Green Tea Effects

Oh yeah! Here it comes again- the weight issue! I just realised, that this is taking up quite some blogspace here these days. Maybe because I’ve finally decided to do something about it?

In the initial post, I wrote about how I didnt bother doing anything at all last year – only the intentions were good with no effort. Now, thats a line I should use in office for work too with some people I guess 😉

I did do a small start though-with green tea instead of coffee at work. Thanks to a dear friend N who decided to do that and get me hooked to it. Initially I began to add a cube of sugar to it but got shotdown by the girls who said its a waste to even drink it if Im going to make it so sweet-so gave up and started trying different flavours. Then Dad mentioned that having it first thing in the morning helps reduce cholestrol and belly fat, so started having it in the morning with a spoon of honey-I have now slowly graduated to not adding sugar but
still prefer to have it flavoured. Since I started in November, I’ve been searching for different flavours to try. Have loved the smell of Lemon and cinnamon so far though at the end of it-it all tastes the same. Another good thing that came out of it was, it forced me to have a big glass of water that I hardly used to drink otherwise.

My friend OnlySno, when she got back from her Christmas vacations told me very strongly to weigh myself once, since she felt I had lost weight. While I pooh-poohed the idea, it gave me a teeny-weeny hope and I did come home and weigh myself…Tadaaa! I have effectively
lost 1.5kgs over the last 2 months! Suuper-O-Suuuper!! 😀 I now have hope  that my weight can be budged and that has given me a new hope. I have finally started to work out in the mornings
at the office gym and making all those gym clothes I bought worthwhile.Its just been a week and Im not going to weigh myself just yet (Have hogged the Turkish sweets and liquer chocolates that brother has sent over the weekend and can feel all of that jiggling in my tummy and settling neatly on those ‘love handles’) but I do hope that I can loose the no. of
kgs that I want to before I travel – The incentive – to be able to wear all those clothes that I would love to wear during the summers there without being conscious of the unwanted bulges
😀 Crossing my fingers…


Have a Sweet Tooth?

Do you? I do. I LOOOVEEE Sweets 🙂 Loving sweets not just in sweet dishes or chocolates. I eat mostly anything with sugar added to it – idly, chappati, dosa, upma-with ghee and sugar or just sugar. I Love hot chappatis with jam. I eat coconut and ground nut with jaggery. I used to eat cold malai – taken from the top of the milk with sugar during summer holidays. I remember making ‘ice cream’ out of it and keeping it back in the fridge and savoring it little by little-brother and I. Oh yeah! he is a sweet lover too…Just today morning mom was remembering the time when he would eat the sakkare acchu one after the other or the times when we would finish dabba of raisins, no matter where she used to hide it. She used to always scold us saying there are ants with 2 legs in our home-they steal all my raisins and I never find them when I want to add it to something. And I love milk powder and milk maid too 🙂 Its sweet-aint it?

The husband though, is quite opposite-had to be right? He doesnt like sweets at all. He eats-if I force him to. Else-he is choosy or just tastes it. So, I was hoping that the son would be like me atleast in this-but alas! the Gods above refused to hear this request. Chutku hates sweets. It breaks my heart everytime to see him ‘thoo-ing’ anything remotely sweet. Mom made gulab jamoons a few months back and we gave it so much hype to Chuktu. He was running around the house saying he will eat Jamoon but one small bite-he didnt even swallow-he just spit it right there, shuddered, said “Chennilla” *not nice* with a scrunched up nose and walked off 😥 Boohooo. The husband who was watching the scene literally rolled on the floor laughing. Sad, really sad… But Chutku-the little monster loves spicy food. Especially what we call ‘haaLu-mooLu” in our home-all the chakkali, koDbaLe, mixtures-no matter how spicy it is, he will neatly keep his sippy next to him, sit down with the bowl full (yes, he insists that it be bowl-full) with a spoon and enjoys whatever it is that he is eating. With his eyes and nose watering, ear turning red and mouthful of water he says “Amma suuperaagide” 😛 to him.

