100 Happy Days: Day 88

Today being President’s day, the school was closed. Sam and I had the whole day together. I am pleased that we did everything I had thought. A few games of Chowka Baara, he wanted to watch Emoji movie- which we did, all the homework including kannada writing, all done without any arguements. Icing on the cake-we did take out dinner so I didn’t have to cook. A good day with a few happy moments.


100 Happy Days: Day 85

Pani Puri dinner: 

Sam is home today with a bad cold and congestion in his throat but no fever. I decided that he wouldn’t go to school as he didn’t sleep well last night. So I cooked fresh for lunch, comfort food of saaru(rasam), rice and cabbage palya. The boy ate a hot lunch and then said “Amma, you know what, if everything in my nose and throat has to come out I have to eat something spicy, how about hot and spicy pani puri for dinner?” Hmmm… over the weekend when we went grocery shopping the husband refused to get the pani pooris when I had asked him so I said no to Sam. 

Well, what do you think happened? How could the loving Dad refuse his unwell son? Sam asked for it while hubby called on his way home, so the pooris along with some jalebis came home. 

We had an awesome hot and spicy pani puri for dinner with jalebis for dessert. This reminds me of pre Sam days when I used to have masala puri and pani puri for dinner to help with my sinus and phlegm 😁 My son seems to have understood at 8 what I understood at 18!  

100 Happy Days: Day 83

The school is closed today due to snow. Sam and I have a deal that all this week I am not telling him anything- to get ready, to do homework and all that, so all we have done is cuddle and hug and play with paper planes all day. The Dad is taking care of the homework part πŸ˜‰ 

We had a friend of Sam’s over for a playdate and I realised once more what an innocent this kid of mine is. He just got steamrolled by the other kid who only wanted to play the tab. I realised how much Sam wants to be with friends that he just becomes the follower even when he knows he is not getting his turn or the choices made are wrong. His empathy again-that kid was hungry after a game so Sam decided to give all his brownies until I could cook lunch.  Brownies are the only sweet that Sam enjoys but he said, Amma make brownies for me again but today give all of mine to him…

When I see other kids his age, I realise all the good things in my kid! His innocence, he doesn’t lie, he is upfront and doesn’t change his behaviour based on adult presence. I feel more love today πŸ˜™

100 Happy Days: Day 80

Plenty of things to be happy about today. 

a. I mentioned yesterday that I reapplied for a card that was considered lost despite multiple calls and queries. Finally I can convince myself that all those calls did not go waste. Guess what?!! Miracle of miracles, that card came home in priority mail today!!! I can finally go back to work, yaaay! 

On the flip side, we had to scramble to intercept the mail in which all my documents were sent yesterday! AND pay to stop that mail. If this is not fate playing, then what is it?

b. Smaller life’s moments of joy, having an impromptu dinner of dhabha style aloo parathas and drive around a new locality where I love to see all these new houses. 

c. Sam’s innocence – I always tell Sam that I will put him back in my tummy, so today while eating dinner I whispered to him that I felt so much love for him last night that I ate his right tiny toe. He just laughed, said I was joking and looked at me. I told him very seriously that it was true and that in the morning school hurry he might have not noticed it. The first thing he did as soon as we came home was to take off the shoe saying “NOW I will reallllly know if you ate it”. He was relieved to see it was still very much intact πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I am so glad that he has so much faith in his mom that he kind of believes what ever I say even though he understands its practically not possible. I love teasing him like this.

Blogathon 2018 – Day 23

Since there is nothing like a ‘happy moment’ today, I choose not to include it in the title as well as count today has one of the 100 days. But I’m determined about putting up the post for the blogathon πŸ™‚

I have mentioned here that we are generally behind the curve when it comes to buying electronics. Especially for Sam. I think and rethink before investing in a new device. I even bugged Maya about the reading device for the kids. Sam has an Amazon Fire on which he plays his games but even those are never paid ones. The ones that come free are all he gets. As for any homework online – it has to be done sitting at the dining table, on the laptop that we all use at home. We have been thinking of getting him an ipad but it has not come to materialize yet. Our thoughts – any way next year he will get the device from school.

