Its finally over! After 60+ hours of seige and hostage situations and terror, bombay has been finally declared clear of the terrorist attack. But as mentioned in Headlines Today – Mumbai Safe- FOR NOW! Enough has been written and said about the politicians taking advantage of the situation/pathetic state of the border security or the complete unpreparedness to face a hostage situation.

And nobody is sure that all the terrorists are dead -no one even knows how many are still setting up their bases in various locations – not just Mumbai-anywhere else in the country. Are we going to be ‘prepared’ for something like this when it happens again? Note that I am saying – ‘when’ not ‘if’- sad but true. Who’s to be blamed? and what will that resolve?

All those people who died-burnt and charred to death,shot,blown up by grenades-just because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? its so depressing and yeah-terrorising-Is that what they wanted to achieve? And what are we going to do about it? Innumerable blasts have been taking place all over the country – insistently – and everytime it all just dies down after a few weeks at the most. Is this time going to be any different?

Im upset (glued to the TV for the past 2 days) and have been waking up with nightmares – what about all those people who are living through it? Who thankfully escaped the terror. And what/where next?

Coincidentally I watched ‘The Mighty Heart’ – movie about Daniel Pearl, yesterday and the whole thing only hit harder and my thoughts were-thank God, all my near and dear ones are safe – selfish I admit, but isnt it true for everyone? Left with anxiety and more questions – What will end all this?

Distrubing thoughts,randomly put…no wish to go back and edit…


Excerpt on Brida – Paulo Coelho

I just finished reading Brida – the latest Paulo Coelho’s novel. Like all his other novels, this one’s again on philosophy of life, in the background of ‘magic’. He talks about ‘The Dark Night’ – which I understand as ‘Fear of Unknown’. To take a new path, a new twist in life, plunge into the next day,next task without knowing the outcome – thats what the ‘Dark Night’ would be for a normal person. The faith that outcome is going to be good at the end of a hard/arduous task keeps the person going. Here are some more reviews:

Some of the thoughts from the book:
I have spread my dreams under your feet
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

I had read the second line somewhere,many years back and found out now, that its been written by W.B.Yeats, and the complete verse makes much more sense…

If I had read the book before completing the book tag,I would’ve probably included this as one of the quotes:

Once we’ve gotten over the initial fear,however,we gradually become accustomed to the only possible solution: To follow our dreams. Having the courage to take the steps we always wanted to take…

An interesting story in the book:

In Ancient Persia, when 2 people met to drink together,one of them was chosen to be the King of the night,usually the person who was paying. It was upto the King to set up the tone of conversation.If he poured more water than wine into the first glass to be drunk, that meant he wished to speak of serious things.If he poured equal quantities of both,they would speak of both serious and pleasant things. Finally,if he filled the glass with wine and added only a few drops of water, the night would be relaxing and enjoyable.

Finally-this is no thriller/action or romance and its pretty slow. So don’t pick it up if its just for a relaxed read.

Quirky?! Me?

Well,I’ve been tagged again to list 6 eccentric characters of mine by Arch-fully I first thought- that’s so easy! but then I couldn’t think of any! That’s when I realised – we look around,see people everyday and find quirks and unusual habits in them,but we never realise our own. So I’ve thought about this for a week and here it goes:

1. Counting Steps: If Im alone and walking up/down a flight of stairs-I count the number of stairs I take,unless Im on the phone/some bigger thought is nagging me. Weird na?

2. Head shaking: Probably not a habit but I shake my head and hands a lot while talking. The more excited I am,more the hand and head movements. Hubby has even experimented holding my head while I talk-I cant! My thought process halts if I cant shake my head! :-O

3. Extreme Clumsiness: I am extremely clumsy. I HAVE to hurt myself at least once a day. Hit my big fat toe to the dresser/table leg, cut my hand,stumble-something! Worst is dropping water from the tumbler with my hand while talking (ref. 2). So now I generally keep any such tumblers far far away from my moving hands when ever we go out to eat.

