Monday last we had a project party/team building – whatever and we decided that rather than going to a boring resort where people just split into groups and laze around we decided to try out this new thing – Paintball!

We did the booking in the last minute on Friday and though there were some in the group who were apprehensive we decided to try it out. After loads of dilly/dallying we finally reached the place at 1pm! Since all of us were hungry we had lunch at the Confident Cascade resort close by (which was a part of the package, by the way) and then went to the ‘Paintball Arena’.

The general rules were:
Split into 2 groups – I was made one team lead as me and another girl were making the most noise (Ha! Nothing new there, u say?). We were 18 so we split into teams of 9 – 1 red and one blue team.

Each of us are given 10 paintballs each and a helmet which we arent supposed to remove – eyes are the only place that can hurt if the ball hits/bursts. And colored vests to differentiate the teams(of course) and heavy GUNS!!! 🙂

Game 1: Kill everyone in the opposition team – meaning if they have color on them – anywhere on their body then they are considered dead! So at the end any team which has even a single person not hit will be the winner.

Game 2: Kill everyone in the opposing team AND get the team flag from their base camp to ours.

Then, the game began – lots of shouting/strategy-ing/screaming/shooting/running around – wow wow! It was simply great! I ‘killed’ 3 people 🙂 and by the end had also wasted more than 50% of the paintbullets in wrong aims! I believe game 1 lasted all of 15mins which seemed forever for most of us!

And then Game 2: That too I killed 2 people but couldnt get to the flag myself – though someone else did- and we won that too!!! Both games we won – that too with me being the leader AND the BESTEST part I never got hit!! 😀 So, that says something for my game plan – right??? 🙂 By the end of game 2 – which lasted some 1/2 hour we were all exhausted with the running around with those guns and helmets in the hot sun.

Despite the muscle cramps that lasted for 2-3 days – that was the only topic of conversation for the whole of last week. It gave us a chance at being kids again – playing ‘war’ with guns and paint pellets! And so many people to play with! 😉

It was great fun. Much much better than going to any resort. And definitely worth a try.Next time you have a team outing – check this out:


Ever seen that look…

On the face of a person getting off the bus after a long, hard day at work?

Noticed the smile when they see the spouse/friend waiting for them at the bus stop and how the face just lights-up pushing away all the fatigue and frustrations of work?

Or noticed how the eyes search for that 1 person who is supposed to be waiting and not yet there and the annoyance/irritation or even sadness close over the face when the eyes dont find that person?

Washington DC – The HOT HOT Trip

Wrote about Philly trip – So am just gonna continue here…

Since the unplanned trip was just not for us we decided to plan the Washington trip in advance before we decided to go…

Infact, we were unsure until the last minute that night whether we should go to New York or to Washington DC. We asked hubby’s uncle and aunt and they told us that there is lesser to see and in a smaller area in DC than in NY that made us decide on DC. So we took out the laptop, marked the places we wanted to see, checked out the hop-on, hop-off locations and starting points and food areas – making sure that we dont end up fighting again!!

And we started at 8am the next day to DC. It being a monday morning there was a lot of traffic on the way, we later got to know that since DC and Philly are so close by most people having homes in Philly and working in DC come home for the weekend and go back on monday mornings – so as luck would have it we reached Washington at 11.30ish and as instructed parked the car at the Grand Central train station-

which was the starting point for the hop-on hop-off tours.

It was I guess one of the HOTTEST days in the year and the heat was killing us! To top it off the tour started bang at noon. Since we started later than we had thought – we just had to grin and bear it…

We started with the parliament building and then did the rounds of all the monuments in that block – Lincoln memorial/Jefferson memorial/Washington Monument/Vietnam Memorial/World War II Memorial.

The only Smithsonian that we were interested in seeing was the Aerospace museum we happily spent 2 hours there – away from the heat
and also had cheese pizza inside – just so we could avoid the search for lunch in that hot sun.

Post lunch we went to Ford’s theater where Abraham Lincoln was shot.