Over 2 years now, Sam has been asking for an xbox. He plays whenever we go to any friends’ homes or he goes on playdates but somehow I have been very reluctant about buying one. Finally now I have given that as an incentive for summer vacations if the rest of the school year goes smoothly and he does well. I remember as kids my brother and I would get such ‘deals’. But the boy is (obviously) not happy. All his friends already have it and he does not like me putting such restrictions.

This has been a constant discussion between the husband and me as well. He would rather buy the moon if his son asked for it! Also, his argument is Sam might be ridiculed in school if he is not on par in technology with his friends. But, I argue that Sam knows how to play, he plays well (we saw him play just last week) and he gets so engrossed in it that heΒ  doesn’t realize how close to the screen he is. I am sure that setting up rules and time limits for the play would get harder than what it is now. I am not ready to take on another reason for argument with the kid.

Thankfully though, this time, hubby seems to have held back. We are now in this limbo with repeated discussions on why we can’t have an Xbox NOW and not having it until summer. I know I am living up to the mean mom name and hope that I am not making a mistake with the decision.

How do you handle the device invasion in your homes?

100 Happy Days: Day 70/ 17

8 inches snow means school closed. Sam and I spent a good hour in the patio playing in snow having a snowball fight and then built a snow mountain with skiiers too! Take a look

While I was mentally planning to play some board games with him to spend the afternoon, I got a message from one of his classmates’ mom for a playdate. The little fellow got ready in a jiffy and I also managed to ask him all his spellings for the test tomorrow AND write his 7sentences paragraph-call me a stubborn mommy! 

The rest of the day has just passed and I now finally have the Dan Brown’s latest in my hands. Please forgive me if I don’t pop in here for the next couple of days? 😁

100 Happy Days: Day 68/15

Happiest moment was playing with Sam for an hour in the afternoon – he taught me how to make glider planes with paper. I cajoled him to sit on my lap while he taught me and I kept bothering him with hugs and kisses until he finally said “Amma, you are not focused, I am not going to teach you” πŸ˜€ We spent a good afternoon laughing and doing funny things while husband slept after waking up to watch cricket match at 3:30 in the morning *Eye roll*

Though I woke up with determination to get all set for the weekΒ  today and finished bath and pooja first thing in the morning, the rest of the day was just as lazy as possible. I have the latest Sophie Kinsella – “My not so perfect life” and have been binge reading again.

How did you all spend the long weekend?


100 Happy Days: Day 65/12

Today was quite a warm day with rain before another freeze starts tomorrow. So, kids were out and one little girl came home to buy girl scout cookies. While I was writing our names and choosing what to buy, Sam decided he wants to pay for it with his piggy-bank money and ran up to get it. There-this is the empathy thing for me. An 8r old boy who does not get any pocket money, who has maybe 10$ in his piggy bank-the 50cents he has earned for cleaning his room or when his ammamma gave him a dollar or so, decides to pay for the girl scout cookies! My happy moment for the day.

We went to Sam’s class and our car battery died. We didn’t know what to do and asked another parent there who thankfully had not yet left and also had a jump start in his car and the car started. We had worn thin jackets because the weather was warm but as sunset, it was beginning to get cold. Our blessing for the day.

Finally, we came straight back home though our initial idea was to eat chaats for dinner. As an alternative, though, we made noodles with maggie masala for dinner watching Apollo-13 movie. Our peaceful moment of the day.

Good night!


100 Happy Days: Day 64/11

The fun part today was Sam understanding the hindi I spoke with hubby. 

The evening did not start great after Sam came home and I was giving the details to hubby after he returned which Sam completely understood. While he continued to do his homework, he said, “I know Appa, Amma told you all about my tantrum, I know she is asking you to tell me to not scream at her, she said ‘tum bolo’ meaning you tell”. The husband and I just exchanged a look that means we better learn some other language and FAST!  Not many days left for him to figure out everything!! 

Oh another mousy joke for you all:

Where does a mouse go to replace its lost tail? Ans: To a re-tail store πŸ˜†

ETA: I realised I hadn’t put the answers for the previous ones, so sorry Ani, here are the right answers:

What does a cat tell when it sees something it likes? – ‘purr’fect

What does a cat read first thing in the morning? – a ‘mews’paper

Oh! The joy of sharing silly pjs with the 8yr old who cracks up even before he completes the jokesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

100 Happy Days: Day 62/9

The much delayed birthday letter to Sam. I can’t have a happier moment than this one today.

My 8year old Chutku,

You have told me I can call you whatever I want “forever”. I don’t have to ever stop calling you all the silly names I do,sometimes meaningless for which you still answer.Β  Also, that I can always huggie you, no matter what, when. Remember, I am that meanest mommy in the whole world and I am going to keep you to it. Just you wait a couple more years and watch me hug you in front of that girl you have a crush on. THEN, let’s renegotiate πŸ™‚

I was talking to P aunty from NJ today and she said “Sam is such an innocent, sensitive boy”. I hear that from S aunty, R aunty and so many other aunties too! I feel happy and sad. Yes, you are very sensitive, you don’t like anyone getting hurt or feeling bad and you really are innocent. You don’t realize when someone is ignoring you, when someone doesn’t talk to you on purpose. You still want to be ‘best friends’ with them. Just a couple of days ago, you were ready to give up your monopoly card just because your appa faked a sad face saying he was loosing! We had to teach you that you don’t give up your place. You play to win. You play fair, play by the rules but don’t give up your position just because you think someone else will “feel bad”. Later that night your Appa and I both confessed to each other about feeling guilty for ‘corrupting’ you. For making you see the ways of the world, while for you everything is filled with empathy. Don’t let this empathy fade away. Ever.

I will never say it to you, little one, but you have had the toughest 2 years so far. You have had to adjust, readjust and re-readjust all over again. New school, new place,new friends 3 years in a row. Not at all an easy task. Yet, you have been up to the challenge. Not only do you convince yourself that its all going to be good, you convince me too. You have already asked me – where next? And I have told you maybe a new place again. You are ready to give up Karate, take up ice skating, start Taekwondo, pursue swimming – whatever we put you through to keep you occupied! and you make yourself enjoy them too. I have not seen such resilience in anyone else, Chutku. No one I know, so far, has taken in to so many changes without cribbing even a single time. You miss your friends sometimes, at odd times but you never ask to talk to them. You say “What should I talk to them? We all have new friends now.”

School hasn’t been easy either. In your earnest efforts to make new friends and prove yourself to the new teacher, you don’t realize that you might be putting yourself out too far. You want to help everyone in class, you want to answer every question, we have had to get you to calm down. However, academically I’m glad that you are doing well – it amazes me how you have taken to reading and you enjoy your mysteries and Geronimo Stiltons and bother us everyday with new mouse-y jokes πŸ˜€

How you argue with me! OMG! I get so tired trying to convince you of something. But IF I CAN convince you, then you are hooked, I don’t need to worry that you won’t wear your snowpants when its snowing again or keep a pillow on your leg and wear socks at night when it hurts. However, I am still struggling hard to convince you that moisturizing in winter is important.

What didn’t change these 2 years is your need to see amma as soon as you come home from school (which I will cherish for as long as it remains that way) your 2 episodes of TV as soon as you come home and something “yummy” to eat.

That’s a long letter so let me stop now. I will only end by saying, continue to keep your empathy and sensitivity and all the innocence for as long as you can and we will protect you from getting hurt for as long as we can. Stay safe and stay happy always, Chutku. Let me stop here and ask you something that I often ask “Will you get back into my tummy so I can keep you safe?” πŸ™‚

Love you forever,

Your Amma.