Friday Fun – Latest Chutku Tales

I was telling him the story of the fox and sour grapes. After a couple of times-he says ‘Amma,grapes huLi (Sour) Sakkare haaki kodu” (Put sugar to it and give)!!! (Never ever has this idea crossed my mind!) —————————————————————————————————————————– There are some discussions on about Hubby having to go to Bombay for a few weeks sometime soon. (Its infact been going on since Jan now!) So I was mentioning that before he goes, I want to practise driving so that I can drive myself with Chutku and dont have to depend on the office transport like last time. Hubby and I were discussing this or the option of keeing a driver,expenses etc.This conversation was happening on the way back home in the car. The little fellow, strapped to his car seat pitches in with his 2 cents “Appa, Amma driving beda.Amma puttu paapa allava” (Let amma not drive,she is still a small baby na…) – My own words coming right back at me…Everyday he says atleast once that he wants to sit in the driver’s seat and drive and everytime I tell him that he can do it once he becomes as big as his appa and he is still a ‘puttu paapa’ (Small baby) now…


I have mentioned earlier about his fixation for Kolaveri and how he insists his Dad to put it on the phone.Now that fetish is gone but the latest is he sings all his rhymes that way too!

London bridge is falling downnn-aa…

Build it up with building blokchh-aaa…

Mary had a little lambbbb-aaa…. (sigh) He seems to be a step ahead of me all the time!


I’ve been trying to teach him Aa, Aaa, Ee, Eee and months of the year for a few weeks now and he misses it somewhere.But I sang Lakdi ki kaati and he picked up the whole song in just about a couple of days and repeated singing of about 20times maybe – how is that? Selective memory already? And a couple of days back there was ‘Utthe Sab ke kadam…” Coming on radio and I began to sing it along. And he made me repeat it continuously and trying to get the lyrics of that one too… He has grasped the words of ‘Teri meri prem kahaani’ and “teye vaashte meya ish shufiyaana meya isshufiyaana meya isshufianaaa” – love songs already?! :-O

What am I to do?!! Moral of the story – I need to sing even the months in a sing-song I think…It seems to register faster…


On a completely different note, Im in a very happy happy mood today. Want to put it for posterity here that there is a new member to the (husband’s) family! 🙂 A tiny little princess born late last night and surprised us all by arriving about 20days earlier than we were expecting! Everyone’s thrilled!! 😀 Saw the pictures of the little one all swaddled and looking teeny weeny. Cant wait till evening to meet her… And to celebrate I also wore the new ear-rings that Aparna from Women’s web has sent me – something that I would’nt have bought for myself because its quite a big hanging and everyone at work have been appreciating it. Adds to the joy of the day 😀


Guest Post – Rahul Dravid Retires…

Rahul Dravid retires!!! What does it mean to the great game of cricket, to world cricket, to Indian cricket in general and to the great Indian cricket fan in particular. I being a great fan of this game, am at a loss of words to describe the sense of loss I feel at this point in time.Cricket has lost one of its most faithful servants and the game will not be the same without Dravid walking in at that customary No.3 position that he has made his own over the course of a brilliant career.

 I was not a great Dravid fan when I started playing this game about 16 years back (incidentally the life-span of his career) and found him drab and boring and very conservative with his approach towards the game. But having grown up playing & watching & understanding this game over the years, I concede I was too naïve and dumb to have not followed this unassuming, sometimes shy but superlative intellectual and one of the great learners of the game more closely. A lot has been said about the gentleman he is, the dignity he has brought to the game and his grit and determination to battle it out in the middle, but I would say what enabled him to bring all this and more to the table was his quest for constant improvement. He never stopped being a student of the game even after he was inducted into the Cricket Hall of Fame. If this quality can be emulated by each one of us we would be better human-beings/individuals in all walks of life.

 I remember that fantastic day at Eden Gardens when he and Laxman pulled off the greatest come-from-behind victories of all times by batting out the entire day. Laxman, deservedly, was the man of the match but there were passages in that game when Dravid absorbed all the pressure from one end which allowed Laxman to play the way he wanted to. Infact I remember a feisty spell from Jason Gillespie that day (that would again go down as one of the greatest fast bowling, but luckless, exhibits of all times) and it was Dravid who took it on the chin and faced most of the deliveries (in some ways shielding Laxman). This ability of his, to absorb pressure and put a price tag on his wicket, has been a great contributor to the resurrection of India becoming a formidable force overseas. His game allowed others to play around him.