There was a talk on the that episode where they showed us how it all happened. It was kind of exciting to be sitting at the same place and hearing about it – Hubby enjoyed it the best.

We also saw the famed cherry trees but we couldnt imagine the beauty of them in full bloom as the heat was too much for us to even think of cool spring then!

Last but not the least, we finally saw the White House,

which was a HUGE disappointment – though we were told that we would not be able to see anything -the place was so crowded and I believe there is another view point which was closed – so we only could see it from the fence.

So not much time spent there…

All in all we completed the tour of Washington DC in 5 hrs and back in Philly by dinner time.

And Oh yeah – I JUST have to say this – The people there were crazy. While hubby and me were sweating like pigs in that hot sun, drinking gallons of water and despite wearing caps were running for any shade or A/C bus when ever possible, we saw this guy – shirtless,short shorts,goggles Ipod and a water bottle stuck to the waist – guess what he was doing?!! He was jogging! :-O Seriously – why would anyone want to so desperately do any exercise? And that guy was stick thin!!!Now,What kind of a fetish is that?

Philadelphia – Completely unplanned trip…

Warning – Long long post

OK, this one was long long pending, so let me finish it off…

MILs sis lives in Philly and her daughter had her arengetaram while we were there. So, it became an obligation for us to attend it though – given a choice meaning if it were here we would’ve mostly just esacped while MIL and FIL attended it.

But we had no choice – so I took 2 days off after a big release and off we went. 7hours of drive all the way from Columbus and we made it just in time for the event. I had only met the aunt once during our wedding and none of the others so I was obviously very nervous and kind of prepared to be bored for the next couple of hours. BUT, we were very pleasantly surprised – we really enjoyed the program – it was simply awesome! I regretted the fact that I quit dancing years ago… hubby’s cousin just rocked!

Since I had taken 2 days off-we had a couple of choices to decide what place we could see – we chose to see Philly on the sunday and for the first time we decided to take it as it comes and not plan. And it turned out ot be a BIG disaster! It was sweltering HOT and we didnt know where to begin from – We saw the liberty bell

and a couple of statues

the memorial hall,downtown Philly-

everything that was within about 4-5 blocks. And then we didnt know what to do and we were hungryyy. We roamed around 1/2 hour just to get an Indian retaurant – got a BAD one and had something to fill out stomach and also the GPS stopped working – It just got soo confused that it just couldnt give us the right directions!!! So we had to get out of downtown and then decided to see the Fairmount Park. Unfortunately for us there was some kind of a religious gathering of all natives at the park that day and we seemed to be the only ones who dared enough to enter the park. We got so scared seeing all those men that we didnt even bother getting out of the car – we just drove right out of the park and decided to go to the zoo…

And here is the worst part – we missed the turning for the zoo and went right into a completely native american locality. All huge/ hefty black men with ulging biceps and tattoos and body piercing in all odd places – all of them barbequeing outside on the streets… Unfortunately I had read in a newspaper a few days before that there was some communal violence and killings and protests amongst the blacks in downtown Philly, that I totally panicked and made hubby panic too. All those men turned to give our car a look and that pushed us more to get out of that place – I dont even know if we broke any one-way rules that day – but we just didnt care – we went right past all those alleyways and didnt have the guts to stop and ask of directions – we didnt even pull down the windows of the car!!

We finally got to experience what people always told us – about the native americans there – though they really didnt do anything – really might be very ncie/very helpful people – but they looked so huge and scary that no one wants to go to them for any help…

Since the day wasnt working out well – we even fought that we hadnt planned for the trip and wasted a day and tired – we decided to just head back home and plan to go to Washington the next day…

Moral of the story – We both cant go on a trip – unplanned…The first and the last was Philly.

Washington in the next post…

Bachna Ye Haseeno…

Really – Watch out! Ranbhir Kapoor Rocks!

