Friday Fun – More Travel tales

Car Tales:

when we travel in the car he sits in he front seat strapped to his car seat. And everyday at a particular signal where we take a U-Turn the sun hits directly into the car at 7.30am. So, most days he says - Amma,Thumba Thun amma (Lot of Sun) and I generally remove the seat belt and take him back. This last friday was gloomy day and drizzling but the minute we came to the junction he said "Amma,Thumba thun amma" And we burst into laughter - It was only then I realised that he was using this as a tactic to get out of the car seat and come back so he can move around more freely!! How he has learnt to fool Amma now itself! I wonder how much of a bigger topi he will put going forward! :-O

One more on the drame baazi - a minute after Dad softly hit him on the leg because he was trying to push the gear with his leg-sitting strapped to the car seat! He squeezed his eyes tight shut and got tears, then began to cry -and we were watching the whole process and laughing 🙂 - yeah, we love to watch him do his nautanki and then he went and hugged his Dad with quivering lips and all and the Dad melted-stopped the car and gave him a huggie and all was well in the front seat again!
Bus tales:

Needing audience - Now I've already mentioned about his theetha aunty. If she doesnt come in the bus and someone else sits next to us, this fellow needs to make that person talk to him. He calls out to the person and talks some non-sense and the person looks at my face to understand what he is telling and then I need to translate - whew! Pretty embarrassing sometimes especially when he needs to audience even when he is trying to bite my cheek or putting his little finger into my mouth or nose!!

1 for the Embarrass Mamma series: His vocabulary has improved enough to make proper sense now - He pooped in the diaper on the way back home "Amma, Diapy, illi, kakka!! " Screams in the bus and everyone turns to look at me with raised eye-brows. No choice but to just give a sheepish smile 😦
That picture: busy telling me some story while rushing to the bus one evening and refusing to hold my hand 🙂


Weekend Updates -on a midweek…

After readins RM’s weekend post I thought I had quite an eventful weekend too. Especially RM eating the Sev Puri part 🙂

Saturday was a lazy day until afternoon. Post lunch we were supposed to go out,leaving the little fellow with my mom. But then Cousin C came and we sat chatting until about 6pm. Its nice to have unexpected guests dropping in these days because of the parents. So, we had no mood to go out but certain things just HAD to be done. Now, I have this mental block about tailors and certain shops. I need to go to Gandhi Bazaar (My Dad says its something like ‘Maika’ to me) only to get those things done – now people in Blore will know how difficult it is to maneuvour one-self in that Bazaar on a saturday evening. Its mostly just 1 long street with just about everything you want, available. So, with the little one safe at home with mom, hubby and I took Dad’s 2 wheeler and left. Wow! I think we were going on a 2 wheeler after a couple of years,no wait! nearly 3 yrs considering the time from pregnancy! Brought back nice memories – of being irresponsible and care-free…

Let me record for posterity here that I was without a Mangalsutra around my neck for quite a few months coz I didnt have the time to get it repaired. And I got varied reactions for that – with people suggesting various poojas to be done, gasping at my total nonchalance about not wearing it or about it breaking into two… Well! So, finally this saturday we got that repaired (which actually was more of a bahana) and then went to eat at the E.A.T street for the amazing chaats. This again I hadnt eaten in nearly 3yrs and I was literally craving for it. Now, THIS is the reason why Im putting up this post – I ate Churmuri and tomato masala at that gaadi in front of bugle rock – Man! Im still drooling over that, and still dissatisfied 😦 I love love love churmuri (bhel) that he makes and I never have dinner after that… After that did some more shopping and went back home. We are so used to going everywhere by car these days that the little wind blowing made us feel cold – and made us feel old! that we cannot withstand this little bit of wind while we would drive around town until past 11 on the 2 wheeler just a couple of years before…How the body gets used to luxury!

Sunday morning,mom wanted some time-out from Chutku to do her own thing – he NEVER lets her be when we are at home especially if she is busy with some task. And speaking of luxury we are thinking of buying a new car for ourselves and returning the in-laws’ Alto back to them -so we had planned to go check out something at the show-room. We packed up the little monster and took him along too instead of leaving him at home with the parents… And what does he do there – run around like crazy around all the cars, sitting inside all the cars like he was the one making the buying decision and honking like crazy! God! While the hubby spoke to the sales-person I went bonkers trying to get hold of a little speed maniac! Oh and by the way – the sales-person while filling out the form asked me – “Madam, do you also work with Sir in the same organisation?”
Me: Yes! (eh?!) how do you know?
SP: I have seen you…
Me: Seen me? Where? :-O
SP: When we put up those sales advertisements in the office – I come there…I have seen you in the office.
ME: Oh! (Giving him a huge smile and Secretly pleased that Im still noticable!-being a mom and age, ungainly bulges in the wrong places and all – ofcourse he doesnt need to know that, does he?)