The golden period between 2001 and 2005 saw Dravid coming into his own and stamping his authority on both forms of the game thus enabling India to win games overseas. When he played for Kent in the English county championship, his teammates were stunned to see an overseas player so humble, unassuming and gentle without any airs that they had become accustomed to see in other overseas player. Magically this guy could transform himself into the fiercest competitor on the field of play and would give no quarters or ask for any.

 We all remember the 95 dogged runs he scored on his debut but the greatest thing that happened that day was this young man walking off after having nicked the ball ever so slightly to the wicket-keeper even without waiting for the umpire’s decision. Any lesser mortal would have atleast waited for the umpire to decide but not Dravid. That showed the stuff that he was made of and that day the world saw a gentleman cricketer’s birth.

No doubt that the void created by his exit cannot be filled in quick time, it is like this sentence which has encountered a comma but does not have anything succeeding it. Again the time of his retirement shows the selfless character he is because he had it in him to continue and contribute immensely to the team for atleast two more years but went out wanting to pave the way for youngsters. With great sacrifices come great opportunities and I hope the youngsters realize this and grab the opportunity that would make his sacrifice worth it.

Rahul Dravid, you will certainly be missed and the game is poorer by your exit but I just hope that the precedent that you have set will be carried forward and the baton that you have passed on will be carried forward with the same zeal, conviction, dedication, discipline and respect that you always showed to this great game of cricket. Thank you for entertaining us for 16 long years…… Will always remain a great fan of yours.


<PS: Written by the husband. Hence tagging it under borrowed words, for these are definitely not mine>

Weekend updates

Inspired by RM, I have begun to put up my weekend updates.Mostly, because our weekends are boring, I dont get enough stuff to put in here. But, this past weekend was pretty filled with activity.

Friday evening in-laws called us saying that they wanted to buy new clothes for Chuktu for the festival (Ugadi on 23rd March),so we went there directly from work. MIL knowing we would be hungry, had bought Akki rotti and some assorted sweets for us which we literally stuffed our faces with and then we went shopping. Bought 3 sets of summer t-shirts and shorts and a pair or shoes for him.His clothes begin to get shorter within 3 months and then there is a mad dash to buy new stuff for him 😦 And then, since he had been asking me for Gems every evening and I had been putting off buying it, I bought him a small packet. Oh! For the joy on his face – I could’ve bought him a 100 more like that! Pure excitement 🙂

We reached home by 8pm and then while Mom fed him dinner and our stomachs already bulging with the food we had at the in-laws, I called Scribby’s friend who had safely kept the gifts from her to Chutku and Mantam for over a month now 😦 So, we left home only by 9pm when the traffic would reduce,collected the gifts and were back home by 10.30.

Saturday morning,I had the most boring,irritating but must do task to complete -mainly going to the bank. It took me over an hour to just sit there and raise all the requests for whatever needed to be done and they have promised to get them all done by the end of this week.So, another visit due this saturday. Sigh. I HATE bank work.Anyway now the ball is in their court 🙂

Came home, and I think the heat got to me-so I went to sleep at 12 in the afternoon and slept until 1.By which time the little fellow had also had a ‘power-nap’ and woke up.Made lunch yummy by frying some rice happaLa (papad) and after eating stomach full again, the run behind the 2 little feet began to fill his stomach. Both hubby and I gave up after an hour by which time our stomachs were half empty while his was just half-full 😦 I just wiled the time away reading books and sorting stuff for the next week while hubby washed the car (after ages).We then decided we will go on a long drive-his cousin family and us, had a hurried lunch by 8.30. Packed up the little guy and started at 9. Wow! THIS was why this entire post came about actually! We went to this place called ‘Rasta’ on mysore road which is a couple of hours away from the City which is a 24hr coffee shop. Thru the journey thankfully Chuktu slept and so we chatted and listened to some good music. We reached the place to see the crowd all dressed hep while we were just casual 😦 That didnt deter us though. The interesting part was that he had hookahs there and we all wanted to try.After ensuring that the hookah was only steam and flavour and didnt contain any tobacco, we ordered one.I guess from the looks of us the waiter knew we were amateurs, so he asked us to take Mint flavour which was mild. When it came-we all waited to see who would take it first and my co-sis did.She did it so well and said her mouth smelled fresh that I grabbed it from her and sucked at the pipe (ofcourse we were given seperate filters for each of us). To my horror and the fun of others, the entire smoke or steam or whatever you call it-went directly into my nose and throat! making me cough with tears in my eyes 😦 Made a fool of myself again…though it was fun. We then ordered coffee and sandwiches, while niece had a smoothie which was yummy. Chutku (who woke up as soon as we reached the place) and she roamed around the place, drooling over the cakes display and the little fellow comes not to me or his Dad, goes directly to his Doddappa and says “Doddappa,alli happy birthday cake ide” (Happy B’day cake is there)” Clever little brat! We didnt buy him any at 12 in the night! but I did give him a few potato wedges and french fries after blotting out the extra oil on tissues…We didnt realise the time until it was 1 am! While we hurriedly paid the bill and started from there, the actual hep crowd was just entering the place and no tables were free… We dropped the cousins home and were back by 2.15. What an experience it was! 😀 We have decided to do this again…

