Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards-2011

Yippeee! Im on cloud-9, 7th heaven – call it whatever! One of my posts won the award for this post under the Senior Citizens category. And for a non-writer for me, who doesnt even blog everyday – this comes as high as an Oscar award for me! And am in awe of the others who won in this competition and hold them in high regard – their views on subjects have definitely broadened my horizons! I didnt even think when I sent my entry – that it would even get a mention but yippee! I WON! So what if its 1 measly post while my fave bloggers lke RM, Sangi have won many…
IHM is someone I’ve been reading since the time I started blogging but I never had the guts to go leave a comment. I alwasy felt that I was such a ‘frog in the well’ when there were so many things happening around me and I didnt even know about them. So, winning something at her place gives me a great high.
Check out the rest of the categories and the winners – winners of many posts too! (awesome posts and a lot of fodder for thinking):


And its another pleasure since GVjee plans to even make an e-book of all the winning posts!

This is what IHM has commented:

Congratulations πŸ™‚ This post in one of the winners of ‘Tejaswee Rao Blogging Awards – 2011’ (TRBA 2011). We would like to create an ebook with all the winning entries in 47 categories on Feminism and Gender Issues in India (and one category on Animals Rights). Please do let us know if you are fine with your winning post/s being included in this ebook. ( Please click here to let us know). on Nuclear families/Elder care and such matters


Books on my Wishlist

After yesterday’s post and reading SnS post on Reading, I thought maybe if I put my wish list here – I can both get reviews for these books as well as more books to add to my wish list. So, please suggest some more books or give me your feedback on the books as well.

Author – Jamila Gavin
3 Indian Godesses
3 Indian Princesses

The Good indian wife
The forbidden Daughter
Secret Daughter

Mein Kampf

Author – Indu Sudereshan
Shadow Princess
Twentieth Wife
Feast of Roses

My God is a woman

The food of love.
The Thirteenth Tale.

Chitra Diwakaruni Banerjee – Arranged Marriage.

These books are what I’ve read on other blogs or come highly recommended by friends. So , do add to this list for me…

The Long Happening Weekend…

Ohk! So I think I should start this weekend all the way as early as Thursday with Chutku’s Birthday party. Yeah, yeaa – there was a party and cake cutting in the office day care with 2 more girls who celebrated their birthdays a few days before his. So, there was this HUGE 5kg cake with Mickie,Minnie,Donald that the friends (moms of the other 2 girls) had ordered and the juice and hte balloons. All the arrangements were done by these 2 lovely ladies who spared me the effort of running around. At 3pm we met at the day care only to see that all the 3 Birthday babies were asleep peacefully. What do you know – they HAD to sleep only that day for so long na? So each mom woke up the child – I even woke him up with kisses and while the other 2 girls got up happily and got ready in new cothes this Lord and Master -unhappy with being woken up threw a tantrum to get into 1 T-shirt and suspenders! His caretaker asked me to leave and get things ready at the canteen where we were cutting the cake and she got him ready…

While everyone assembled at 3.15 at the canteen, our little monster decided he was unhappy and uncomfortable with the few people assembled and stuck to his Dad like glue – refused to cut the cake and was howling with tears and runny nose through out the ceremony. The 2 girls were grabbing the knife or eating directly from their hands the yummy cake while Hubby had to take the little fellow away and to soothe him. I tried feeding a bit of the cake and he just spit it right back into my hands! :-O The only thing he did have is a little bit of the juice that we had got to give to the team members of the other 2 mommies!!
Friday – On Tuesday, amidst all the hecticness (if there is such a word) Hubby got a call from Shopper’ Stop – to say that they were giving out Don 2 movie tickets at Forum for the Friday evening 6.45 show! πŸ˜€ So, Wednesday night hubby picked up the tickets along with free passes for pepsi and popcorn (ofcourse-one (rather hubby) cant watch a movie without these 2 must-haves na). Friday evening saw us hurry home in the holiday traffic, drop chutku home and rush to the theatre. We must’ve missed the first 10mins or so of the movie, but then its nothing really great to rave about. Ofcourse, we are cheap that ways – why leave free movie tickets? Even if you didnt want to really watch the movie… After all that popcorn and pepsi we werent really hungry and went to transit to eat something light for dinner. It was already 9.30pm and while I was looking around to catch a place for us – I happened to see the kids’ play area, went and sat there. Cant get the ‘Mommy’ out of me now, can I? We watched the little kids playing cars and slides and were thinking maybe we should take the little fellow there sometime…