And when I mentioned to hubby that the Sales person has seen me in the office he says: “Oh! he must have seen you taking Chutku back to the bus in the evenings – is it?” -*bang,thud,phooos* Trust this husband to bring me,rather, plonk me back on the ground. And while I couldnt keep quiet and told him that I was feeling happy about it and there was no mention of chuktu in the conversation anywhere – he *then* understood what I was saying and guess what his reaction was – he just stood there and laughed loud and so hard that he had to put Chutku down and hold onto his sides!! 😦

So to compensate for all that laughter – he took Chutku out in the evening giving me some precious me-time to just lounge on the sofa and change channels for a couple of hours which helped me nurse my BAD cold 🙂

There – that was quite a mixture of a weekend and am already looking forward to this weekend too… Hopefully – Book shopping  this weekend! Yippeeee!! Have a fun wednesday everyone…

Work related updates

First of all, I need to let all of you know that I am regularly reading all the posts BUT somehow this browser doesnt allow me to comment. And most days Im just too tired to go back home and log-in again-just to put in the comment.So, dont throw me out of your radar!
And this change is mostly because I have now moved (yay!).Moved departments. For 8 (nearly) years I was a proper ‘Techie’ mainly working in technology specific projects with client defined timelines and client facing roles. I know I was good – All my peers/seniors who have worked with me or my juniors to whom I  might (Im not too good at that 😦 ) have helped have told me. 

Like any other working person I did crib about my job or the odd pressure but while I cribbed – I enjoyed the cribbing – you know what I mean? I used to enjoy the importance of doing the job and being indispensible – it did wonders to my Ego too! But after Chutku and a lot of such cribbing later I realised that there was no longer that happiness associated with going to work. It felt like I was doing the same thing,  I was doing for the past 7+ years and somewhere down the line I began to loose interest. Also, once I began to take on other responsibilities apart from just the techie stuff – I began to learn that there was so much more to the work! And I began to like doing that more than the techie stuff.

And then when I moved to this organisation, and after a lot of delibaration and discussion AND putting all my frustration out here on the blog, I have now moved! Moved out of the role I was so used to doing. Moved to what they call ‘Enabling Functions’. How does it feel – Kind of “Fish out of water”  at the moment. A new place, new desk, new people.Moved to non-client,non-technology role. Where I know there is a lot to learn though that kind of pressure might not exist. Im also still kind of feeling odd-because I dont need to meet the external clients, dont need to stay back to take calls, I can schedule my day as I want BUT there is also a sense of loss – that Im going to loose that ‘Techie” tag and the opportunity to meet clients is like nill.

Lets see where this goes. So, far its been a couple weeks and Im enjoying meeting new people and sitting in various meetings and sessions, getting to know the processes for the organisation better – a bigger picture infact. Best of all – Im leaving on time everyday with no stress! Leaving you with such a picture: A friend and fellow blogger took a picture of Chutku and I walking back to the bus one evening 🙂

Friday fun: Equation with the grand parents

I’ve put here time and again on how both sets of grand parents are obsessed with the grand child and how he knows and identifies each one by their roles. Now that my parents have shifted with us the occurance of instances with them have multiplied and here are a few of them that I can remember…

Dad has a habit of wearing a topi in the evenings and mornings when the temp drops. So, in the evenings Chutku is used to seeing Dad with a topi sleeping on the sofa watching TV. The other evening Dad was sitting/lying down on another sofa and seriously watching a movie. Chutku goes to him – “Thatha,Thatha, yeeuu (yeLu – Get up)”

Dad very irritatedly got up and asked “Yaako” (Why)

Chutku: “Illi baa” pointing to another sofa (come here)

Dad Goes and sits there.

Chutku picks up the sofa cushions, pushes them under Dad’s head and asks “Topi yelli”

Then Dad says I dont want topi now. But the little fellow is not convinced. Goes to the bed room,searches for the topi, comes back,gives it to Dad “Haako” (wear it).