Sunday-A pooja in aunt’s house for which the parents left really early.So, we went to the in-laws for breakfast and the intention of getting a hair-cut for the little fellow. But we relaxed so much that before we knew it, it was 10.30 and we had to rush back home to get ready and go to the pooja ourselves. Got ready in a hurry and reached the venue exactly at lunch time 😀 yeah, we have our priorities right! After that yummy lunch,driving back home in that hot-sun got to all of us and we slept -thankfully, Chutku slept too until 5.30 in the evening. While Hubby took him for a ride in the evening, I set everything ready for monday morning and tucked in early to bed by 9 to catch up on the lost saturday night sleep.


On a completely off-track:

This link on Rahul Dravid written by his wife 🙂 I just loved it…

The Tangible Benefis of Blogging

I have written before, all my reasons for blogging.Without adding too much more text – Let me put it here for posterity that this virtual world also makes way for plenty of new friendships which yield in tangible lovely gifts. And I have also posted about the Dove stuff I got for free.

Case in point #1: Scribby was in Blore way back in January and I kept calling her and making plans to meet her one sunday and at the last minute I had guests visiting so I sort of ditched her and didnt meet her.But that darling lady,God Bless her! got gifts for Chutku and Mantam (Im yet to ensure that it reaches their hands).To pick that up (I know, Im shameless that way-who lets go of a gift huh?)  I kept making plans with her friend who stays pretty close by and that didnt materialise until this friday evening. Rather late night! We troubled her friend and picked up the gift at 10pm and I couldnt wait until I reached home to see what she had sent – here’s what she has sent…

Noddy Bedtime stories and My First Words Books

Needless to say Chutku saw the First words book on sunday evening, grabbed it because it was so colorful,sat down on the floor and began asking “Amma, idenu? (what is this) Appa,Cycle” – So Scribby – all your fears of how he will like the book can now be rested completely. I’ve kept the book in the car and that will be his first training book now 🙂 

Case in point #2: Way back in Jan (Again, yeah) I got a mail from Women’s web stating that I had won their lucky draw (so what if it was the second list!) and if I sent them my address they would be sending me a list of gifts! Yippeeee!! Without wasting a minute I dashed off my address and then I get another mail apologising for the delay and Lo and Behold! Last thursday I get this DTDC courier delivered home 😀 And these are what I got from Women’s Web. Lovely na?

Lovely Pair of ear-rings, notebook made of hand-made paper, a car sticker,a lovely accessory long chain and a facemask. Can wait to try them all out now...I was like a small kid on Christmas Eve, grinning from ear to ear even before I opened the packet.

Case in point #3: And then finally, My Dream Canvas (Im a big-time lurker at these interior design blogs) is hosting this birthday give-away and all I had to do to participate is leave her a comment, follow her blog – which meant major delurking but WTH – if I end up getting that amazing white metal BharaNi it will be worth the delurking ;-P and ofcourse let my few readers also know about the give-away and Im letting you all know now (Though I selfishly hope that I win!)

So all of you who dont blog yet-go on and start writing – what are you waiting for?

Celebrating Me.


The contest on Women’s Web which very aptly speaks of Celebrating Myself has provided me with a platform to express and elaborate on a comment at IHM. What does it take for a woman to appreciate herself? That she is a great mother/wonderful wife/understanding friend? Does it need an action to prove that as woman Im proud of myself?