Saturday – First day of the 3 day long weekend. Friends from US were here in Blore and were flying out that night – so we started early (9am) ,dropped mom to her office and drove all the way across the city to Vijayanagar to meet them. Their 3.5yrs old is sooo adorable. He doesnt like to hug,kiss girls or even talk to them itseems :-O So I had fun teasing him. Because he was older, he kept giving Chutku instructions like how he gets it – dont climb the stairs, dont touch the remote – small kids should not touch the camera – with wide eyes and finger waving – it was sooo adorable to watch that πŸ˜€  Im waiting for those pics that were clicked now…
We spent more time there than planned and on the way thankfully Chutku dozed off in the car. That gave me enough time to pick up my new clothes frm the tailor (planning to wear new clothes the whole next week :-)) and then went to do more shopping πŸ˜€
For the first time I had decided that I will not be taking any food from home for the little fellow-we will make him eat idly where ever we eat lunch. So, we went to a good restaurant and while the waiter got idly for the little fellow – he insisted that he wanted to eat it himself in spoon  ‘chuttu thinthi,poon thinthi’ *eye rolling*. I somehow managed to shove 1 idly inside while he dirtied the whole table and also managed to put some food inside ourselves too… The little fellow liked the lemon juice so much -especially drinking with straw that he had quite a bit and I let him be despite the runny nose…
After lunch we went curtain shopping -now that the house cleaning spree is done,we decided to buy new curtains to the living and dining rooms and we went shopping for that. Spent an hour at a local shop and did huge shopping for 9 curtains for 8K (Sangi – this one’s for you-need to know if Srirampuram is cheaper than this). I was so happy that I got what I want that I convinced hubby to take us to Corner House for ice cream. Also, thought that Chutku can have some Milk Shake there to compensate for the lack of lunch. He had a little bit of hubby’s litchie milk shake and while I took Apple Cake for his sake he didnt even smell it    😦 So I HAD to eat it-whether I liked it or not *Sigh* all the sacrifices for the child….
Sunday – I had planned and taken appointment at Lakme and after yummy brkfast that mom made I just rushed for a morning all for myself. Unfortunately my face is dried up so much that even the fruit massage has dried it up further and Im struggling now. Hubby’s laughing at me saying I looked ok before the parlor visit! 😦
Afternoon as planned (kinda a date with just hubby and me!) we went to Blossoms bookhouse thinking I will buy my list of Indu sundereshan and Chitra Diwakaruni but unfrotunately most Indian author books were out of stock 😦  Anyway -I still wanted to buy some bedtime story books for Chuktu (He’s ben asking for thathe (Kathe/Story) every night and since the stupid me has forgotten all those granma stories I bought some animal story book and aesop,panchatantra story books for him. Hubby picked up his David Baldacci’s (He’s gotten into this author mode and wants to collect all his books!) and Perry Masons while I picked up the usual Jodi Picoult,Nicholas Sparks and only 1 book – the Immortals of Meluha… that I really wanted and was in my list…
From there we went to Garuda Mall to check out for some place for dinner and sinc eHubby didnt want to eat the ‘same old North Indian’ we decided to eat Sizzlers at Kobe’ Sizzlers. We reached the place at 6.45 and hubby got a brain wave that he wanted to see MI4 if we got the tickets. Lucky for him there was 1 show beginning at  6.50! and there were the last 2 tickets available – call that dumb luck! So, we first went to the movie(which is by far better than Don-2) and at 9.30pm went to Kobe. Thankfully it wasnt that crowded so we soon got a place to sit and we ordered yummy veg sizzler and even yummier sizzling chocolate brownie *sluurrrppp* we even went a step further with a glass of wine each! Talk to making the  most out of the opportunity!