At the end of this Dad was overwhelmed. Ayio, this little fellow loves me so much – he’s heard saying to everyone these days 🙂

My in-laws call everyday (or I call them) and they talk to the little fellow on phone. He either tells A-Z and other rhymes with my MIL or tells FIL that he played/ate and some random nonsense to FIL.

Its so difficult with this fellow keeping tabs on every action of mine. I have this habit of talking on the phone walking. I just cannot sit in one place and talk. And I have no idea when the little monster noticed it as I really dotn talk much with him around. But still, yesterday my FIL called and asked to talk to him-this fellow,held the phone between his sholder and ear, began to walk around and talk sometimes even giggle and do something else – like picking toys. My parents and hubby just could’nt control their laughter – Hubby even recorded the whole thing to show me again and again later that THAT was exactly how I talk on phone! :-O -talking,walking,doing multiple things…

He is now used to my Dad picking us up from the bus stand (Another perk of having parents staying with me 🙂 ). Yesterday we went back home with hubby. The minute we turned to the quieter street from the main road, he asks me “Amma, thatha yelli, broooom,brooom, thatha thoonthe (scooter!), hemt (Helmet), mane” _ does that make sense to you all too?

Mom and Dad have a schedule – Dad does pooja in the mornings and Mom in the evenings. So, mornings when Chutku comes down, he insists that he wants to be carried when Dad is doing the Abhisheka.So, if on a saturday,Dad has finished or not yet started the pooja-he asks – Thatha, Aum aaitha? (Finished saying Aum? meaning pooja) He doesnt ask mom then.

And in the evenings as soon as we come home, he asks “Ammamma yelli?” Finds her and asks “Aum Aaiytha?” He ejoys watching them do the pooja everyday and has taken to saying Aum with Dad a couple of times and roams behind mom when she is doing the Tulasi pooja in the mornings. Im now asking them only to teach him a few easy shlokas since he seems to be enjoying them. Good for me!

Mom has begun to put a little bit of boost/complan in the mornings when she is making milk for us. And the minute he sees her in the kitchen he goes asking “Ammamma, compan,compan” and she HAS To give it to him else he makes her carry him,points to the dabba abd insists until he’s been fed. So, these days even some medicines are also being pushed down the throat mixed in a little bit of complan – whatever works!
So there – as expected he is  getting more attached to them by the day and wants them most of the times now than Amma…

Surprises – The New Dove Oil care product

I have been wanting to write this post for more than a month now for the Indiblogger contest for Dove. Not that I wanted to participate in the contest but then I know its not good blogger ethics if I dont even mention what I got! Hence this delayed post.

The weekend of my Birthday, while checking my e-mails I saw this mailer from Indi-Blogger that said that there are free offers of the new Dove Oil care products and all one had to do was give the address so that they would courier it home. And since I hadnt got any gifts and feeling sorry for myself – went ahead, gave the address and forgot all about it. A couple of weeks later I got this huge courier and couldnt even guess what it was until I opened it and got this lovely Golden piped transparent bag which had all these Dove goodies inside it! I was so surprised and happy! It seemed like a Birthday present at that time. I decided to use it and then put up a post/take a picture in the enthu but thats been so long in the making *looks sheepish*
Well! To add to that, I got my hair cut really short this time and have been using that product  for about a month now – the mask,serum,conditioner and Shampoo and am loving it – my hair does feel soft and nice to touch and Im happy that it doesnt look frizzy at all. Also, the conditioner doesnt make my hair look oily either! Suuper. So, Im putting up this post to acknowledge that I did recieve the Dove Gifts from Indi Blogger and Im thanking them for it.

So, all you indi bloggers – go check it out – there might be more of such offers coming up frequently and Im going to participate more often!! Who doesnt want to win such goodies for free!??

(pic courtesy: – since I didnt get the time to take a picture- I googled and got the picture of the products along with those golden balls like how it was packed -so posting it here).

Karnataka Heritage Trip – Oct 31st and Nov 1st

Day 3 and 4:

OK, now for the last day of the fun part. I already mentioned that we reached Koodalasangama for the night stay in the last post. But what I forgot to mention was that we got lost on the way actually -from BAdami to Koodalasangama. These are times I feel really bad that our authorities dont do enough to promote tourism. The diversion to Koodalasangama is a narrow road and there are not even any signs – let alone at night in the dark, one cannot make out the way even in daytime.