No individual – irrespective of gender can live in isolation. And I celebrate all these relationships in my life which encourage me and respect me for the individuality.

I am proud of myself because of the person I am today. I celebrate my wonderful parents who gave me encouragement and support to do anything I wanted, who instilled the confidence in me to be the person I am. I celebrate my husband who considers me to be an equal partner in life and that we need to strive together to make things work for us. I celebrate my in-laws for accepting me the way Iam,with all my faults and misgivings.I celebrate the arguements I have with the people around me- my parents/inlaws/husband because it gives me the clarity of thought and the fact that I can express myself the way I want to – though it might not be  agreeable to them. I celebrate my friendships which give me joy. I celebrate the love I get from all these relationships.

I celebrate myself for the freedom of thoughts and control of language I have to be able to let people know-I am ME.That I may not always be the epitome of sacrifice. Im a woman, an individual, my own person. My actions are based on what I think is right or wrong. I am a working mother, a wife, a home maker, a daugher, a sister, a friend. Im proud of each one of these relationships and they all form a part of me. Im proud that I can be my own person in each of these relationships without having to explain it to anyone or feel guilty about any of these roles. My looks dont define me, my thoughts and actions do.

Friday Fun – Chutku’s Observations at the farm stay

My previous post already gave enough details of the Ooty-Farm stay trip.But,ofcourse there *had* to be some entertainment from our little monster to add to the memories right? Right, so here they are…

After all the sighting of the elephant and excitement and how sad it was that their environment was being encroached and such conversations, the little fellow was playing with his Ajji and mock giving her coffee. So, the granny asked who else he will give the coffee to,expecting him to mention the grand dad and  the parents. He very promptly said he will give the coffee to the elephant in his little hands.Why? Because “Paapa,adu sun nalli stand maaditthu allava, ajji…”


He rides his cycle in circles in the living room at home for lack of better space. On the way to Ooty there were 36 hairpin bends and we were continuously going around them, so he says “Amma, Appa round round car driving…” 😛


And we saw quite a few deer. And he immediately related it to “Jinke Mari na…Ni Jinke Mari naa” A quite a popular song in Kannada that I sing for him when he is all excited and jumping around like deer (Jinke = deer)


He was so fascinated by the big slide there, that he was unwilling to come away from it at any point of time. It used to get pretty cold during evenings and this little monster, unmindful of the chill and the mist continued to slide. I had to literally haul him away from the slide and be the object of everyone’s attention at the resort for all the drama that he generated – Only because I wanted to put his coat and topi and change him into pant from the dirty shorts.

One for the stolen moment:

He was trying to chat up with another kid at the resort but it didnt look like that other kid’s parents were too happy about it. So, I just carried him away from there and went to the bonfire area where they had just started the music and  the fire and there wasnt anyone else. So, I began to hum and swirl carrying hm while he was looking around and getting rather worried about the fire. I stopped singing and explained that its OK and it wont hurt him, it is only to keep us all warm. Suddenly he says “Amma haadu heLu,dancu maadu” (Amma sing,dance) and put his head on my shoulder. It was our moment of peace under the stars, until the others began to join us.

Climbing the steps to the huge slide-Thrilling to slide down it 🙂
Looking at a sky full of stars...
Acting like reading - to avoid having lunch
Walking a tight rope and scared...

Eating is a big problem with him. And so it was over this trip too… On the way we had stopped at Cafe Coffee day and so didnt get any fresh food for him as lunch. He only had a milkshake  and an Amul Kool as lunch after 1 idly for brkfast. By the time we reached the resort, his voice had already changed and he still has horrible cold (thanks to all the sliding 24hrs too) and runny nose. No amount of cajoling,threatening – nothing worked during the stay there to eat. All the time, we fed him a Imagelittle bit of soup and some curd rice 😦 And I was consistently feeling guilty about it. Cornflakes,bread,omlette,rice and rasam,cut fruits – everything was unceremoniously spit without discretion 😦 How do I make this kid eat?!! Please help!

Dear Women Folks,

Is this correct English? I know my language skills are not the best, but coming from a very senior person in the organisation and an official mail wishing all women for Women’s day – I think this is a little embarassing…

Women – is plural on its own and so is Folk – which means people. And to top it, the word used in Folks – a word that doesnt exist in the language at all making  it completely incorrect english.

