Weekend Trips with parents

I thought I will do individual posts on all the weekend trips we took with my parents, but I have been so swamped with work,home, Sam, being lazy😛 that I have been postponing the posts.

But for posterity, if I don’t put it here now, I might never put it up here, like what happened when we roamed around with the in-laws last year.

The idea was to cover as many places as possible before school starts. So we did Stroudsburg Sringeri Mutt, Niagara and Pittsburgh one weekend,taking a Friday off. We then did the Swami Narayan temple and our NJ – Edison, Oak Tree Road and Indian food of Paranthas, Long Branch beach one evening (I loved this place) , Atlantic City, New York City (Hop-On Hop-off is the best way while doing it with parents and walking is a problem), Statue of Liberty – all of these in a span of 3 weekends😀 My parents have never really done so much sight-seeing in months I guess. Hehe.

Some of the highlights were

  • The Cave of the winds that Sam liked so much that he kept going back under the waterfall to get wet again and again😀 I had forgotten what fun it is to be there
  • The Niagara fireworks
  • Long Branch beach – I loved the Pier Village right on the beach and all those shops, not many people but not too lonely either
  • Parents ready to weather a bit of rain to sit on top of the hop-on hop-off night tour because we told them that they can get the best views of lighted Manhattan from top
  • Packing our rice and chappatis and having satisfactory lunch and dinners not worrying about where to go for our veggie food
  • The US-Airforce band that played that Friday night at Atlantic City which was an unexpected bonus fun

Best of all is the satisfaction when Dad says that everything from packing food and finding places to eat, to all the places we saw, was very well organised and in seeing Mom and Dad satisfied with what we had planned😀

The First Sleepover Saga

I am wondering where to start this post from. Sam thinks he is now grown up to make his own decisions. He has been having play-dates with his friend (both going to grade 2 now) within the community almost 3 days every week and both kids are very comfortable in either home. But, they both need their mommies at night. Last week, suddenly this friend of Sam’s decided he wants to have a sleepover. The mommy said she is fine with it because she wants the kid to try it out.  Thinking that it is going to be here in our home, I agreed too. Come Monday, the friend chickened. Sam, who had gone to their house for a playdate decided he wants to stay over for the sleepover that night. I asked him to come home for sometime, change into his pajamas and take his toothbrush for the next morning. I also had to ask the daddy’s permission, guess what?! daddy, who is in Chicago, said ‘NO’! There began a huge tantrum “I want to do, what I want to do”, ” I have promised him that I will come and I will become bad if I don’t go” etc etc; Since I was comfortable with the family and knew he would be safe I thought it would be a good idea to try. Also, I wanted to show Sam that we trust him to take some decisions on his own now and this would be a good time, I thought. Also,  I secretly hoped that he will come back in the night😛

A few calls later, I managed to convince daddy that we should try. By then, the little monster who Mom had taken out walking (my parents are here, remember?) came back. When I told him that he can go, a whole new can of worries cropped up in the little head. Now, he panicked. He didn’t want to go. What if he got nightmares? What if he wanted to huggie-sleep? Can I also go with him for the sleep-over? Call and tell aunty that I don’t want to go…He got so worked up about it that he began to cry again! By then it was 8pm and I wanted to calm him. I told him to think about it while I fed him dinner – yes, I fed him dinner because he was so worked up and worried that I knew he wouldn’t eat – so much, that he said his tummy ached! It was in knots! I finally got him to calm down and began to feed him dinner and think about it, that I will call and cancel if he did not want to go even after dinner. Before dinner could end, they all came home to pick him up. Aunty, uncle and the friend! So, someone forgot all worries and got into the car happily. They all watched a movie until 12am and then apparently the worries began again. He made sure aunty slept next to him, held her hand, told her to not switch off the light and spoke to her until 1am before finally falling asleep.

Here I was, frantically messaging mommies asking if it was the right age to send him for a sleepover, sulking that he did not tell me good night and missing him all night and checking my phone every hour or 2 for messages or calls that might say they will drop him back home because he isn’t able to sleep😦 A sleepless night for me and a fun sleepover for him. He did not even want her to call me! Maybe because he was worried it will weaken him?

Time now, I realize that I begin to accept that I will have to start letting go!  He is ready, am I?




The Washington DC weekend

Yaay! My parents are here! They landed on Wednesday morning at JFK and the traffic was so bad that it took 2hrs just to get home from the airport. Gave them the one evening and night to sleep and rest. From Thursday, they have been taken to grocery shopping, swimming and karate.