Continuing, on day 3, we got ready and had breakfast at the only good restaurant there – Kamat Yatri Nivas. And then as planned we went to the Shiva temple and the Basaveshawara Aikya MAntapa – the place where BasavaNNa apparently attained NirvaNa. This place is amazing and very well maintained. The actual Aikya place is very simple and under water. So, they have built a bridge and imagine a huge pillar inside which there are stairs to go down to the actual aiKya mantapa. What I liked most was the fact that there was no crowd, no selling un-necessary stuff and very clean. Once we came up, we decided to go boating in the river.2 rivers confluence – Krishna and Ghataprabha. The boat ride was unfortunately not satisfactory since it was very short. We then played in the water for sometime and then started to Bijapur.

Bijapur was HOT! and it was afternoon by the time we reached the hotel. It took real effort to walk out of that cool room for lunch and site seeing at 1.30 in the afternoon 🙂 Still, we did it! We had a jowar roti lunch – speciality there and then saw Barah Kamaan (no one knows why this was built), Ibrahim Roza complex and then the Gol Gumbaz which was the highlight. Its a superbly architectured place where even a rustle of a paper,hanky can be heard across the interiors of the building! Oh! Why am I even trying to explain that.You have to read more here:

And yeah, I have to mention that as we climb thr 7 floors of the structure – the stairs get narrower and steeper and by the 7th floor I had to hold onto my knees and climb! Some serious excercising is required now I think 😦

It was already dark by the time we got out of the Gol Gumbaz and then we had heard about a huge Shiva temple which was newly built – so we went there. By then Chutku was tired and so was I, so while my Co-sis took pictures Hubby and I had a huge arguement about feeding the little fellow and putting him to sleep :-(. To add to that, there was a traffic jam too on the way back and it added to the exhaustion. We ate dinner at the restaurant and hit the bed early.

Day 4: Was just travel back. We wanted to see the Alamatti dam but unfortunately there were very strict restrictions and so we couldnt even see the water on the dam – we just drove in and drove out of that place. We finally did go to the Kamat restaurant that we had seen on the way (on the first day) had coffee there and as soon as we crossed Chitradurga we saw clouds and by the time we came to Tumkur road/Nelamangala it had begun to pour. After all that heat of past 2 days it was wonderful to drive through rain and cool winds and feel ‘at-home’ 🙂

Finally, some pictures of the last day of touring – Koodalasangama and Bijapur.

Basavanna Aikya Mantapa from top – this whole structure is inside a huge pillar

The actual Aikya sthaLa (place)

The complete temple complex from the boat ride

Aikya Mantapa at the top

The river and temple complex from the Aikya Mantapa

Bijapur – Barah Kamaan

Bijapur – Barah Kamaan

Bijapur – Ibrahim Roza

Bijapur – Gol Gumbaz

Bijapur – Gol Gumbaz – view from the 5th floor

Bijapur – Gol Gumbaz – View from the top floor (7)

Bijapur – Gol Gumbaz

Karnataka Heritage Trip – Oct 30

Day 2 – We covered most places on this day and were on the road from 7am to around 8.30pm. Well worth the driving I must say. We even ate at the Mahakoota temple where they were giving free lunch. Plenty of such places in Karnataka where they give the afternoon lunch for free and the food will just be yummy. Though we were very late and didnt get the curry – we did eat just the rice,rasam and yummy curd set in earthen pots – so the curd had a nice earthen smell to it.  We reached Koodalasangama at 8.30 and while the rest of them went to have dinner, chutku and I just slept…

AiHole,Pattadakal,Mahakoota.Banashankari and Badami were the places we covered.These places dont have cluster of archeological sites-  just a couple of ruins each and they are again a reminder of all the plunder our rich country went through. What saddned me most was the sight of the lovely carvings where the hands/face have all been smashed and the original work of art has all been kind of demolished. Im still left wondering what was the need to do all that? They did come and plunder and take away the riches – but why spoil the work of art- a painstaking effort on stone done lovingly by the artist over God knows how many months/years 😦 

Pictures speak a thousand words:

The temple Gopuram at AihoLe

Pattadakal Archeological Complex

Pattadakal – full temple view



notice the intricate carvings

Carvings on the outer wall

Friday Fun – The not so fun traits

I’ve so far been writing the good and naughty stuff of Chutku but off-late I’ve begun to see so many of his own ‘traits’ that both amuse and worry me!