Monday – was also a holiday for us. Yippeee! So, another thing to check off my to-do list – Chutku’s haircut. Which was a nightmare. He cried and twisted and turned and howled and called out to his Ajji who had accompanied – all the while I was holding him tight in my arms. “Amma,please huggie, please onana (lets go), beda amma plz beda (no amma plz no),bhaya amma (scared)” he went on and on for the 5 mins of sheer torture for me. Poor fellow.Sigh! But cant be helped. His grandparents also bought him a tricycle for his birthday and we also did the weekly/monthly shopping – all accomplished before noon.Came home, had lunch and while Chutku slept I kept everything ready for the week. Got a call from Co-sis saying her family would be visiting us – made strawberry milkshake before they got home – which except for the little fellow (chenna illa – not nice!) everyone drank with relish… By the time they left – my brother and SIL came (who are going to stay with us this whole week) and the day ended with me going up to sleep and kathe for the little one while they all sat chatting 😦 *sigh* again, the sacrifices one has to make for the child…

Whew! There ends my weekend updates πŸ˜€ RM – I think I beat you with such a long post this time πŸ˜›

Friday Fun – The Dad’s Birthday letter to the son

Dearest Son,

It seems a little surreal to me that as I write this letter to you, a year has already passed since your first birthday and a year since I wrote a letter to you for the first time. The past 12 months have just been a blur and I wonder sometimes at what travels faster—time or the rate at which you are growing.

When I started penning this letter, I did not know where to start from so let me start by first telling you that I am your biggest fan. For all the talk of how challenging you can be, how mischievous, how demanding, I want to take this opportunity on your second birthday to tell you that you are absolutely perfect. Exactly as you are. Let there be no doubt about it, son.

Its fascinating to observe the different facets of your personality so clearly visible right now. You are wild, tempestuous, and mischievous. You are intent, self-sufficient, determined. You know just what you want out of each and every moment of life, and you nearly always seem to get it. I am in awe of you, sonny boy. You are goofy, independent, curious, loving, dramatic, intelligent. All the joy in our home stems from you son. You are our greatest joy, our proudest accomplishment to date. Your mother is constantly amazed by you and completely enamored.

I just love the way you keep calling Amma Amma for everything. Amma….see this, Amma….see that. It literally is a chant which turns into a yell if she does not respond. And Amma being the wonderful soul she is, always responds…almost always. There are obviously a lot of life lessons I intend to teach you but the first and foremost thing is respect for your mother being one of most important ones. I can’t even begin to explain the sacrifices she has made for you, both before and after you were born.

I love the way you are going about discovering this world through your eyes and that is something I will never stop you from. Discover the world, dream….dream big because only if you dream big will you be able to experience life to the fullest. We might not be able to achieve everything we dream about but atleast we can attempt to make it a reality. As your father I hope to resist the temptation of dreaming for you because that isn’t fair to you. This is your life and I want you to live it for youself, be the man you are destined to become by following the passions that drive you. And though you may not have the same dreams as me, I do hope that you can learn from the mistakes I have made.

There are so many things I want to pen down that if I do so, this letter might just go on and on. Let me conclude by saying that I was fortunate to experience rebirth in my life, with your birth. The past two years have easily been the most exciting and rewarding of my life and I have you to thank for it.

And so it is with this renewed happiness that I wish you a happy second birthday little man. Your mother and I love you even more than we ever could have thought possible. I hope that your mother and I always make it known to you that you are the most precious thing we have. I hope that you always know how much we want for you and that we will go to the ends of the earth to provide for you. You are basically one heart pumping away in two souls. Love you Son.

Happy Birth(Cake) GunDaNNa.

Chutku-On your Second Birthday…

Chutku – was what I named you – when you were still inside. Because at every checkup the doc said – ‘Its a small baby’ when I didnt even know if you would be a boy or girl. And you were just 2.29kgs when you were born. No, I can never forget what everyone said “God, he has no fat in his body, its such a tiny child”. And then I vowed – nobody,just nobody is going to say anything negative about my Baby-EVER! Not when I can help it. Then began my struggle of getting you to optimum weight which still continues. But little did I realise that it was not just weight that I had to worry about. At every step there are comparisions – on our parenting or on you – your food,your sleep, your talk, your play, your eating habits – just about everything from everyone around us. Now, after 2 years, sweetheart – I care a lot less about what others have to say. What keeps me going is seeing what makes you happy and doing just that…

I know, my Love, you are a very bright child. A generally happy baby. And there – is another worry, worry that AM I a fit enough parent for you or not. If I can give you the exposure and atmosphere for you to bloom – to be your best. Whatever we’re doing, is it enough? Are we giving you the best opportunities, are we feeding you the best food, are we giving you the best exposure? One thing for sure little one, there is no dearth for love from us-your parents. That I can promise you. No matter how much or how many times we stumble in this path of parenthood – the only thing that will keep us from completely falling and failing is ‘You’. You are more than a responsibility, more than just our child. How can I explain that feeling? You are the centre of our lives now.