If this English irritated me then I would love to know what SnS and Pepper have to say to this? 🙂

Im just not able to let go of the language folly and consider only the message actually here. So, Happy Women’s Day, Ladies! And let everyday be a day of equality…

The Ooty-Destiny Farmstay Trip



What we did – Catch Fish. I got 1 while Hubby caught 2!

OK, now that you all saw the pictures and hopefully hovered the mouse on them to know what it was – I thought I will do a picture post (because I thought that would be better than me using the same old words like Awesome, and beautiful over and over again!)  on our Ooty trip we did a couple of weekends back. 3 days – 1 day to go, 1 day to stay at Destiny Farm stay and 1 day drive back. The roads were good until we reached Ooty but from there to the resort car park was bad. The car needed to be parked about 2kms away and from there they take us in a modified Army Truck and that is right through the forest and there is no road. Just the path made by the truck and thats the most bumpy ride I’ve ever had! But once we reached there it was all so cool and beautiful we forgot all about the ride in a few mins (until the morning when we had to ride back :-)) What we did there, and how it all was – is all in the pictures. Though I will just give a jist again:

Friday – We reached there only by 5 in the evening – having a relaxed breakfast and a quick lunch at Coffee Day (because we didnt find any hotels in Gundlupet). We only went to the bonfire for some time, I danced with the little fellow with the fire buring behind my back and cold wind on my face :-), had dinner and crashed.

Saturday – We went fishing – they have the chotu pond with fish, we catch and then we take pictures and they put the fish back in the pond 🙂 then we showed the little fellow Geese, cows and horses and let him run around sitting on the Jhoola or play the slide. In-Laws and Chutku had lunch in the room and after that Hubby and I decided to go for a ‘picnic by the lake’. They pitched a tent for us, got us the food from the resort and just let us be. We ate, read Archie comics until 4.30 and then took the hike back to the resort. Again went to the bonfire, played a little bit of carrom and TT and hit the bed early again.

Sunday – After an early breakfast and horse riding, we took the bumpy Army truck ride back to the parking lot and thinking we will go to the Elephant camp on the way near Mudumalai. Unfortunately the drive took so long that it was past 2pm by the time we reached Mudumalai and we knew that camp would be closed. So, I was super excited to see Elephants near the road itself. We slowed down, took pictures showed Chutku (I was more excited than him!) and drove back. A quick stop at Mysore for coffee in my Aunt’s house and we were back in Blore and at home by 9.30pm.

For anyone who wants to visit this place, here’s the link: 

Its a part of the little earth group who have about 4 properties around Ooty. Some tips would be:

1. This place is quite far from Ooty itself , so you will not be able to see Ooty as such.So go to this place only if you want to relax and have a ‘farm’ experience.

2. Since you cant go anywhere else, the food is over-rated. But its good too…

3. Ensure you reach the place by latest 5pm (when there’s still light). Searching for the place, the roads are all not very convenient in the dark as it is quite secluded.

PS: More on Chutku tales on Friday Fun 🙂

PPS: I thought I could add the story bits after every picture, but wordpress doesnt allow me to enter text between these pictures. Also, Im unable to make the pictures smaller 😦 Tips anyone?

