100 Happy Days: Day 53

Any day is always good when its a holiday and if its spent in good company it gets even better. The converstions never end, but we also managed to go to the ski area so the boys and S akka could do tubing while 3 ladies sipped on hot chocolate anx chatted away for nearly 3hrs. I was so bisy getting my fingers and toes frozen in sub-zero temperatures that I did not even take out my phone to click pictures. 

Now, while everyone is watching Ms. Marple I decided to come to bed with Sam and am feeling sleepy myself. 

Last day of the year tomorrow and I hope it will be equally fun filled day. 


100 Happy Days: Day 52

After thinking about going to this particular Mandir ever since ww shifted back to the east coast, we finally managed to visit today. Lunch at one of our old NJ haunts, Mithaas had our belly full for the long drive to NH for yet another cousins meet and to welcome the new year. Being on the east coast is a blessing in this way-we don’t have to spend a lonely weekend, if we don’t want to. 

The long drive was filled with tic-tac-toes and funny mouse and cat jokes, thanks to Sam reading Geronimo Stilton books. Here’s a couple for you- 

What does a cat tell when it sees something it likes?

What does a cat read first thing in the morning?

Think and tell me your answers 😉

Good night! 

100 Happy Days: Day 51

The day started off on a good note, Sam and me waking up with cuddles. We also made a deal that if I allow him to watch TV while he ate lunch, he would do his writing at 1pm. Once the writing was done, we watched Beauty and the Beast, that was on my list to watch with him since it came on Netflix. It’s been a good day 😊 

100 Happy Days: Day 49

This is what happened today…

Rockefeller centre Christmas tree and skating rink

Bryant Park skating rink

Saks 5th Avenue decorations. They also have a snow white themed window displays and a lights show every hour

Bryant Park Christmas Village

Finally another ✔ on the never ending list. But this was on the list for as long as I remember. We just decided to brave the -3/-5deg C temperature in NYC today. Been a long, freezing,tiring day but worth it. Good night.

100 Happy Days: Day 47 and Day 48

Merry Christmas! 

I have been so busy having fun that I completely forgot to update yesterday’s post here. So I consider putting this post a combination of 2 days and not cheating.

Cousins who could not drive on Saturday, drove all the way yesterday and we met them at Hershey sweet lights-a 2 mile drive through holiday lighting. We then came home, ate dinner and chatted until 10.30pm. The happy hours had begun! 

Today was very relaxed with Pani Puri and dosas for breakfast and bisi bele bhaat for lunch. Santa Clause for movie and loads and loads of conversation. I like chatting with cousin L because somewhere I feel our thoughts match. It’s surprising how alike we think. The 2 girls G and S-I bother them with every thing “current”. Talking to them gives me new perspectives on school and interaction with people here that helps me think about how we deal with Sam’s school troubles-be it academics or bullying. They are so soft spoken and I have never felt that as young adults they don’t fit in. They fit right in and I hope Sam grows up to be as accomodating and patient and friendly as them. They got their pet too, which is the most fun part. From being afraid of dogs to having this cuddly white fluffy dog walk around the house or carrying him, I feel I have come a long way. It definitely doesn’t mean I have lost my fear or dogs but I can confidently say I am not afraid of this little pet anymore. Infact, he makes me want to have a pet myself! Such a cutie pie he is. Take a look 👇

We did go out for a bit in the evening to see the downtown and then pick up dinner and we took him along, which is why he is all “dressed up” 😙

I wish this could last longer but then, tomorrow seems to be another exciting day. Oh wait! Its 12.01am, its tomorrow already!!

100 Happy Days: Day 46

Today did not pan out as planned. Weather playing spoil sport and our grand plans of meeting family in NYC did not work out. So, here we are, stuck at home, though a little disappointed (me) but otherwise having an unexpectedly relaxed day.

We were supposed to head out early in the morning and return with hubby’s cousin’s family so the house is clean, fridge stocked and none of the weekend activities pending that we usually do. Sam asked that we laze around in bed without getting up soon and we did just that, had a late breakfast. As a birthday present, the daddy has got him a soccer goal post that was set up in the basement and we all played for an hour hitting goals 🙂

These are the days when mom made gojjus come into picture. Just cook rice and mix the gojju and yummy lunch is ready. We watched Ittefaq movie and had lunch and now, as the hubby snores on the sofa, the little boy is playing Lego Pokemon that he got as a gift yesterday while I write this.

Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work for reasons beyond our control and we make alternative relaxed, family time adjustments 🙂

There is still a whole week left to plan NYC…

 ETA: added bonus-impromptu 25mins drive to see musical lights that I found on FB! Tuned into car radio, the frequency was given on the website, and enjoyes 15mins of musical lights. What amazes me is that it is available to home owners now and like I was telling hubby, the big commercial places like Disney and Hershey are forced to up their game.

100 Happy Days: Day 45

Ofcourse, today has to be the happiest day of this year for me. It’s Sam’s birthday. Every year we fool him by wishing Happy Birthday to each other and every year he screams “It’s MY birthday” 😁 and we explain how we became mom and dad too on this day…

It also happened to be his school christmas party to which I had volunteered and he was more excited about that when he woke up. The party was super fun for 2 hours but I also found new respect for the teachers who handle noisy kids not 1 or 2 but 22 on a daily basis. This is me, putting the reindeer horns on my head so the kids could throw the hoops around those horns 🤣 

The evening party was at a jump zone with 10 friends which was a super hit according to me. Why? Because the birthday boy is so exhausted that it took him less than 2 mins to fall asleep 😉

I am a happy mommy that all the planning and ordering gifts and sending evites went well and finally the birthday party is over! 

The letter to the boy is pending but he turns 8…so what to write? I have no words of wisdom right now and he is big now to coochie coo…The letter has to be a more calm and collected post for another day. 

Good night and Happy long weekend!

100 Happy Days: Day 43

I recieved this on whatsapp from a darling friend and she also wrote that it reminded her of me. Totally made my mundane day 😊

All I literally do is that! It has helped me innumerable times to just call a friend and vent, so I always tell my friends that I AM just a call away and here to hear. Sometimes that’s all one needs-there is no need for any discussions or solutions necessary.