This birthday sweetheart, will bring in many more changes to your life. You will no longer be called a ‘Baby’ (No matter how much we want you to continue, to be a baby to us!) You are now a ‘toddler’. Whatever that means,Im not sure, but yes, we see a lot of changes in you – you’ve learnt a lot, you no longer want us for everything all the time, there are times you want to be left alone to play, sometimes you want us as your playthings, you have your own ideas and wants that you are slowly learning to express…The challenge is not in you doing all this-the challenge is for us to keep up with you! Another year of growing up has happened – and how much! in the last one year, you learnt to walk, talk, imitate,tease,run around,turn the house upside down. And the fun has just begun!

This year in terms of preparing to go to school – to potty train, to eat your own food,to maybe wear your own clothes! My God! These thoughts make me wonder – What else am I needed for then?! And then, I see you running to me with all the joy of seeing me and I completely loose all thoughts! Such high expectations of love and undoubted trust from you.

On your birthday – along with praying for your good health and happiness, Im praying that we grow up too – as a parent – to mature, to have more patience, to be able to understand and be the bestest parent your Dad and I can be to you. Bear with us while we grow up with you!

Happy Happy 2nd Birthday Chutku. May you always be healthy, be happy,give joy to others…

Love you loads,
Your Thampi Amma.

Different Day yesterday-‘Hatke’ from Routine

Want to log this in for posterity.

The last weekend, Hubby had been to Mangalore with his school friends to attend a wedding. And he broke his right thumb at the beach! *rolls eyes* And so, over the past couple of days we have been visiting orthopedic doctors near the office to see if a hard plaster of paris bandage is required or just a removable split is sufficient. Well, we were told that it would cost a bomb! 40K nearly to get a small surgery for that finger which shocked us. So, we decided to taka a second opinion…

For that second opinion we had to go to what we call the south center of the city where most of the family stays. We started early from office, reached home by 5.30 (which we couldnt believe!) dropped Chuktu there with parents and rushed to the hospital – guess what – Hatke 1: we went on the 2 wheeler πŸ™‚ Hatke 2: I drove the 2 wheeler with Hubby as pillion rider. Wow! I was driving after so many years that it was like I had wings!! πŸ˜€ And I was feeling all nice that *I* could be of some help to the hubby. Ofcourse, all the time also grumbing that if only he had let me practice enough of the car driving we could’ve gone by car itself…

Thankfully, the doctor there said that the temporary split is sufficient and he can even drive as long as he doesnt strain the finger too much! Ah! Thank God for small Mercies… Anyway, since that consultation got over soon and we didnt have Chutku with us, we decided to freak out πŸ™‚ Hubby’s cousin and wife just returned from UK after 1.5 yrs yesterday and she is carrying too – so I had this urge to meet her… So, we called them and went to meet them at their place which was quite close by. So, Hatke 3: Yes, she is hubby’s cousin’s wife but then she’s more my friend. All of this generation DILs and daughters of the family have our own yahoo group where we ‘talk’ regularly – so we are all more friends than SILs and co-sisters…
We stayed at their place for about 20mins and then started from there giving them a reason that we needed to rush home. As we walked out Hubby realised that his goggles were at another cousin’s place who lived about 5mins away from where we were. So, Hatke 4: We went to the second house too… What’s hatke?- After Chuktu, we are so tuned to just going to 1 destination that we had forgotten what it was to visit so many houses! This is the house of cousins with whom we had gone on the heritage trip.Needless to say that Im close to that co-sis also… So, they gave us some yummy Thalipeet to eat and then we decided enough is enough, it was already 8pm and we should hurry home now…

Aha! Hatke 5: We decided to visit another one of his uncles whose house falls on the way! In all, we visited all my FILs sister and brother’s house except 1 and the reason being that we will be meeting at their place this time for the new year’s! So, at 8.30 we parked in front of his Chikkappa’s house, made them open the gate and door locks which they had just then closed (Who wil visit us on a weekday at 8.30?) ate yummy plum cake at their home and then by the time we reached home it was 9.30pm πŸ™‚

In-between, I called Dad and he asked if we didnt have to come to work today πŸ˜€ we were roaming around like it was weekend!