4. Ironed Clothes: I have to wear ironed clothes always-whats so quirky you ask? I don’t like even the line of folding on ironed clothes. I iron them again-well not these days (no time! 😦 ) but this obsession was at its peak during college-Mom used to get so frustrated that she would say – “If you could Iron your clothes AFTER you’ve put them on your body-you would do that too!” :-p oh! And on the topic of clothes-I need to decide what I will wear and think a LOT the night before-even for a normal work day-Is it going to rain? Am I going to feel hot/cold? Do I have any imp meetings that I need to be comfortable in my clothes? blah blah…

5. Stage Fright: YES! I have a bad bad case of stage fright. I cant talk in any formal gathering. A team meeting and I need to give updates-I better go prepared with my sheet of paper,or I will go completely blank and start to hyperventilate,feel hot,voice becomes squeaky-NO I AM NOT exaggerating. Its true. The same team at a dinner party-I can bring down the place talking. Same crowd-different situations 😦 I just hope nobody at work notices it though! (Just last week,I was giving some updates and I forgot what a POC was,Just couldn’t recollect. Thankfully I had a minute to think and get the right expansion for the same. *whew!* )

6. Prayers: Its an ingrained habit since I was a kid. I pray as soon as I get up, and I HAVE to get up on my right side, and pray before I sleep-no matter how tired I am. I realised its not a common habit for most-only after marriage! Until then I was under the impression that everyone does it…

Aha! These are 6 that I thought of myself. And here are some that others told me-That I worry a lot-a lot lot more than what ‘normal’ people do!?? And Hubby pointed out that I am obsessed with photographs. Any given day I can spend hours together looking at photos. And oh! that I am slowly getting addicted to blogging!And this one again by hubby (Who else *rolling my eyes*) -that I never get a single sneeze-my sneezes are always More than 3-4 at a time 😀 – now howz that for a quirk? Beat that anyone? 😉

Now here’s passing the buck:

(My 3 regular readers)

(And my new follower – ah! Sounds divine! What an Ego booster! :-D)
Sea Shell

Shelfari – Help Help!!

Trying to add Shelfari – problem is – I’ve wanted to arrange the books as : Read-Favorites/Wish List and Reading – but everything is jumbled.

I picked up Brida and The Secret over the weekend and just started with Brida-which I want to put up as ‘Reading’ and The Secret as Next read,Nicholas Sparks new one-The Lucky One and Thousand Splending Suns and My sister’s keeper on Wish list and then display them accordingly. How Do I Do It?

Someone tell me? Arch-fully? Sanju?

Dostana and some more – review

Watched it over this weekend – and its definitely worth seeing once -Oh! but if you are out looking for some serious (Gay) relationship advise or you like to watch ‘thought provoking’ films – this one’s soo not for you! Leave your brains behind at home and go watch – Its so much fun.

I thoroughly ENJOYED the movie. I don’t enjoy slap-stick comedy – the butt kicking,Ass kissing kind of jokes or in-your-face double meaning jokes – but this one doesn’t have any such thing. The dialogues and (sometimes and deliberate)over-the-top ‘gay’ acting by AB Baby (Ofcourse! Now I know you’ll all say im biased) is suuperb! So is John. Some dialogues are pun intended but they arent dirty, and instantly makes you laugh. I haven’t laughed so much in any movie in a very very long time.

And for those who like Priyanka – I guess they ran short of budget while designing her clothes and ofcourse John!! OH MY GOD!!! I didn’t know that heroes could carry off such teeny weeny clothes (ahem!). Oh! The only disappointment in the movie is Bomman Irani – He’s wasted and I didnt see any point in porraying him in a Gay role too.

For an easy going,fun filled 3 hours – Go Watch it!

[PS: talking of some more movies –
Golmal Returns – DON’T WATCH! Even if someone offers to pay you for it! Its pathetic – I couldn’t sit through 1/2 hour of the DVD that MIL had got.
Vantage Point – hubby’s been wanting to watch it and put it on DVD yesterday night-I thought I would probably sleep as soon as the movie began (have done it plenty of times) but no, it kept up its grip and I got so involved in it that I couldn’t sleep for almost an hour after it ended!Had to calm myself down and then sleep!Must watch thriller.
Devil Wears Prada – Had watched it on *Plus half and half but kept hearing about it that I got the VCD over this weekend. Meryl Streep – too good,watch if you like Chick Flicks
Mama Mia – Over the last weekend. Wow to Pierce Brosnan 😀 And Amazing acting by Meryl Streep-even at this age she can jump up and run around-cool! But the movie is a musical and drags-very slow,need to have patience not to forward the songs
Quantum Of Solace – Disappointed since there wasn’t much Gadgets in this one. Nothing much to look out for either.OK OK would be my take

Whew!Quite an impressive movie list over the last couple of weeks!-which does include Fashion too,by the way]

I saw the DVD of ‘The Painted Veil’ at the DVD shop yesterday and liked the synopsis given. Has anyone watched it? Reviews? Plan to get it over the next weekend.

