What Is It? – Rant…

That makes anyone/everyone give advice – (unsolicited ofcourse),stop midway and ask how many months and how many more to go when they see someone carrying? And what do they expect me to say when they ask ‘how are you?’ – Should I be giving them my complete medical history?!!

For nearly 7 months i wasnt showing much and kept wondering ‘How come people dont notice and what will happen when they do’ but now that they notice its getting more tougher to keep patient and calm when everyone has some advice to give and something to say.

I know, I know that it must be concern and they are trying to say ‘We understand’ but still… It does get too stuffy at times.

And Oh!Embarassing too when you’re walking to lunch with 3-4 bachelors and some lady just stops and talks/advices you!! Sheeesh! :-O


What we lack…

While Brazil can host the 2016 olympics why is it that India being in a much better position financially (according to Wiki – India stands 4th in GDP where as Brazil is 9th) cant host the same? Or why even hosting an Asiad is such a struggle for us? Im sure we have the infrastructure/finance/resources/people everything required to make any event a success but we lack in something more basic – co-ordination and co-operation and one thing that pulls us down and out everytime is the dirty word and world of ‘politics’.

Everyone in the politicking game wants to make money but at the same time it would be great to make that small effort and push the country forward… India is not just about the Software Enggs. Neither is it just a country of snake charmers and elephants and cows on the street…So why is it that the ‘outside’ world just perceives us like that? We do have people who are slowly getting there – proving that sports is also something that we can excel at… But unfortunately the most common complaint is that no game/sport is encouraged (barring cricket-Ofcourse!).

Everytime its politics that come into picture – while it comes to the government sponsoring any sport or there is such a lack of co-ordination amongst the various departments, mistrust,lack of interest (Arey! Ye Kya badi baath hai! attitude) that hosting a large congregation involving many countries just becomes impossible. When are we going to get beyond looking just under our noses and be capable enough to prove we are no less than any other country in ANYTHING?

Job Satisfaction/Gratification

A couple days back hubby and I were discussing a statement that a business person made: that the labourers don’t take pride in the work they do which is why most of the work is shoddy.

I don’t fully agree with this though. Its not everyday everyone gets a chance to do the job they love which can give them a job satisfaction. For someone like me who is a part of a large organisation having thousands of people there isnt much that I do thats different and to be ‘proud’ of. I mean –Neither am I a decision maker, nor do my thoughts or actions make much of a difference to those who actually take the decision. Im just one is the crowd. Well now, I would feel proud if I were in an position to make decisions that matter not just to me but to a larger group. AND being appreciated for it. (A small digression here: I think I should attribute the craving for leadership for being a 1st born person! – Number 1 people are ambitious- They desire to become the heads of whatever their businesses are, and as departmental chiefs they keep their authority and make themselves respected and” looked up to” by their subordinates.) And so I cant say that Im extremely happy with my job. Which I guess is for most people!

BUT I don’t think that lets me affect my everyday work. It doesn’t mean that Im a pessimist/sadist or laid-back at work. I do give my job 100% while Im at work but the job definitely doesn’t run my life for me. I cannot do a 24/7. Does that mean that I do shoddy work? I don’t do quality work? I disagree. Personally I love to overcome a challenge.

Personal Digression again: The US stinct was extremely tough/extremely exhausting but at the end of it I came back satisfied that I had given it my best shot and succeeded in overcoming what was the toughest challenge for me. Ofcourse added to the fact that my efforts were recognised.

Even today when I don’t accomplish my own mental list at work , while Im stuck with something that I cant finish immediately, or for some reason I’ve left work incomplete – It nags me, eats my sleep and Im not happy until I get the job done and completed.

So what is it that gives a person ‘Job Satisfaction’ ? To each his own I think. I get it when I complete something I want to. And most of all when my work gets acknowledged – note that Im saying acknowledged and NOT appreciated or awarded… Appreciation and awards don’t come often or from everyone, and it cannot be expected all the time but acknowledgement can be…

Saying ‘thanks’ to a person who helped you with work, acknowledge that a work has been accomplished on time and as expected – It doesn’t need an award… That’s enough to push a person that wee bit more and give his/her best shot at any job…Small things that make a big difference…

What’s your opinion?

PS: FIL always makes a statement: There’s nothing called ‘Job Satisfaction’ only ‘Jeb Satisfaction’!