Finally Hatke 6: Chutku asked about a 100times where we were, then himself said “Appa Abbu, Kallu mele tum” (Appa hurt, fell on stone) consoled himself and went to sleep peacefully next to Thatha without a whimper πŸ˜€ Bestest Hatke!!!

At the end of the day – I was still so full of energy thanks to the break in the monotony, that I changed bedsheets at 10.30 in the night – just because…

Friday Fun – The last of the series

Some more Car tales:

He has now figured out which is the AC button.So, the other day morning he says-Appa, thumba thun appa, AC on maadu!! And Hubby just acts like he pressed the AC button and what do we know-Appa, AC on maadu (in a higher pitch) and though hubby says he has done it the little fellow is not convinced. He bends as much as he can, puts his hand near the AC vent(yeah! I taught him that) and checks for the cool air and then checks for the green AC light on the dash board-Appa, AC illa, On Maadu. This time around there was no fooling him. We HAD to switch the AC on! :-O
I was trying to put his topi on his head-imagine,Im sitting in the back seat and he is sitting strapped in the front seat and by mistake he turned and my finger poked his eye. I felt bad enough, said sorry,wiped the tears and *then* began the drama – “Appa, Amma Abbu,Appa, Chuttuuu aLu (cry),Atti maadu( hit her!)” He made it pretty clear to his Dad that I hurt him and made him cry so he should scold me. He sulked for quite a few mins when his Dad refused to hit/scold me and instead said “Paapa Amma,she didnt do it on purpose, see even she is crying” !!!
He has always been picking up on the vehicles on the road (Ofcourse because he IS on the road for nearly 3hrs everyday!) and can recognise all the vehicles. Now even the bus has sub categories-Volvo bus, red bus, mini bus and then bari bus (just) bus. What is bari bus? – A bus that is not  volvo,mini or school bus
πŸ˜€ And why is that-because when he was pointing to the regular BMTC buses and calling them volvo-we told him that its not a volvo but its a regular/normal bus-hence bari bus. πŸ˜€ Now how can we correct that logic?
We listen to radio in the car- and he tries to pick up the words and hum along. Usually the catch words like ‘Ole,Ole’ and ‘Chammak Challo’. Even the advertisements. He goes “Radiooo unnnn” πŸ™‚ And he also does little jigs with it – ask him to bummy shake and he shakes his diapered bum and he now moves his head up and down to kolaveri! :-O (Yeah! I know, but since he doesnt understand it,Im still ok with him listening to it one-off times)

The other day, hubby hadnt heard the kolaveri song and since we were stuck in a traffic jam, he decided to download it onto his phone and we heard it in the car. After that the little fellow wanted to listen to it once more and so kept trying to get the phone kept in hubby’s pocket. So, hubby changed the song and while I distracted the little fellow-he kept the phone on the dashboard behind the steering wheel. The next time Chutku put his hand inside the pocket and didnt find it hubby said “Kaaka ussshhhh” (the crow took it) and the little fellow immediately says “Kaaka usshh illa, pone alli,song alli” and points to the phone πŸ˜› The hubby now realises that its not at all easy to fool the little bugger πŸ˜€

OK, with this I think I will end the friday fun-Chutku series. I started this initially thinking that these days there are so many things he is learning and doing that I will document them and then without realising it went on for upto 2 months! With his Bday coming up next week-I think this was a nice round up to that πŸ™‚ Lets see if I can come up with a Bday post for him next week and end this here… For all of you (special mention to Seema-who mailed me asking for the friday fun post:-) ) Thanks a lot! for enjoying my son’s antics as much as me and along with me! πŸ˜€

The Chaotic Weekend…

This was one hectic weekend where I had no control over what was happening though as an after thought it was a very productive and enjoyable one!