Stubborn – I’ve been mentioning here how his ego hurts to say sorry, how he refuses to do something.Offlate his favourite word seems to be ‘No’ – “No Amma No, peech no” – if he doesnt want to sleep, be fed for everything. You ask him to pick up something and he doesnt wantto get up from your lap – No,remove shoes – No. Sometimes to feed him dinner I put cartoon rhymes  – so he says – “No Cartoon, no mummmumm!” Its become a challenge to make him eat/sleep these days! Even bath that he used to enjoy – no… Oh! And the latest today – early morning potty cleaning – “No Diapy change! No!!”  Huh?!
Nautanki – Im seriously considering sending him to an acting/drama school to perfect the art. He knows drama – My God! He knows it so well, I bet he can beat any of our heroes in acting these days and win a Filmfare award too 😛 He created a scene a couple of days back when I went to the day care – shouting and screaming like I was leaving him forever! The other mother there just kept giving me BAD stares because I was leaving my crying,kicking son and going away. I knew he would stop it the minute I went out, but my heart didnt agree – so I stood outside the closed door and peeped inside through the glass – and my guess was bang on! The little monster was happily running around and pulling something. Draame Baaz. And he has learnt what works on my parents too – he doesnt need me these days.

Possessiveness – So far it was possessiveness only about me – no one should touch me,no other kid should sit on my lap.But these days its all about things. If any other kid has a toy in hand he has to rush and grab it. The small slide at the day care – if he wants to play – he wants to play RIGHT NOW no matter who else is already playing – lots of pushing and showing and hitting 😦 too happening. And the care takers tell me that he does that only when Im around which I dont believe. I’ve been telling them to teach him the concept of sharing since its difficult for me to teach that at home 😦

Hitting/Shoving/Pushing – Like I already mentioned above – this has become a very common feature – the minute he doesnt get what he wants, he begins to hit saying ‘Atthi’ (aDDi in Tamil Which means hit – i was told). He learnt the word at the day care from the care takers. No amount of telling him that ‘atthi’ is bad doesnt work. Im at a loss how to make him understand that hitting/pushing ios bad. And Im scared at this rate that some parent in the daycare will complain of his rowdiness 😦 There HAS to be some control when he is around other children. The hand is almost always in the raised position these days and Im damn scared of the consequences!
Some one tell me what to do? Pretty Please.

Karnataka Heritage Trip – Oct 29

Before I forget all about the trip we had a couple weekends back – I thought I should document it in day-series.

Day 1: Oct 28: We left Blore at about 7.15 – 15mins delay which got made up by the supperb driving by the BIL (Hubby’s cousin) on the NICE road. We went in serach of a Kamat restaurant near a place called Sira on the way which was supposed to be a couple of hours drive. We left a lot of retaurants on the way because we had heard that would be the best. When we finally found it-it was on the other side of the road, and we went and went and went in search of a break in the road divider for about 2kms with no break! Finally we found a brk and we also found a Jai Hind restaurant – a run-down place which still served amazing Chow chow bhaat and idly. I was glad for the idly and fed Chutku that while we all had other stuff to eat. Anywhere on a road trip – we generally enjoy the Chai/coffee from these small shops-how could we let that go?

We reached Hospet well on time and since it was still 12.30pm we decided to see the Tunga Bhadra dam on the way. The minute we stopped the clouds gathered and except for a few mins we walked in light rain (a little more than drizzle) all the way to the TB dam. The saddest part was that they do not allow anyone on the dam for security reasons and we had to be satisfied standing quite some distance away,looking at the water and taking pictures (small digression here: I wanted Chutku to enjoy walking on the dam like I had when I was around 5 and I remember the dam was full and overflowing – i was holding onto both mom and dad and we had walked on the dam and seen the water which was almost overflowing. No such luck though 😦 )

We reached our hotel by 2pm, had lunch and rushed to Hampi. It poured all through the drive and eased-up by the time we reached Hampi. Hired a guide and went around looking at the most important sites – all well maintained by the archeological department.Lotus mahal for the queens,Elephant stables,Ugra Narasimha, Virupaksha temple, The rich street where they sold pearls,corals and other precious stones as a barter system. Ah! To just imagine such richness… We saw the stone Ratha (chariot) and the temple pillars that when hit, each small pillar sounds to one sapta swara – Sa,Re,Ga,MA,Pa,Dha,Ni,Sa. Oh! I forgot to add that we had to ride in a electic cart (like a golf cart) driven by the ladies to the Stone Chariot which Chutku called ‘Auto’! While waiting for the ride back everyone ate gaadi ice cream which we even gave a bite to the little fellow who initially shuddered and then asked for more 😛

