping for the friends like we had in NJ? Probably not, maybe too early to have so much expectation. But its still good to know we would be welcome as a part of a larger group. I just hope that we don’t have to move from here, come July.

100 Happy Days: Day 96

Hey there! Yup, I remember very well that I have not completed this series. But what to do? There just wasn’t anything exciting happening and I wanted to wait to put something really fun here, atleast the last 5 days.

Spring is here, finally! The actual spring day we had a snow storm that dumped more snow than all the winter snow storms we had! Then the spring break happened, flu happened and there really wasn’t much to write. Why am I writing today? This weekend has been fun. Yesterday we had a gathering and Sam participated in a very well known dance drama called Punyakoti. I had made 5 gallons of masala buttermilk for all to drink. It was a fun evening, getting to meet a lot of new people. We also got invited ( for the first time here) to someone’s house for after party meet. Should I hope that we might finally be able to make some friends here?

Today, we finally checked another off our to-visit list- the Cherryblossom festival in Washington DC. It really was beautiful. We walked nearly 4 miles and put in 11k steps and took loads of pictures. Live music and lots of people, it looked like a fair, though we also managed to get a few good pics. Happy to bed today. G’nite!

100 Happy Days: Day 95

Though a little later than I thought (blame it on the latest Nora Roberts!) I have to add this to the happy moments. Yesterday was our new year – Ugadi habba. Festivals for me are days to meet family and friends, eat good food, have a good time. We had invited another kannadiga family for lunch. This is the family that we accidentally met in the Indian grocery store who then introduced us to everyone else we have met here so far. We even visited them for dinner but somehow we could not invite them home. I realize that perhaps the invitation was destined to be for the festival?

I cooked the usual festival fare of bisi bele baath, gasagase paayasa and she got along carrot halwa. Their son and Sam get along like a house on fire and hand them a tablet – enough said! It was a day well spent in good company. Otherwise it would have just been another boring usual Sunday.

Wishing this ViLambi naama samvatsara will be filled with good times and good food in good company with great health for one and all πŸ™‚

100 Happy Days: Day 91

An association that we are a part of, had arranged a Valentines’ day party today. Like I had mentioned a couple of days before, the theme was 70s fashion. Hubby and I try to stick to a theme if any is given, so we even went out and bought a flowert shirt for him. Though, when we went there, it looked like we were the onlt ones who had made any effort. None of the men and a handful of women only. But the event gave us an opening to meet a lot of new people and hopefully have a better social life here. Sam, met his sunday class friends and had a lot of fun. A good evening spent watching kids dance and sing and party food.

100 Happy Days: Day 90

There is a theme event coming up on Saturday for which I am kind of excited – 70s fashion. Finding and deciding what to wear and trying out the makeup and clothes took a good part of the day which was fun.

I am also rather apprehensive about what I have chosen because we don’t know the crowd and even if every one will be in the Indian in or western 70s fashion. I am not sure if the ladies will choose sarees or dresses. I will just stick to what I have and take a chance!

After a really long time, there is some such gathering, which, I hope will help us get to know people better and hopefully initiate better friendship for us, as well as for Sam.

100 Happy Days: Day 89

The weather was unseasonably warm and husband working from home gave me the opportunity to take the car and go do some of my own stuff. Went out from 10am to 2pm loitering in the nearest strip mall. Went to Ulta and bought stuff that I probably will use once? AND got a free goodie bag with products that I have no clue how to use! But it was good to just get out of the house, drive by myself and get some stuff done. That independence means a lot to me. Ending the day watching a movie online-a midweek treat.

100 Happy Days: Day 87

Its been a good weekend. After ages, we went out to a mall and then lunch at Carabba’s that hubby wanted to try for a long time. Italian means, for me its Tiramisu all the way. Tried a cocktail with Tiramisu liqueur and then tiramisu for dessert too, although I feel the Olive Garden one tastes better. We came back home just as it started snowing. When we set out at 11am, there was not a cloud in the sky and it was blue and bright. Come 3pm, it was foggy and began to snow, as predicted! Spent the evening reading while the boys watched Chak De movie. A good one for Sam to watch, we thought.

Today, I had invited a couple of neighbours in the evening so made gulab jamoons and pav bhaji and had a generally good time eating and chatting. Now that they left, despite my back and legs hurting I am surprised I haven’t done my 10k steps. I am excusing myself that its weekend. It’s a long weekend for Sam with school closed tomorrow for President’s day. We are both now reading our books before bed. Good night!

100 Happy Days: Day 85

Pani Puri dinner: 

Sam is home today with a bad cold and congestion in his throat but no fever. I decided that he wouldn’t go to school as he didn’t sleep well last night. So I cooked fresh for lunch, comfort food of saaru(rasam), rice and cabbage palya. The boy ate a hot lunch and then said “Amma, you know what, if everything in my nose and throat has to come out I have to eat something spicy, how about hot and spicy pani puri for dinner?” Hmmm… over the weekend when we went grocery shopping the husband refused to get the pani pooris when I had asked him so I said no to Sam. 

Well, what do you think happened? How could the loving Dad refuse his unwell son? Sam asked for it while hubby called on his way home, so the pooris along with some jalebis came home. 

We had an awesome hot and spicy pani puri for dinner with jalebis for dessert. This reminds me of pre Sam days when I used to have masala puri and pani puri for dinner to help with my sinus and phlegm 😁 My son seems to have understood at 8 what I understood at 18!