I’ve been having a bout of real bad cold and congestion over the past couple of weeks which shows no signs of going. So, I’ve been sleeping with 2 pillows propped up to make breathing a little easy. And to top that one I had scheduled a long pending (since June!) FULL house cleaning spree because the husband promised to stay home and help me out. So, come saturday Im keeping a hanky to my nose, wheezing and running beind 3 men in different corners of the house and co-ordinating the cleaning – balcony,terrace,windows, rooms and attic whew! Thankfully, I had MIL,Dad and Hubby at home to take turns taking care of Chutku.

In all this drama I get calls on calls from my school friends who had decided that THAT saturday was the best muhurat for us to meet as one of them has come from US for a holiday. So they kept calling me since friday night asking me to join the for a long lunch which i refused. Then finally Hubby said “Go, meet them,I will handle the rest of the afternoon” It was literally a bout of fresh air! I immediately called them up, told them I cant join them for lunch but wil join them later, had bath and lunch and was planning to leave with a friend who was supposed to pick me up from the main road. Ah! But how could I forget the little guy-he clued in on my excitement (I think) and got cranky. Spilt rice on the floor which I cleaned up, didnt want Dad to put him to sleep-and was on my lap throwing a tantrum when my friend called to say that she is already almost at the pickup point! I patted with renewed vigor to put him to sleep, got ready and was out of the house in 10mins flat!

And boy! Was I glad! We 6 girls met at Wellington court on Brigade road (I hadnt been to MG/Bridage road in years) and made a hell of a lot of noise πŸ™‚ Talked,dreamed,discussed life and in general had a great time.( psst-something exciting brewing and im keeping my fingers crossed that it will work out, so Im not going to jinx it by saying it out loud :-D) We were there until 6 and then I got to see the total lunar eclipse on the way back home.

Sunday- The kitchen cleaning-all drawers removed,cleaned,papered took about a couple of hours in the morning and left over windows cleaning and sump cleaning. Between hubby and me I think we managed pretty decently  though we kept passing Chutku to one another saying we’d rather handle all the other work than handle him!! Thankfully he prefered Dad more yesterday (yippeee!) By the time the workers left at 4, I was still in the kitchen cleaning the stove and the counter and keeping the vessels back in place. My in-laws and parents returned from their respective functions-all tired. So while Hubby went to drop the in-laws back home I put my feet up for a few minutes and rested the aching legs and back. Then my parents had another reception to attend (God! These parents na – they attend EVERY function they get invited to, I sometimes am in awe of them and sometimes get irritated because they are already so tired, yet they want to go-are all parents like this?) they were very tired from the morning outing, asked us to join them for the reception which I refused. Then hubby comes to the kitchen and says “Lets go na, they look so tired, somedays it suddenly hits me that our parents are not young anymore-look at both sets today, lets take your parents to that reception…” Yeah, yeaa I know, he is more sensitive and ‘giving’ than I am most days 😦 So we get ready in a hurry, feed chutku and rush out of the house at 7.30. And surprise!! At the wedding (where we hardly knew a couple of people) while I was walking to get the plate for food a lady stops me and asks – Hey! Arent you RP? You studied in so-and-so school?” Im like-yeahhh…but Im sorry,Im not able to place you.She immediately says “Hey! Im V, I studied with you until 7th std” Then I recognised her, we spoke about where she is,where her sister is and what each one is doing, etc; And then she asks for a contact number-I’ve forgotten my mobile at home and just give her my e-mail ID and we part ways. I was so shocked to know that I havent changed much since school!! She told me so, I couldnt resist asking her how she recognised me.. Told mom also and she was also pleasantly surprised…Now I just hope she mails me and gets back in touch- another link to school…

Finally Chutku – Man! He embarassed us at the wedding BIG time. Went and stood in front of every person who was eating, stood watching them eat and kept asking “what is this”!! I kept asking him to say Namaste and then prying him from there!! :-O Dad and Mom were cool about it saying that all kids do that but every person in front of whom he stood was giving me weirs stares. I do feed him people 😦 still this nautanki!!

Friday Fun: Surprise Mamma – Im growing up!

Im surprised and amazed at his level of understanding concepts and how he applies it at the right moment:

The minute he sees a green signal he starts “Amma, oonnanna (hogona-lets go) amma,thun cheep, geen iight, amma, chanda maama, iLLiii (get down) ” I keep telling him that until the sun sleeps, chanda maama comes and we get the green signal we cant get down, cant go home – so the minute he notices that its become dark,sees the moon or the green light he asks me to get down from the bus!