We saw the most important sights in Hampi coz like the guide said – it will take atleast 10 days to see all the ruins of the place, and we had only 3-4 hrs 😦 This day was the best because the weather was so pleasant that we all enjoyed walking around while everyone had scared us that it would be very hot.On the way back to Hospet my niece wanted to eat noodles:-) and so we went to a big restaurant,had dinner in peace(the little fellow thankfully slept on the drive back) and just crashed as we had an early next morning to see most places: Badami,Pattadakal,AihoLe,Mahakoota and Banashankari…

Yeah, I know the description of actual Hampi is very short, but sometimes things cannot be said – they only have to be experienced. So, I will just let you see for yourself:

Stone Chariot


The entire kingdom of Hampi under the Krishna Deva Raya rule – Vijayanagara empire

Lotus Mahal-Zanana-The queens’ bathing area
Elephant Stables

The stone pillars which sing Sapta Swara

Plenty of such carvings that were broken during the Bahamani conquer 😦

Friday Fun – Chutku’s trip tales

What trip? – you are all wondering, i know. The last weekend was a long one-well we made it a long one by taking 31st off – since 1st was anyway a holiday on behalf of Karnataka Rajyotsava. And we along with Hubby’s cousins family – him, his wife and 8 yr old daughter went on a Karnataka Heritage trip. More about that in detail later, but here are a few things related to Chutku through those 4 days…

# On the day we left and through out the trip – Doddamma/Doddappa/N Akka were the magic words. To eat,sleep,even to get the diaper changed!

# The fact that his Appa was not driving was a blessing for me. He refused to come down from his father’s lap and sit back with me – that gave me my own physical space. Yeah, for someone who travels with tiny feet,hands,elbows, knees, head jutting and hitting at odd places through out the 1.5 hrs journey one way everyday – it was sooo good to have my body to myself. And at the same time there was also a sense of not having something!

# He took his time to get adjusted to N akka and after that she had to be in his view through out – otherwise the Q – N Akka yelli would bug us – even if she went to the loo!

#Oh! but then the possessiveness wouldnt go at all. I plaited N akka’s hair into 4 small plaits and she loved it. But there was a small fire of jealousy in the little fellows little belly. So, he asked for a juttu too and when I told him that I didnt have any more rubber bands left, he threw a tantrum.Finally, I had to put a scrunchy and make a juttu for him *rolls eyes*

# On the way there were huge wind mills and to keep him distracted his doddappa showed them to him and told them that they were Fans. From then on till the end of the journey there was constant search for the phaan.

# The usual tantrums of wanting to drive! The minute the driver got out of the car-he would jump,wriggle – do anything to sit in that seat and he would start his mock driving – drroommmmm, peem,peem…

# That reminds me, through out the trip, at all places they have put cement slabs for all the archeological sites – and those were the F1 racing routes for the little fellow – he would runnnnn around like he was driving the F1 car, trip and fall.Finally after the 4th fall he scraped his knee and after that it was all about ‘Abbu’ and sad smiley face. The nautanki.

# And Nautanki reminds me – he hit me once because I didnt let him go to his father who was driving – at a really good speed (burning rubber my co-sis said) on the highway. So, I asked him to say sorry and scolded him. For that he cried – we could all see the way he got the tears to his eyes! called out to his doddappa/doddamma/N Akka who all ignored him on my instructions and when he finally realised that nothing will work he came back to me, hugged my legs and asked to be lifted. When I insisted that he has to say sorry first – he looked around to ensure that nobody was looking at him and then very softly said “Thoyyiii”!!

# And what really worked most was this – his vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds. How much he can talk now! He kept repeating our words thru the journey and that helped him learn a lot more words now…

#Finally, on the way back, he got such a huge bout of laauuvv for N Akka that he sat on her lap,pinched her cheeks,sang chubby cheeks for her,kissed her,hugged and smothered her 😀 And it was a real cute site to see.

Even after 4 days he is still asking – N Akka yelli….

Leaving you with a few pictures.