Very trendy outfits, good locales and beautiful heroines, pretty decent music –
Bachna ye haseeno – title song at the beginning of the movie is a good foot tapping number and Khuda jaane is good too – I liked the remixed version better though…

All in all – a good time pass though not a ‘must see’.

What was fun for me was the outing with all Hubby’s cousins – 10 of us – that was the best part…

Go watch – If you have nothing better to do!

Niagara Trip

A couple of weeks back a cousin wrote to say how she surprised her hubby by booking a trip to niagara and I realised I hadnt written about it at all…

So, here goes…

Anup and Lakshmi had just then shifted to Cleaveland from Columbus and they were staying at this hotel which had a huge hall – big enough for all of us (6 people) to fit in. He had been telling us to stop over for the night and it was just around 3-3.5 hrs from there to Niagara.

So, it was decided that over 1 weekend we would go and spend the weekend with them and also see Niagara. While everyone else left on a friday evening (its just about 2 hrs from Columbus to Cleaveland), me and hubby decided to leave early on saturday morning – as usual I had a production release that friday night and HAD to go to work. Hubby picked me up from office at 5.30 am and drove to Cleavland while I slept in the car for 1.5 hrs.

We reached by 7.30 and by 8 we started to Niagara. Rekha and Bindu with KK and Keerthi and Anup and Lakshmi in our car. We reached there by 11.30 and since everyone was hungry had lunch at the punjabi restaurant there and started to walk.

Since it was the 2nd trip for Anup and Lakshmi they knew where to go and what to do -so we had no problems with getting the tickets and standing in line for ‘Maid Of the Mist’ with our blue coats on.
We had to cross a small bridge and go down to the water – and we could see the replica of Stratosphere on the Canada side of the water falls.

Maid Of the Mist was fun. The boat goes almost right to the center of the Horseshoe

and we couldnt even see the rocks behind the white wall of water. The boat was bobbing in all that waves, we took some pictures and then we were back.

Then we had to wait and wait for the ‘Cave of Winds’ at 3.30 – in yellow coats this time. The queue was looong and it was swletering hot. We all had some ice creams and watched the numerous Indian who had got their Parents/In-Laws to see Niagara. It looked like we were in some place in India! That was when we thought that IF we had come back without seeing Niagara – people back home would’nt have shown much interest in what else we DID see there!!!

OK – Back to Cave of Winds. Amazing!it was absolutely an experience! While most people didnt go too close to the water, we like small kids just went and stood below that water falls, it was so loud and so rough – but none of us could resist. While poor kid Sona was petrified (KK/Keerthi’s 4 yr old daughter) we all carried/dragger her into the water too!! Screaming shouting we spent almost 45mins in that water and completely, dripping wet.

Thankfully Anup had told us to get another pair of clothing, which we changed into (thats one thing I really liked there- the rest rooms are so clean and big that we can change clothes there too!) and then we were told that we get very good chaats there. So, off we went – 8 Indians craving for some authentic Chaats! We found it, had masala puris and paani puris and went back to catch a place for the fire works and light show.

It all started at 7.30 pm ( I think) and went on till around 8.30 – 9 pm. The light drizzle did not dampen the spirits of hundreds of people sitting on the grass there waiting to watch the fire works.

By then we were all completely exhausted,Sona had gone to sleep and I was ready to drop off at any place I could sit! I hadnt slept the previous night as well thanks to my release at office. So we all carried Sona in turns and dragged our feet back to the punjabi restaurant for dinner. Most of us were too tired to eat anything and by 10pm we were back in the car and started back.

Thats about all I remember! The minute we started I was off to sleep. The next thing I remember is waking up in the morning on the floor next to hubby and hearing laughter and chatter aroung me. I was then told that we reached at 12am and that I had walked up myself and slept where ever I was at that moment- I dont remember a thing!!!

Well the next day we went to a temple and mall in Cleaveland, just roamed around/had fun/took pictures and were back by 7pm all set to go back to the dreaded work on monday and thinking… Another memorable weekend just flown by.