We even finished a trip of Washington DC🙂 We started on Saturday morning and the traffic was so bad that a 3hrs drive took us 5 – we started at 8 and reached only by 1pm. We immediately got into the hop-on hop-off and got to the White House. More than clicking pics there, we sat in the park opposite, in the shade and had the lunch that I had packed. That gave us some energy to walk back to the bus stop and get to the next stop – Jefferson memorial. By the time we finished this and waited for the bus it was 4pm and 5pm was the last trip time. Mom was so exhausted that she asked “Do these memorials have ACs? ”😀 Lets go somewhere which has AC! So, we got back to the Air and Space Museum which was open until 7:30pm. While we walked around the museum, it began to pour outside – thunderstorm that lasted 2hrs. Which gave us time to even grab a quick bite at the food court. We managed to make my parents eat Cheese Burgers at McD too.

One of the best part of this trip was we met our Columbus friends – Anup and Lakshmi and their kids during the trip – they had booked the same hotel we had and so we got a chance to meet them once we checked into the hotel after 5+ yrs and the kids got to play together until 10pm by which time, the adults were exhausted.

Next morning, we met them again for breakfast, took a few pictures and then checked out. We parked the car again near L’Enfant Plaza and took the Hop-on hop-off to the remaining 3 memorials – FDR and MLK and finally Lincoln memorial. We looked for an Indian restaurant – Masala Art close by for a heavy Indian lunch and then drove straight back to reach home by 7:15pm.

Off to Niagara this weekend😀 I guess the next few posts will be all about travels with the parents. Tata for now, with some pictures:




The 4th of July weekend

For a change, we decided not to travel anywhere during this long weekend. So far, there hasn’t been a single long weekend that we have stayed home in NJ🙂 But what do we do 3 days? Like my mom says, looks like we DO have wheels in our feet…

We had to meet an uncle in Philly and return something that my FIL had borrowed while he was here. So, it gave us a reason to go to Philly. But driving all that distance just to visit someone didn’t seem too appealing. We decided to first visit the most talked about ‘Please Touch’ museum for kids.

We had a leisurely breakfast and started only by 10am. Reached the museum by 11:15. We expected crowds but there wasn’t any. As we entered, Sam saw the Roadside Attractions section filled with all types of vehicles. Needless to say, he just ran in and spent a considerable amount of time running around and trying to drive every vehicle on display. We then went down to the City Capers where he did his own shopping and then cooked ‘lunch’ for us. All the episodes of Food Network seems to have rubbed off😀 He totally loves cooking now. We then ambled along to Centennial Exploration which has a huge train structure and lots of tracks and engines for kids to build their own trains. While he happily sat down to build his own tracks and play, hubby and I looked around. Then came the turn of the carousel which he happily went into for the first time without either of us accompanying him. I enjoyed the mirrors and the maze at the Alice in wonderland section. A quick pizza lunch at the cafe and we were ready to go, while he wanted to explore the water and the boats and ‘launch rockets’. After another 30mins, it was still 2:30 and we had to meet the uncle only by 6pm. So, what do we do?

We  decided to pay a visit to the Philly Zoo as well. While the crowds were huge with 2 parking lots full and having heard so much about how big it is, we thought it would be a waste of $$ for us to be entering the zoo at 3pm which would close by 5pm. So, with a map in hand we decided to do away with the camel and pony rides and the carousel section. Then we walked around looking at the Rhinoceros (I felt sad for that lonely animal which had imaginary boundaries and was walking around within a small patch of land😦 ) Zebra, Giraffe, Bear, Leopard and 2 lions. It was then the Aviatory and the Reptiles section. We watched as the birds were fed and even took in a quick 15mins show on the migration of birds. By the time we were half way through the reptiles section looking at the snakes (eewww) the 5pm bell rang and Sam who was afraid of being locked up for the night with the reptiles dragged us and rushed out🙂 What actually surprised us was that people generally told us that we need a day each for the museum and the zoo which we covered in 1 day. I am still wondering what we missed! After a quick stop at the uncle’s place to return his stuff, we were back home with biryani for dinner😀