Teri Meri Prem Kahaani- Telling the Parents and the rest of the story

Around the 3rd year of post graduation, pressure started building up to get me married. Not that my parents were anxious, but there was pressure from their aunts and cousins “She’s 22, its time you start searching, dont wait for too long to start searching atleast. Now, you have time to pick and choose etc etc;” And everytime my parents asked me I kept answering that I wanted to work and I didnt want to just get married and sit at home being someone’s wife and stand on my own feet. And Dad always agreed to it.Even today he says”Be independent”. But then during my final semester project work, there came a proposal from Dad’s favourite Aunt. A seemingly good proposal-the guy was 29/30,project manager in a reputed company, already well settled with his own car, only son, travelled occassionally onsite, young parents…” And Dad was lured. Apparently his older sister, married and settled in the USofA had come down and they wanted to meet me. It was a tuesday that Dad’s aunt called and told him these details and they were to come meet me on sunday. If all went well and the families and we(boy/girl) liked each other, they wanted to us to get engaged the next friday which happened to be Varalakshmi festival before the sister flew back to the US. They would wait until I finished my degree in the next 6 months for the wedding which apparently would give the boy and me some courtship time to understand each other. It all sounded wonderful to Dad.And all hell broke loose. I vehemently denied ‘seeing’ the boy. My Dad sent my passport size photo to the boy’family because they wanted a picture and I refused to oblige with getting one taken. This tug-of-war happened for 2 days. Then on thursday I was surprised to find Mom at home when I came home from college by lunch time. We had lunch and then Mom said she was unwell and went to sleep. After sometime she called me inside and said “Look, why dont you see this boy? Everything seems really good. The aunt would’nt have suggested it if she was not convinced and you know how much they all care about you. And your Appa is really keen that you see this boy.” I said” No Amma, he is already 30 and Im still 23-he is too old for me and I dont think I can be ‘friends’ with him. I want him to treat me like an equal,not like Im a little girl, and I want to work…”
“Dont give the excuse of age, R. It wont work. Its not a huge age difference either.The only way you can get away from this is by telling the truth. Do you have someone else in your mind? If you do, now is the right time to tell. Otherwise you have no choice but to see this guy and once they come home, there is no saying how things will move. If you are really serious about someone else then let me know right now, so I will talk to Appa about it….Are you interested in S? Tell me if I have understood you correctly. You are interested in S. Arent you?”
I almost fell off the bed “Amma, if you already knew, then why didnt you ask me before.”
“Then its true. I didnt want to put thoughts in your head,so I didnt ask you before.But tell me frankly now.”
“Yes, I am interested”
“OK, but what about him? Will his parents agree?”
“Yes, he only proposed and yes he says his parents will have no problem”
“Do they know about this?”
“Then will he be ready to tell them now? Before they come to see you on sunday? If his parents agree before that then we can stop this entire thing”

I just rushed out and called him with shivering hands telling him to tell his parents THAT night no matter what otherwise there is no gaurantee what would happen. He argued and then understood the situation and told me no matter what-there would be no phone call between us that evening…

I cried and by bed time, I was running a high temperature in fear of what would happen.Mom came in,gave me God’s prasadam before I slept,caressed my head and said “everything will be fine” and went out…

The next morning,on the way to college,I called him early from the phone booth.
“Hi, What happened”
“Good morning, what happened?”
“Whaat what happened!!(Imagine me screaming) did you tell your parents? What did they say?”
“All ok,not to worry”
“What all ok, tell me fast, I have to run for the bus! Tell me now!I have to tell at home today”
“I said, my parents are fine, they agreed to our relationship but no marriage until we get jobs obviously…”

Whew! I couldnt wait for the day to end and tell mom.I was waiting for her to come home from work and told her and granny that his parents were ok, obviously we need to wait until we both get jobs and they wouldnt mind my parents going and talking to them now.

Mom told Dad and that day evening we had a very long chat-Dad,Mom,Granny and me-all of them sitting on the Sofa and me in the center of the hall sitting down on the floor. Dad was obviously disappointed.He gave me a lot of facts on how it would be better if I married someone well settled-I could choose to work or not where as in this case I HAD to work for us to settle down and a lot of other things, that were practical and I accepted to all of them.He also said that it would not be easy to work and manage home and later on baby (ies) and take care of in-laws while I had a choice with all these if I settled down with some one else. At the end of it, I told him that this was the guy I saw I could live my life with-I already knew him,knew he didnt have any bad habits,knew he loved me enough to take care of me(Dad always said:Marry the person who loves you more, not the one you love-that way he/she will take more care of you out of love than out of duty and that matters more). I was willing to put more effort with finances by working all my life because we would be starting out life from scratch and together we would be able to make it work.That was his only major concern. Thankfully, it also probably helped that his Grandfather was well known doctor and my Grandfather was his friend-Granny knew about their family.After about a couple of hours,Dad said, ‘OK, if you are convinced that you are going to be happy with this boy, I have no problems-but be aware that you are responsible for the consequences of your decisions. Dont come back to me when the going gets tough and cry saying that I didnt warn you about this before. This is your own choice-atleast you will not blame me for not choosing the right person for you.”