And he can figure out which of the cross roads is ours – he waits until all the other cross roads are done and the screams ‘illi,illi’ (here, here) and then screams ‘mannneeeee’ (home) even before we stop in front of the house.

How he knows his different names:

Im taking this from Comfy’s post on names. I realised that I havent actually put all the names we call him. Now he knows who calls him what and when asked –

Pacchu thatha (My Dad): Thai th… (his name)

Ammamma: “Banguuu” Short form for Bangara (meaning Gold in kannada)

R Thatha (FIL): Tinku Paapa

Ajji: Calls him all God names: Krishna,Ganesha,Subrahmani…

Appa: GundaNNaaa

Amma: Chutttuuuu (Chutku ofcourse, though I call him a hundred other names like Chinna,Raja or sometimes nautanki, little monster – and he reacts to all of them with a hmmm?)

Context: When he asks for something that we are eating and its spicy/hot and I cannot give it to him – I tell him ‘Bisi’ (hot) or ‘Khaara’ (spicy) and tell him that he cannot eat it.

One evening,last week, after my parents returned from a wedding they had got puri unde-a laddoo made of puffed rice. I love it and wanting to see if Chutku will like it too – I gave a little to him. He loved it. Came back and asked me for more. I was so happy that I gave him the entire big laddoo and he ran away happily. A few minutes later after he had nibbled enough on that and lost interest,I asked him to give what was remaining back to me-His reaction “Beda Amma,khaara,Chuttu Thinthi” (No Amma,its spicy, Chutku eat) And my parents were laughing their head off while I was trying to put my dropped jaw back in place! How the little fellow made sense of the whole thing and how my own words came right back at me!

Oh! And he very well knows that all the used tumblers and plates to into the kitchen sink. So he keeps waiting for everyone to finish their coffee and comes and asks “aaitha” (Finished?) then takes the tumblers,runs to the kitchen sink and drops it so loud that it echoes around the house. Unfortunately if he gets the urge to put something in the sink and he doesnt get anything – he opens the drawer,icks up an cleaned and wiped vessel he can get his hands on and thump,thadak it goes into the kitchen sink 😦 – we will be forced to rinse/wash that all over again.

Hubby has thus named him “weapon of mass destruction”!

And oh! I spent a couple of days effort in teaching him sunday,monday and he now tells all the 7 days and by the time it comes to ‘thathaday’ his eyes are searching for me for approval and smile πŸ˜€ – And when hubby mentioned to a friend that Chutku can now tell A-Z,1-10,most english rhymes,days of the week the friend I believe said that his 3yr old daughter is now learning all this. And I was thinking of slowly introducing Shapes to him since he seems to be learning quite fast and interested too. its not that I make him sit with me and teach him-its just while playing that i show him something new and teach him something generally in the car/bus…

But now I wonder – Am I over doing it? Should I just let it be?

(Chutku says: Pic taken at a cousin’s birthday party while I was busy collecting the colorful thermocol balls)

Another weekend post-before the new weekend!

Ah! I finally have a new laptop and the config to be able to blog from work and thats the most happiest thing for me.

So, let me complete the post on weekend and the most important first blogger meet I attended. All thanks to Seema who first called me on Saturday morning and asked if I would be free for a get-together at her house on sunday afternoon. At that time I had nothing better to do and I was soo excited to meet other bloggers and the twins I just jumped at the chance and agreed. Even rushed to hubby and told him that he would have to chaffeur me and Chutku to Seema’s house – he asked “Where does she stay” and in all my excitement I hadnt bothered to ask her that! Duh! I just told him that she stays near the office and he just nodded his head and rushed to work…

Too many things came up between sat morning and sunday morning and so sunday morning we rushed to a wedding breakfast across the city to Rajajinagar. Had brkfast and came home to expect the agent with whom we had to discuss the retirement plan and education plan for chutku (Yeah, I know we are quite late with this 😦 ) All through the conversation with that man Chutku decided to be cranky and wanted to be rocked on my lap-so from 11.30 to 1pm I’ve kept him on my lap and rocked him while I Was busy discussing stuff like “What if I die?”