4th of July – I had been pestering hubby that we need to see the NYC-Macy’s fireworks which is said to be one of the top 10 4th of july fireworks in the country. With all the logistics of the crowd and the traffic, I had done the research and found that we could go to the Brooklyn Bridge Park pier 5 and park the car close by without having to drive through NYC. When I spoke about the plan to another friend, they decided to join us too. So, before traffic closed at 4pm, we had reached the parking garage that hubby had prebooked online, though we got lost a bit, and then walked to the Pier 5 soccer field. The 2 boys had a blast running around and playing soccer and we all ate the chappatis and Methi parathas with pickle for dinner at 7pm. Then, it began to rain! Pour! We ran to get some shelter at the only building we could see. We thankfully had a big picnic blanket we could spread and hold in front of us and it was thick enough to stop us and the kids from getting wet. At about 8:45 the rains stopped and as if on cue, the NJ fire works across the Hudson river began. For about 20mins and then we waited for 10 mins for the Macy’s Fire works to begin. It was totally worth it. Though it began to drizzle and got chilly, we enjoyed the complete fireworks. The only disappointment was that I could not get the pictures of  Manhattan during sunset that I was hoping to get a glimpse of. Luckily the traffic wasn’t bad either on the way back and though we had to wait for about 20mins for the traffic cops to clear the way, we were home by 11:30. A fireworks that went into the memories for rain.

After a weekend long post😀 leaving you with some pictures:





Schooling in America

With summer holidays starting, I have been thinking of how this past school year has been… so here’s one post on how we coped…

When it was decided that we are going to move, most everyone told me that there would be no issues with Sam learning there. The lessons would be taught slowly and there will be no homework and he will enjoy going to school.

With that thought process, when we came here and got him into school – he should have ideally been in kindergarten, he was not even 5 and half years. Unfortunately (but hubby thinks otherwise) since he had already completed 2 years of Pre-KG and LKG in India, the school said he need not attend kindergarten at all and it is fine for him to go to Grade-1. We asked in 2 different school districts and nearly 3-4 schools but they all said the same thing. At that point in time, I was also convinced that we should give this a try, if we go back in the next couple of years, he can repeat the same class and he should be good.

Then the school started. All was hunky-dory for the first 2 weeks and then home-work started coming in. Homework, that as per the teachers should not take more than 20 mins, the little fellow used to take nearly an hour. Then we got our first letter home – He is not up to the mark in reading. We immediately scheduled a meeting with the teacher.

Back in Bengalooru, he had begun to write a,b,c,d and read small 3 letter words but here the expectation was to read small books. He didn’t even know that the book had to always be read from page 1! He apparently started reading from page 5/6 when asked he said he knew the book had to be read from page 1 but the last page of that book had baby of a Kangaroo called Joey and his friend’s name is Joey, so he liked to read that page first! So the teacher suggested we put him in a special reading class – where he would be taken out of class for 30 mins along with other kids who weren’t good at reading and would be given individual attention. So, from there started the uphill climb on reading. He got Math – math that I had to understand how to do and then teach him. different methods and techniques – number line, vertical grid, dominoes, graphs, count by 5s etc etc; He also had issues with statement problems – the trouble with reading and understanding the English in the problem made him loose track of the problem itself. So, we had to help him understand that as well.

Along with these issues with understanding, he had issues with bullying too. Being new and a child with high energy levels which made him getup and answer out of turn etc; he was being bullied by a few kids. This continues even now, but we have told the teacher and it doesn’t seem to be bothering him as much as it used to. He would throw tantrums at home for no reason at all, hit us and scream and after talking to him or at bedtime the real reason for his upset would come out. That was the hardest part. Not only are the kids here physically more stronger, this kid being the youngest in class was much smaller than the rest of the them.

I really thought we should change the school (this is not the best school district) and maybe get him to repeat grade 1 with kids his age. I was (still am) completely fine with him repeating a class if he can get back his confident, happy self and not feel “not capable” of doing things – these were the exact words he uses. Despite all these, he loves going to school and never once has he said that he doesn’t want to go to school. Such resilience!

But over the last couple of months, since April, with soccer and swimming where he meets other kids from his school and class, he seems to be slowly feeling better about going to school and we are feeling better too. After the last PTM I am now trying to relax that knot in my stomach when I send him to school everyday.

With the summer reading program that his teacher thinks will help him, I just hope that the steep climb will steady out by the time Grade 2 starts and we can have a happy little trek🙂 through the year.

The Photograph Saga

Let’s start from the very beginning… Neither the hubby or me are very fond of taking pictures or being in pictures. Taking pictures for us has mostly been as an after thought. The hubby hates to ask someone else to take a picture of us, so most of our honeymoon pictures either has him or me😛 We perhaps have less than 10 pictures together, that too because by day 3 the driver realized that we wouldn’t ask him ourselves and he offered to take it.Many a times we let the rest of the group take the pictures and share them with us later. There was a time when I wanted us to go to a studio and get a picture taken and get it framed like how every one else does it. But again, hubby was never in favor of it – he cringes at the thought of having to ‘get dressed’ just for a studio picture. I thought things might change after the kid, but no, nada.