To add salt to injury the other day, my aunt told me this superstition: kids who dont like sweets means they dont like their moms. So far-I know thats not true-my little one shows me that he loves me in innumerable ways-but still…boohooo again 😦

So-do you have a sweet tooth? Does your kid enjoy the same taste as you?

Tagged – If there was a Dup-Me…

Now everyone knows Im Rush-me (the one always in a hurry, hehe) so if there was a Dup-Me with whom I could share my tasks,here’s what I would make her do…

1. Ofcourse, go to work 🙂 while I stay at home with Chutku to play and spend quality time with him and be absolved of all working-mom guilt!

2. I would make Dup-Me study and write all those certification exams that Rush-Me is still hesitating to venture out and take…

3. Again, Dup-me would do all my boring chores like hanging wet clothes and folding dried clothes, cleaning the fridge,keeping vessels in their right places while I sit and watch TV, talk to hubby and parents,be with Chutku.

4. Oh! And how can I forget cooking? Dup-Me would cook all the yummy dishes (including baking yummy cakes) which I know are time consuming and so avoid cooking them…

5. All weekend pending tasks, groceries buying would be remembered/listed and shopped for by Dup-Me while Rush-Me would relax and read,browse,blog all day long 🙂 maybe even do some artsy-craftsy stuff…

6. Knowing that Dup-Me would also want to spend some time with Chutku, I would leave her to be with him everytime I wanted some me-time – be it random window shopping, a lunch with friends or a movie-dinner date with hubby 😉 or even a 10min peaceful bath time…

7. More than anything, I would leave Dup-Me knowing that she would take complete care of my little one without him missing me, while I go away guilt free on that 2 week Europe vacation in July 😉

Ah! There, I finally finish the tag that Scribby had tagged me to do eaons ago… (Ofcourse, the reminder came from RM)

And now I will tag Seema and Deeps to do it too…

Episode where I ditched both Father and Son

Everyday morning rush as usual. And we also dropped off bhaaji to the ILs place on the way since we started as early as 7.45 from home. And more than half way later – I realise that Hubby’s laptop bag is not in its usual place. Only then did he also realise that he has left it at home and it was already past 8.30 by then.

I began to get worked up because we had to turn back, go home and travel all the way to work again which means all the effort of waking up at 5.15am goes down the drain! And Not to talk about the attendance issue in the office. So, started an arguement and we thought about options – cant take Chutku in volvo at taht time since it will be crowded till the door, no autos available at that point..blah..blah..and then he said ‘get down – do what you want’.

And what did I do – I just got down, saw a volvo on the opposite side of the road. Ran across the street like I was running for the olympics and I even GOT THE BUS!! This is the most impulsive thing I’ve ever done. I didnt even bother to turn back and see if they were still there – yes, Chutku was still strapped to the car seat… And as I write this I have Evil laughter bubbling up – I ditched the Father to handle the son too,didnt look back and I didnt even know I had it in me to do something like this! Somewhere Im thinking – Serves him right to be so irresponsible but the heart is guilty for doing this – for leaving him to drive all the way with the little fellow all alone… And its about 1.5 hrs journey. Im now waiting for them to come to office and see what the effect has been…

So, What do you think? Have I been a Bad Wife/Mother today? And guess what – the little bugger didnt even realise that I’ve gotten out of the car! He was so involved in looking out the window!

Wish to win some…

Real Etsy, arty stuff…. From here –

Holly and Sally are giving away Return Gifts and I want them! And that too with the results being announced on Oct 2nd – Just a day after My Bday – can I expect to get the Bday gift? Wow!

Am keeping my fingers crossed AND hoping to win… Would be a surprise Bday gift for growing an year older – what an end to 30 it would be…

Like I said in thier comment –

At 31 Im thinking…
How ’bout a little experimenting?
What an end to 30
It would be…
For a sober dresser like me,
If I win all the goody!

