Weather Update – 3

This place has made me crazy about weather and watching it change. I have already written 2 posts on this and the last one was this:

I see the yellow flowers all blossomed near numerous ponds around.  For the past couple of weeks we have been having major thunderstorms lasting days and rivers and ponds overflowing. On sunny days it does not get dark until nearly 9pm but when there are thunderstorms, it gets so dark by 4pm that we need to switch on lights inside the house like how we do in peak winter.

A couple of pictures to keep this place in memories:





Here are a


Friday Fun – Sam’s imaginary tale

This one is for all those aunties who want to know what’s the latest with Sam. Also, because I loved the way his imagination worked and he built up this story for a good 15mins on our walk. Something  I want to  save for posterity.

A couple of days ago, Sam and I dropped off his friends after a play date at our home and decided to take a longer walking path around the community to go back home. It was a lovely evening at around 8:15pm, sun setting but not yet dark and cool breeze.

We saw the fire flies and we heard the cicadas and other insects on the trees. Mosquitoes buzzing. He asked “Why is there so much noise?” So I said that dusk was the time for the insects to come out.

Which triggered his imagination: “Ohh! So what time is it now? ” “Its 8:20”,I said. “Soo, see, like how I get up and go to school at 8:20, its the insects’ morning, Amma. They are all getting ready to go to school, their mommies are telling them to get ready, eat breakfast – thats why the mosquitoes are so many and trying to bite us. See, that beeeeg fly that is buzzing the most, that’s the school bus. All insects go along with the big fly to their school. See that patch of dry grass? That’s the school playground,that’s why there are so many insects there. See this tree, there is no noise on this tree – all the insects have gone to school already and mommies are quiet. Again in the morning, the kids will all come back and the noise will start early morning.” He went on to explain how they would wear helmets while they flew around and how the raincoats shined like the firefly’s.

I had a fun,memorable walk with him that evening and hoped we could do it more, but ofcourse, that did not happen again.

As the days fly by, I realise, my kid is growing up so much and though there is an innocence still inside, there is also a lot of external influences that are moulding his thought processes.