Off late, how ever, my thoughts are changing. We do not have a single picture of us as a family that I can frame. Nothing that I can hang on a wall or place on a table and make that space personal. And I’m beginning to feel, I want one. Fine, if we don’t go to a studio, I’m ok with that. Thank God for selfies, that I at least have a few pictures these days of the 3 of us together. But those are never frame worthy. I have begun to realize that these happy, fun moments are so fleeting that I better capture it somewhere that I can come back and smile about it later. When I come here and read the 6 yr old posts, see pictures of Sam as a baby, read his antics that I have almost forgotten, it makes my day🙂 Just like that, I want to capture more moments in pictures.

Life has currently given us opportunities to explore new places, experience new things, enjoy the awe of the little one for example when he sees One World Observatory and realizes that ‘this’ is what is a skyscraper that his teacher taught him about, a George Washington statue he recognizes… I want to capture them all. A moment in time that we enjoyed. Felt great about. Another 6-7 years later, when the kid is a teenager and he cribs that we didn’t take him anywhere – show this to him🙂 A day when I wear something new and feel confident about-I want that moment captured, just to think later – I did this too…

I still do not want a DSLR or the latest camera that makes me look like a million bucks or makes the scenery look like its out of a picture book or a movie. No, that’s not what I crave for. My mobile phone camera is good enough for me. I just want us, captured in that moment of time, in a happy frame of mind. It is not the joy of taking a superb, well thought out, enhanced picture, it is the joy of knowing that here it is…this fleeting moment- Ah! I gotcha! Captured!

Is that a problem? Is my thinking wrong? I am becoming a photography convert – anyone else cares to join me in this ‘capture the moment’ madness?

A fun day in NYC

As per tradition, we could not go out of town for the anniversary this year, so we decided we will spend a Saturday in New York City, doing  things that required quite a bit of walking around.

The first thing that got decided was where to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner🙂 Then for all the things we wanted to see. And the plan was obviously left to me.

We left home really early (for a Saturday morning) at 7:40 am and drove to New York. I had already booked a parking space very close to our dinner place near Times Square and the idea was to take the Metro around the city. Its always a challenge to drive around that city! I always feel hubby is so confident doing it, while I’m just lost looking everywhere and thinking “Now where do I look?!”

Thanks to Google Maps, even though I had downloaded the NYC Transit App on the phone, I never needed to use it. With the help of google maps we first got a train to Chelsea Market. Its an indoor food market filled with goodies. We walked around looking at things, taking a few pictures and there was hardly any crowd as it was still only 9:15 am. I opted for a Parisian Breakfast -toasted Baguettes with Apricot jelly and butter with coffee while the hubby and Sam (OK, the boy sounded so distant, so I’m renaming him Sam here! Go roll your eyes elsewhere!)  had a spinach and cheese sandwich/burger at Alex Guarnaschelli’s Amy’s Bread. Thus ensuring we break the fast, we started on the journey to see the Charging Bull. OMG! The crowd. Everyone wanted to touch the bull – Ahem! you know where! Someone even pushed Sam so hard that he just fell there right under the bull! I then took a photo op by holding the horns of the bull for financial luck *hopefully*😛 and we quickly left from there. Since we were in Wall Street we walked to see the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Hall before walking across the Trinity Church to catch the train to our next stop – Vikas Khanna’s Michellin Star Indian restaurant – Junoon. Good ambiance, great drinks, prompt service, food – did not match the hype or the expectation. We were hungry and the food was our hot Indian food – so hog, we did.

Post lunch, we walked along Madison Square Park and took the Metro to Rockefeller Center. A few pictures, Sam chasing the pigeons, of course buying Lego, hubby realized he was wearing the wrong shirt – so we popped into Banana Republic (which had a Dad’s sale going on) to change the shirt. We walked to see the Atlas holding the heavens sculpture and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and we were on 5th Avenue! I could not, not shop now. Could I? A been there, done that? So we dropped into Saks 5th Avenue where I got lured into getting “made up” and I also bought a lipstick that I probably would never use!! A friend had suggested that we try something at Magnolia Bakery and we did just that – Coconut Cake and Tea. Could not try more as we had plans for dinner and we were still full from lunch. We sat at a fountain right there, ate the cake while hubby had the tea (which by the way was sugarless and no other flavor except the tea).