Wonder where that silly attempt at poetry came from! :-O

A Woman’s Vanity

When you’re feeing fat and figureless – getting to work everyday is an exercise of its own, let along thinking about ‘dressing-up’ (‘presentable’ is enough) and then suddenly you have a spurt of energy one day and dress up to work for an ethnic day celebration in a simple saree and not much ado, boys who look at ‘girls’ (knowing you’re no longer one of them) come up to you and complement you saying you look good – It brings a smile and makes your day giving you confidence that you aren’t such a bad/ugly/ungainly sight either!

Ah! Vanity! – Thy name is Woman…

Oh! Here’s Wishing Everyone a Very Happy DeepawaLi! May this festival of lights bring lots of joy and happiness, health and wealth to everyone…

Life inside a car

As seen travelling to and from work:

1. A couple in the car arguing about something.
2. Another couple – both holding hands over the gear 🙂
3. A single man in the car – tapping his fingers to the music or talking over the handsfree.
4. A big shot in a swanky car with driver – on the laptop or talking on blackberry
5. A call center cab taking people back home- all dozing in the car
6. A call center cab with only driver – talking over the mobile and driving rash
7. A parent with a bored kid strapped in the front seat.
8. A busy body eating an apple/sandwich at the signal-probably having skipped a meal?
9. A confident lady driving a cool red Skoda Octavia (imagine me drooling over the car)
10. Finally, me me – sitting in a bus and observing all these and letting my imagination run wild – while my subjects are unaware ;-p

Observe anything else? Feel free to add in comments…

A Conversation Between Love and Anger

Love and Anger were having an arguement in my head:

Anger: Im so totally pissed off. He doesnt understand.You better stay in hiding until then.
Love: What is it do you want him to understand? Why should I hide?
Anger: He doesnt understand what I want.And if you show yourself to him he wont take me seriously.
Love: Have you told him what you want?
Anger: Why should I tell him everything? He knows me for so long now – he should know.
Love: He might know what’s on your mind.But did you tell him when and how you’ve planned?
Anger:When he knows what I want, then why cant he ask himself? – Why should I explicitly tell him all the time?
Love: You always tell him to express his thoughts – you cant read his mind – The same applies to him. How long are you going to stay angry?
Anger: I want to stay angry until he does what I want – without me having to be specific.
Love: Can you really do that? See how agitated he is – unable to read your mind – you tell him.
Anger: Let him be agitated. Let him think
Love: But this’ll end sooner if you tell him – You know he will do it for you.
Anger: I know he will do if I tell him but I want him to read my mind…
Love: So go tell him. You wont even let me talk about anything else with him.
Anger: I think I’ll go tell him. I cant stay angry with him for too long… You always overpower me. I dont like that.
Love: Im only reasoning with you – even you know how good he is to you.
Anger: Yeah yeah I’ll go tell him and get him to agree what I want. Until then you dont let yourself show.
Love: I cant hide for much longer.Better make it fast.
Anger: OK OK, Im going…told…He agreed…Im gone…He’s all your’s now…
Love:Ah! Finally, I can be myself now…

The Mosquito Byte…

Warning: Silly snippet that I composed at 4.30am on a mosquito filled morning. Killed around 10 mosquitoes that night and there were still some flying around – thats when these words just crossed my mind…

SoLLe, plz dont bite
U’ve already had your feast tonight…
Its Early in the morning
And my eyes are burning!
Oh! Dont make me weep,
let me go back to sleep
Go Away pleaaassseee
Let me sleep in peace…

Do Men get conscious?

When they are alone in a lift full of ladies?

When they are seen at lunch with 3 ladies and only man?

When they are waiting for their wife outside the beauty parlour?

When they are waiting for the wife to complete her any ‘personal’ shopping at a big mall?Especially if there are older women also who keep looking in his direction every second…

hmmmm??? I got the thought when the other day, a smart guy entered the lift in the last minute-and he was the only one among 5 ladies… He just continued to talk on his mobile,albeit the voice level did go down…

And yes-I know that Hubby gets embarassed for the last point there *eeesh* and he generally asks me to call him once my shopping is done,while he is browsing through the men’s clothes section…He absolutely refuses to wait for me anywhere near by either!