After that, he cancelled the meeting with the other boy,spoke to my would-be FIL and arranged to meet them that sunday-friendship day :-). The parents met, spoke about this generation youngsters who choose their own partners and how all they can do is support us and also decided that they would not be telling anyone else in the family until we boht got jobs. The same evening my FIL realised that he hadnt seen me at all, so they called up, said they would be coming home to complete the ‘girl seeing’ and came home that evening while I was dressed in a salwar and was just the way I always am. No asking me to sing, no questionaire nothing. FIL just teased us that we (S and I) got a rare chance to meet each other on a sunday evening too! Both sets of parents told us to continue talking on the phone and meeting for short durations and that we had to keep them informed whenever we met outside-so they knew incase someone saw us. We both readily agreed, now that everything was sorted out!

Over the next few months, we both got jobs and the day I had to join my training in Chennai, I got the sad news of his Grand father’s demise. As a mark of respect for him, we decided to wait for the whole year and then get married. That was our courtship days in all glory 🙂 We got introduced to each other’s family, went out on dinner dates, shopping,movies…

Sigh! Those days. The wedding was planned after the year was up and went off without any hitch. Even today, at every cousin’s wedding – all my cousins remember the fun they had at mine.It was the first wedding in the family in our generation and Im glad that it is still remembered by the family fondly as much as I remember it…

And The End of fluttering Hearts and Rose tinted glasses…

Teri Meri Prem Kahaani- First Date and the days after…

Ofcourse, we didnt meet for the next few days until sunday-the day of the CAT exam. It was in Christ college and I told Mom that I had no clue how long I would take and that S had suggested we have lunch outside somewhere and Mom agreed. Quite obviously, most of my concentration during the exam was all on the lunch we were going to have rather than the exam itself (guilty, guilty). We finished exam at 12 and we both had our respective 2-wheelers-he had his Dad’s scooter and I had my Dad’s kinetic. And he suggested we go to Max on MG Road. And we went-on our respective vehicles. There was hardly anyone that sunday afternoon while we had burgers,milkshake and actually for the first time I hardly spoke. I was still wondering if all he said was true and what were we doing?! I was damn afraid! Then he said it again “I love you, I know you are worried but trust me this will work out”. And that made me relax (I know, how silly!) That was our first date…

We used to sit next to each other in all the movies we went to watch, I would go half hour early to college so I could spend more time with him, he would drop me home sometimes (and I would tell mom that he dropped me and she didnt say much though she didnt like it). But we would always go out to restaurants and movies in group – so even if someone did see us, it would only be in the group and never the 2 f us alone. But in the group, there began speculations and then I told my closest friend that he had proposed. She didnt like it one bit. I was guilty of hiding this from my parents ( I thought they didnt know) and she only made me feel much worse by telling me that I was cheating my parents and misusing their trust in me and for all I know, this might not work out. And I would feel like sh*t – until I spoke to him and he would always convince me that when the time came the parents would agree… We would convince them.

We then got into different colleges for post-graduation. Now, how would we meet? We would talk everyday over the phone-I remember when I became the rose queen in the first year, I came home and told my parents and the next thing I know, mom laughs and tells Dad “Ah! Now, I know, she will call up S and gloat and tell him the whole story” Go sit there in the living room and you will get more details than she told us! 😛 They were strict in a lot of ways-but now I realise they were quite cool too! Needless to say-that was exactly what I did.

All the crazy things I’ve done to meet him! We would meet at Satyam iWay for 40 mins. That was cheap and best and safe! We would both check our mails, chat there and see where we can apply for jobs and then if time permitted (I would have said, Im going to check my emails for an hour and had to be back within the hour-15mins here and there permitted) we would go to the usual hangout (we were nearly caught by mom and her collegues once!) and have a milkshake/coke and come home. There was another small restaurant closer home and I would wait for him there – there were no coffee day in those days and we both Hated meeting in parks-we thought it too shady and we never met alone for longer than an hour. There have been days with he would come to meet me at the temple I would go to every tuesday for a few mins. And then we would always meet as a gang of friends some evenings. He would come 12kms all the way in the pretext of meeting another guy who lived close by and would then casually come and meet me and my friend in the complex where we would go walking everyday 🙂 And there have been days when I’ve been crazy enough to drive all the way to the city outskirts nearly 15kms to his college just to pick him up. We also would meet at the Corner House at Carlton towers (the first corner house in Blore, I think) when I used to go for project work during the last 6 months of the PG project work.By about the 3rd year of the PG, we had become confident of our relationship (rather I had) and was ok with friends coming to know about us…

Final Episode: Telling the Parents and After…