Refreshed, we caught our last Metro for the day back to Times Square to get to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Some confusion regarding the tickets and a bit of running around, we did manage to go in. It was so much fun!😀 Sam loved the black hole and went in it 3 times! He also loved ‘climbing the Empire State Building’ and taking pictures with Bumble Bee🙂

We still had some time left before dinner, so we walked around Times Square and looked for a place to sit. Found a Star Bucks coffee, went in so Sam could rest his little legs a bit had a lemon Iced Tea, did some crowd watching and lights watching and the street performers’ antics all comfortably from inside Star Bucks. We then walked slowly towards our final point of interest – dinner!

We had booked dinner at The View. We went up a super fast elevator to the 48th floor just in time to see an awesome pink,orange and red sunset. It was just beautiful! Unfortunately though, we didn’t have any options for vegetarian food. We went one level up to the lounge and bar for the buffet which thankfully had a couple of veggie options, though everything was highly priced. I wish there were more veggie options, however I guess we payed more for the view! The floor of the restaurant revolves 360deg. once every hour. So we get to see the entire skyline of Manhattan and Brooklyn from the 48th floor, while sitting cozily inside and having lunch/dinner. By the time we finished dinner at 10 pm, Sam was asleep on his feet.🙂 We then quickly paid the check and walked to the car park which was just 2 mins away. Even at that time we saw queue of people waiting to get into a pub/restaurant or Theater. New York City was alive on Saturday night!

Thankfully, the weather Gods were in our favor with no rain and not too much sun. Sam did not throw any tantrums and walked all the way as much as we did – 28000 steps hubby’s phone app said. We drove out of the city and reached home happy, tired and completely satisfied with the day at 11:30 pm. A summer Saturday – well spent🙂





The Memorial Day Weekend

Before I forget, I want to post about the Memorial Day weekend outing we did with the family.  Just for DreamyMommy to let her know that I’m right here🙂

Hubby’s cousins – one from New Hampshire and the other from North Carolina and us from New Jersey (phew) decided to meet  for the Memorial Day weekend. As you can see the logistics of meeting for 3 days considering the distances/cost/driving was a challenge.

Since they both decided they would take the trouble of driving 6-8hrs we decided Pocono Mountains as the destination. Then began the  search for a house big enough to host 12 people! We decided on Arrowhead Lake and fortunately found a 5 bedroom house right on the beach and next to the play area.As we were driving the shortest distance (just about 2hrs) we decided to pick up the groceries and I also cooked a couple of side dishes to ease things a bit.

As expected the traffic was horrible on Friday and it took us more than 2 hrs to reach the house. To our disappointment the house was dusty😦 Like the hubby says for someone with a cleanliness ‘OCD’ like me, it immediately put me off. We wiped clean the kitchen counters,stove,microwave and the dining tables before we setup the kitchen. How ever the house was well stocked with 4-5 bicycles, 2 row boats and 2 kayaks. The little boy couldn’t resist the play area and off we went until sunset to spend the time at the beach and then took a small round on the bicycle. We lost track of time and the next thing we know its nearly 9pm! Thank God we had chappatis and what ever I had cooked so we had a quick dinner. By then the family with nearly 4yr old twins for whom it took all day Friday to drive – got home – hungry and exhausted! The twins and the parents had their dinner and we slept by 11:30pm.

On Saturday, we all had a quick breakfast and took the kids to the beach – they loved playing in the water while we all took turns in the row boat. Little boy and one of the twins gave us some funny moments while they kept falling off their wooden seats both times the boat started and the boat stopped. SIL and I laughed our heads off looking at their clumsiness – yes, bad mommies that we are. Im smiling even as Im writing this. It WAS funny watching them. At around noon we all had baths and lunch and waited for the 3rd family to join us. They reached by around 3pm – with loads of home made goodies *yummmm* my mouth waters even as I think of the masala puri and the koDbaLes they got. We had tea and coffee and every one went on another round of row boats while the kids went back into the lake water.

It was decided that we would have a grilled dinner. Panner/Bell Peppers/ Corn on Cob/Onions/harabhara kababs with sparkling Grape juice/beer and juice for the kids. Different yummy dinner. The boy, who until then hadn’t bothered with me, was exhausted and settled down on my lap to finish his dinner and told me  “amma, I want to do this again”. Eating grilled corn for dinner topped off the happiness of the day for him :-) While the twins were made to sleep, we all sat talking until nearly mid night and called it a day.