What they DONT teach at Harvard…

Being professionals and highly qualified there is a minimum level of good behaviour expected from us. But what to do when:

– People refuse to give seat to a pregnant woman/an injured person/an aged person?
– After a smoke, they bite the common glass they drink water in? *gross* and the glass smells of cigarette smoke.
– After eating at the cafeteria,they just walk out without even pushing their chairs back in place-infact its a nuisance when the aisles are small- cant they realise that the next person wont be able to move?!!
– Leave plastic wrappers and covers and empty drinks carton in the bus. Would they do the same thing to their own swanky cars??
– Play loud music on the Ipods/mp3 players in confined spaces-lifts,bus,even office space-are they deaf? Or are they showing off?
– Finally-Mr/Ms Loud Speaker – nobody in the bus would be interested/ would be able to help you with your family problems,monetary problems or for that matter the profile of the guy your friend is getting married to! Do you even realise that people are getting disturbed by your loud conversation? Or worse-they are listening to your every word and smirking!

If this sounds like a rant – IT IS! And seriously – HOW DO you make these people realise atleast even one of these?

Well,after all these negatives let me say there are people who open the doors for ladies and wait for the lady to enter the lift first,and more seriously help people in trouble – and it feels good when it happens to you…

Of New Movies and Old Music – Edited

Off late there have been many movies that are attracting a lot of attention. Promos of ‘Rab Ne Banaadi jodi’ and Ghajini being the latest. And we watched ‘Fashion’ last week. Got off early from work (which was the BEST part of the evening!;-p)for the 7pm show. I had watched Madhur bhandarkar’s Page3 last and had liked it. So we went to watch ‘Fashion’ with some expectation.

Verdict? – It wasnt all that great.An easy half hour could’ve been edited out of the movie which might have made it more crisp, in my opinion. But we did like both Priyanka Chopra (Ofcourse she’s hubby’s fave-so no questions asked there!) she has done a good job and Kangana Ranaut too – she seems to be doing this drunk and depressed act one too many times-isnt it? and become a pro at it! Its time she does something else.

Now for the discussion on SRK in ‘Rab ne banadi jodi’ – the 3D picture at Forum reminded me of those Mithun chakraborti movies with those 16year old heroines – remember them? The Father-Daughter age pairing? Eeeesh! SRK CANNOT carry off those bespectacled look and the heroine IS too young for him! SRK or not-that picture put me off that movie – though I might retrace my words – coz its an Aditya Chopra film-which means mush mush and more mush.hmmmm Got some serious decision to make here – To Go OR Not To Go…

And for Ghajini-only one thing to say – AK looks toooo beefy and not great with all that body building for his height – anyone else thinks so too? I like him with his cute looks better 🙂 – the Pehela Nasha look… *sigh*.

The ONE movie I absolutely am waiting to watch is ‘Dostana’ – give me AB Baby anytime honey! anytime!!!! *grinnnnnn*.

And that was about movies – now for some music-been listening to this song on my Ipod (by the way, its my Bday gift from hubby :-D) and its stuck in my head at the moment… Here’s the link – Tu Is Tarah Se. Lovely lyrics,good music… melodious.

Difference of opinion on any of these – anyone???

[PS: Can someone plzzz teach me how to embed the video in here? – am lost!]


I was having similar discussion with the ladies in the family who are big AK/SRK fans and one of them commented that Abhishek Bachchan would also grow old and will have bags under his eyes. I agreed and here’s my response (this conversation was through mails):

I have also been a huge fan of AK – I’ve already mentioned. And for SRK – I’ve always liked the romance he brings onscreen – especially with Kajol/Rani.

But, if you see how they both look now – they are public figures and they should know what suits them and what doesnt. They have a huge fan following as well. Which is why I said maybe Aamir could’ve tuned down his ‘beefy’ muscled look – and worked on what would look better on his build and SRK on drawing the line about acting with heroines years younger than his age – the poster at PVR reminded me of Amitabh bachchan/mithun chakraborty who in a desperate act to revive their ‘hero’ careers acted with girls half their age – remember? But now that they’ve accepted their age they are getting roles in which they are performing extremely well – Mithun in Guru? AB in the latest row of movies… I liked SRK in Chak De India, Aamir in Taare Zameen Par – they are 2 exceptionally good actors, though their acting ways/methods might be different. They need to realise now what the crowd expects out of them.

And then finally for AB Baby 😀 – I agree he will also grow old someday, and I have no problems with it as long as he learns from other’s mistakes and takes up roles that will suit his age at that time. Like the Hollywood heroes who know how to act their age! For now – he’s great!]

Santosh!!! Thanks! Am trying to embed the video here: