100 Happy Days: Day 38

What do I write? Should I write that I spent a productive 4.5hrs on the new painting? Or that it wasn’t all that great an evening with Sam and homework issues? Well better to end it with the happy note that Sam and I made up, hugged, read 2 chapters of his bedtime story (the boy reminded me on Monday that it has been a long time since I read him a bedtime story) and then at last, despite all the scolding and screaming of the evening, he hugs me and says “its ok Amma, I love you as much as I love ammamma” High praise indeed! 



I am not going to include this in 100 happy days, since there really isn’t anything “happy, happy” to write about, but the benefit of blogging daily is that I can still add a random post that I can check back to know what happened today. A virtual, public diary note.

Not a very good day, but definitely a small progress worth mentioning…we as a family started yoga for just 10 mins every morning, hoping that it will help Sam better focus through the day. I know its not an immediate effect, but I hope to keep it going for the next 6 months until summer holidays. Wish us luck! 

And I realised that I can still touch my toes without bending my knees!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ so that counts as happy, right?

100 Happy Days: Day 26

Just to give a quick background:

a. We watched Boss Baby over the weekend and we spoke aboutGod/Baby choosing its family 

b. Where ever we go, Sam takes lemonade and tends to like them but it tastes artificial to me,  so I promised him that I will make him lemonade at home-our traditional lemon juice “nimbe paanaka” as we call it.

Sam has not been having enough water and been complaining of tummy aches.I thought the best way to ensure that he drinks enough water is to make that lemonade I had promised him on sunday. As expected, he came home, saw the lemonade, excitedly added 3 cubes of ice to it and finished it all. So I grumbled that he makes me worry about him like I should worry about a 3yr old not drinking enough water and was kidding about how he should have chosen some other mommy so she could worry about him. He was joking around too and then suddenly comes up to me, hugs me and says “I wanted you to be my mommy, you are the best, I was watching from heaven and saw that you are the bestest mommy, so I chose you.” 

What can be better than this? From some days being the “meanest mom in the whole world” to being the bestest? ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜Ž

100 Happy Days: Day 16

One thing about writing these happy days every day is doing, is definitely making me think about all the smiles I got that day. For example, I can think of 3 things that made me simply happy.

a. While getting ready for school , we were talking about kids not having both their mom and dad live with them, or a kid in his class who stays with her grandparents because her parents are in the military etc; At the end, he says, my home will be where ever you are amma. Being with you makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ย  It was so heartfelt and sincere because he was feeling sad about all those kids who do not stay with their mommies.ย Is there an emoticon that shows me flying away in the sky?

b. He got a 9 on 12 on his smiley chart today which gave him TV access. Good, because we both watched the first half of Moana (yet again) and were laughing out loud (yet again) ๐Ÿ™‚

c. I stepped out today after being cooped in the house since we returned from NH on sunday. That too, because the boy insisted that he wanted to take a soft toy to school tomorrow because everyone else is getting theirs. We picked up a dinosaur soft toy and then the husband decided to leave me there to buy milk and other boring stuff while he took Sam to class. A blessing in disguise ๐Ÿ™‚ I got the chance to leisurely browse through every isle of the Christmas shop. I love this season of joy. The lights, the decorations and the colors – sometimes it could be repeat too but it always makes me smile and I enjoy this browsing.ย  I have already bought more than 100$ worth of Christmas toys for my Gombe habba next year – it was on my to-do list for a long time. ๐Ÿ˜€


100 Happy Days: Day 14

It gets dark by 5pm, its totally depressing. So I was doing some general drama saying that I wish my parents were still here. As expected, Sam asked me if I was missing my mommy. So I did a little more drama with a sad face and said yes. Only to be hugged, petted by 2 small hands and kissed on the cheeks and told that its ok, he still loves me the most and he will help me so I will not miss my mom and that I can call her and talk to her and feel better ๐Ÿ™‚

100 Happy Days: Day 13

Quite obviously the happy moments of the day are mostly because of this energy atom in the house. Otherwise, the days are just mundane and boring.

Sam came home with a math test paper today with 5 sections and results were all atย  Mastery and Near Mastery scores. Now the joyous part is that he has been getting mastery scores from the beginning of the year but when we met the teacher last week, she said its because she has been sitting with him one-one to explain the concepts. Otherwise, she said, he is so busy doing his own thing that she was not sure he was understanding what she was teaching in the class. That stressed both hubby and me. Here we were, happy in our bubble that he is doing well in school. So we told her not to do any one-one and then see the test score. I truly believed that he was listening to the teacher even though he was looking elsewhere and meddling with something.

So the happy moment today – she has written on the test paper that she did not do any one-one teaching for him. And my boy still got the Near Mastery and Mastery. I am sleeping a happy mommy.

PS: Let’s skip the fact that the near mastery was because of silly mistakes which when we asked, he answered correctly, convincing us that he must’ve been distracted during that 1-2 questions. But let’s keep that for some other day, shall we?



100 Happy Days: Day 12

We are back home and like Sam said during the drive today “Amma, this 7 hours drive was worth it. I had a lot of fun”. Meeting family is always fun and coming home is not so much fun – isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚ Back to routine from tomorrow.

Today’s happy moment – when Sam switched on the TV and said “I wish I could watch what I want to watch…” and then gave it some thought “…but its ok, I know we are all tired and we all want to relax, so let’s all watch something we can all watch.”

When and where did this sudden maturity come from? And that selflessness? I hope it only increases ๐Ÿ™‚


100 Happy Days: Day 8

Not like really happy, more like counting the blessings that there are people – counselors, teachers who are there to help with any issue the kid faces at school.

We had the first parent teacher meeting at the new school today. Is everything 100% – no; is everything hunky-dory – no; but we know that he is being cared for, in ways he needs to be, in school.

I will choose to see the positive in this today. The worries are never far behind.

One hundred Happy Days! – Day 1

OMG! 100 days of blogging? And of not cribbing? And of writing only happy things?! I haven’t had a decent thought that I can post in months…Phew! This was what I told Mayaย when she asked me to do this 100 happy days with her.

But she convinced me – she had an answer for every one of my doubts and she even gave me a free pass that I can quit anytime!

With nothing to loose (I haven’t blogged in months and currently have no followers) and having most blog friends doing this, I thought no harm in reviving this space at least this way! So here goes…

For Day-1 – Sam has been struggling with sitting quietly in class and his teacher has been sending home a smiley chart indicating how many times he has managed to focus and follow instructions today. And for the first time he got 8 out of 12 smilies which is an achievement in itself! Which means in 6 hours he needed reminder only 4 times!! Wow!

As a mom, I feel it is an achievement for me too with all the reminders I give the poor kid when he starts to school every morning. It is a good start to the happy days indeed!




Friday Fun – Sam’s imaginary tale

This one is for all those aunties who want to know what’s the latest with Sam. Also, because I loved the way his imagination worked and he built up this story for a good 15mins on our walk. Something ย I want to ย save for posterity.

A couple of days ago, Sam and I dropped off his friends after a play date at our home and decided to take a longer walking path around the community to go back home. It was a lovely evening at around 8:15pm, sun setting but not yet dark and cool breeze.

We saw the fire flies and we heard the cicadas and other insects on the trees. Mosquitoes buzzing. He asked “Why is there so much noise?” So I said that dusk was the time for the insects to come out.

Which triggered his imagination: “Ohh! So what time is it now? ” “Its 8:20”,I said. “Soo, see, like how I get up and go to school at 8:20, its the insects’ morning, Amma. They are all getting ready to go to school, their mommies are telling them to get ready, eat breakfast – thats why the mosquitoes are so many and trying to bite us. See, that beeeeg fly that is buzzing the most, that’s the school bus. All insects go along with the big fly to their school. See that patch of dry grass? That’s the school playground,that’s why there are so many insects there. See this tree, there is no noise on this tree – all the insects have gone to school already and mommies are quiet. Again in the morning, the kids will all come back and the noise will start early morning.” He went on to explain how they would wear helmets while they flew around and how the raincoats shined like the firefly’s.

I had a fun,memorable walk with him that evening and hoped we could do it more, but ofcourse, that did not happen again.

As the days fly by, I realise, my kid is growing up so much and though there is an innocence still inside, there is also a lot of external influences that are moulding his thought processes.