With my MIL calling us to join them for lunch aong with a few more of hubby’s cousins we rushed to my in-laws place at 2, had lunch there and then I called Seema to ask for directions to her house. And *then* came the surprise – They stay no where close to the office! And thinking that they did we had even agreed to drop Hubby’s cousins to their home near the office.So off we went all the way to Seemas house. In all this I had wanted to buy some girly stuff to Man/Tam which never happend (Che! I lost a chance 😦 ) on the way we just picked up some fruits for the girls and thankfully hubby had an idea of where their house is. So, we went close to their home,called Seema up and reached their house a full 1 hour later than scheduled at 5pm 😦

As our car reached their apartment I saw 2 ladies – 1 was Seema and the other was Garima I later realised and the 2 small heads-I began to show Chutku Mannu/Tammu. By the time we parked and went inside Chutku had asked a 100times Mannu/Tammu yelli πŸ˜€ And I was more excited than him to mind his questions πŸ™‚

We were welcomed with small screams from Mannu/Tammu and introductions were made – I realise now-Nobody introduced me to SS and Garima actually – I just sat down and guessed who is who. In all this commotion, Mannu got her books and began to teach me animals and birds and Chutku was so busy that he didnt even notice Mannu sitting on my lap. Seema rushed to the kitchen to complete the cutlets which sadly didnt come out to her liking and though I was tempted to tell her to give it as it was – I thought that would be too much of forthrightness!! So, she started doing papads,gave biscuits, brownie (yummmmm) and she told the story of the oven and was regretting it wasnt as she expected. The brownie was so so yummm I cant imagine how much more nice it would’ve been if it was as per her expectation! And Chutku all the while who was playing with a car – began to take all the plates from the kitchen counter – filled with papads and biscuits! My God! My heart was in my mouth all the while he was doing some mischief. He was so busy that he didnt notice at onepoint in time both Mannu and Tammu had sat on hubby’s lap each one teaching him somethiing – I wish Abbas has taken a pic of that πŸ˜€ He was even busy playing with their thythal (cycle) and wearing their cool goggles and we all had some fun at him πŸ™‚ We had some tea and during all this eating, no no call that stuffing our faces with the yummy stuff we forgot to talk! We just stood in the kitchen and spoke random stuff and soon Garima was dying to go home to her hubby “We only get the weekend na…” πŸ˜› As we got ready to leave – Chutku was the most reluctant to leave-he was having so much fun with mommy being in her own world and no one to say “dont do this,dont touch that” that we had to literally pry him from the cycle and get him into his Dad’s arms. Mannu/Tammu showed their Bullu and they also got ready to leave. Oh! In all these eating-I forgot that Seema also packed some Dahi vada and brownie for us to take home. Like they say in Kannada “Undu hoda, kondu hoda” – “He ate and he also took”. After Garima got down from the car near the bus stand Chutku kept asking ‘Aunty yelli?’ and he was so not convinced that SS was still in the car with us. SS and we had some more interestng conversation on wastage until we droppd her close to her home and only then did Chutku relaxed and slept in the car! Thank God for small mercies. We went home and ate the Brownie and Dahi Vada for dinner and thought what a lovely day for eating it had been πŸ˜€

Garima – What to tell? Man! she is so thin and she had the josh to travel so far-the only thing was she was already missing her hubby and wanted to rush back home πŸ˜€ And she has been kind enough to invite us to her home next…

SS – Like everyone else-I am awed by her big beautiful eyes. I even told her to put a profile pic of her eyes on the blog. They are so expresive,soft and they speak!

Seema – I know how good a cook she is and what a nice person she is-that I didnt hesitate to just talk non-stop with her from the moment I entered her home until we left! Thanks a lot for this first ice-breaker Seema! Seing Mannu-Tammu was like they sa “Mann to thandak mil gayi” – Ah! The girls are cuter than before and so much fun, so much energy! Its lovely to just be with them and not have to be distracted with other conversations – sadly that didnt happen with the limited time we had 😦 And Thanks to Abbas too! For making Hubby comfortable and God knows what the men spoke!

What I didnt like about the meet-Lack of time 😦 Serious lack of time coz we hardly spoke much. Especially since we were late I didnt get much time to spend with anyone and we just rushed through the conversation and eating. So next time around,we should plan to spend the whole day together. What say SS,Garima and Seema?