Sunday morning I woke up early, oh! I forgot to mention – we took a bedroom with a crib on the 2nd floor which had a huge sky light right on top of the bed. So at 5:30 am the sun streamed right into our eyes! So I was up and awake by 5:30/6 both days we stayed there! Thinking of making coffee, I went down to see that L&S were ready to head out  for a walk. I just slipped into my sandals and almost pushed them out of the house before my little monster could wake up and come down! *evil grin* What started as a walk ended up being a trek around the lake as we lost our way and the roads weren’t mapped on google maps. It was a solid 2hr walk and because I was evil and ran out in a pair of sandals, my feet hurt real bad by the time we reached home again. Got my punishment right there! We took the kids to the pool after that, had good lunch, more beach, play area, bath and grilling again for dinner. The ended with the adults and the little boy playing “Clue” a couple of times, lots of laughter and a lot of thanks to G&S sisters who took initiative and set up the game, explained the rules and put up with the adult non sense😛 Each time I meet these girls, I come away happily surprised with their amount of patience and the really indulged way they handle the kids. They got into the lake water beach for them, taught them to do cartwheels and somersaults, timed running races and still had the energy to stand at the grill for dinner!

Couldn’t believe that the 3 days just went by in a wink while the planning went on for weeks. Like the little boy said, I wish we could holiday forever!  Like all the kids, I didn’t want to go back home and wanted to stay in the ‘Holiday house’ but I couldn’t cry like they did and had to be adult about it😦

Since everyone else had long drives, they all left sooner while we ensured the house was clean and things back in place and decided to have lunch at the Sringeri Mutt close by to prolong the holiday a little bit more🙂 We reached home by 3pm – back to the cleaning and preparing for the next week.

I’m still looking at the photos and thinking it was so much fun…











Officially a boy!


Yup! That shaky tooth stuck on for 3 weeks before it decided to fall! That too on the way to soccer!

To mark the occasion, Chutku will henceforth be called “the boy” here. Guess its time to let go of the baby and embrace the boy, eh? 😚

Oh! Ofcourse the tooth fairy shall visit us tonight and give him something he likes 😇

Another thing to add to my Happy things for this week…

<PS: I realised I have a tag of Chutku and I want to continue to keep all of his stories under one tag>

Happy Thoughts and Happenings

The weekdays are hectic. Happy hectic I must say. Now that spring is here, activities have begun. And how! Activities, for the little boy, I mean. Mondays and Tuesdays are Karate, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are for Soccer practice and match, Fridays for swimming. That leaves us just 1 day Sunday to do anything else, which is mostly groceries and getting ready for the next week. But its a good way to spend the week than feeling depressed by the cold and the early nights. This last week, even I went for walk 2 days while the kid practiced soccer. Have aching thighs for proof!😀 OK on the unfit part, lets talk some other time.

In addition to this, we have planned a memorial day holiday with family at a lake house that I’m soo looking forward to…

The days are getting longer and the sun shines brightly. We even saw a double rainbow over our home last weekend – seems like a small thing, but it was so beautiful, felt refreshed and a new found respect for Mother Nature. I remembered the last time I saw a double rainbow was in Columbus,OH all those years ago! Really? Why don’t we see a full rainbow in Bangalore?

A mom at school told me that I look way younger than my age – she said I don’t look older than 30!😀 Considering I have a 6yr old!! That made my day…She also told me that her son always talks about mine and says he is his BFF because he is the only kid who doesn’t “tell” on him and is always ready to help him. Now that made me even happier! I had heard from the teacher that he never hurts/harms anyone and is always ready to help… but coming from another mom whose son has ADHD (she said so herself) and is always bullied in class – I’m proud that mine calls himself a friend and helps him. I hope the sensitivity remains.

Last but definitely not the least on the school front – we had a final PTM last friday and Im so relieved! The teacher was happy, said that considering he is the youngest in class and competing with children nearly an year older, he is doing great – he got 199 out of 200 words correct, enjoys his science class and is doing good with no issues in Math. For all the worries I had when the school began (fodder for another post :-)) I heaved a huge sigh of relief knowing that he has scaled up and the teacher is happy with him. She said, “he will sail through in the 2nd grade – he has really done well and if he was passing out of kindergarten he would have aced his class!” Ha! What more can a parent ask for? For this year, my year is made!😀

So what happy thoughts and things did you have this week?