100 Happy Days: Day 38

What do I write? Should I write that I spent a productive 4.5hrs on the new painting? Or that it wasn’t all that great an evening with Sam and homework issues? Well better to end it with the happy note that Sam and I made up, hugged, read 2 chapters of his bedtime story (the boy reminded me on Monday that it has been a long time since I read him a bedtime story) and then at last, despite all the scolding and screaming of the evening, he hugs me and says “its ok Amma, I love you as much as I love ammamma” High praise indeed! 


100 Happy Days: Day 37

A cousin did her arangetaram or “gejje pooje” on saturday. She has been practicing for the past 7 months despite a high stress job. She has always been dedicated to fitness and she is the one who put the “Fit by 40” thought in my head. Since we couls not go for the performance, I sent her this painting for which she has sent a ❤ Made me a happy person today.

100 Happy Days: Day 33

A picture speaks a thousand words, again! Having married a foodie, I have slowly realised the way to my heart is also through my stomach 😉 Especially in winter, the food cravings are just uncontrollable. Here’s what we bought from Wegmans just now- three berry pie,chocolate mousse, mango chutney (i finished the first bottle we got last week) and maine blueberry cherry jam, we were only supposed to buy the pav. After eating hot pav bhaji, I am now sitting with a cup of hot filter coffee…cold weather and warm food…happiness indeed.


I am not going to include this in 100 happy days, since there really isn’t anything “happy, happy” to write about, but the benefit of blogging daily is that I can still add a random post that I can check back to know what happened today. A virtual, public diary note.

Not a very good day, but definitely a small progress worth mentioning…we as a family started yoga for just 10 mins every morning, hoping that it will help Sam better focus through the day. I know its not an immediate effect, but I hope to keep it going for the next 6 months until summer holidays. Wish us luck! 

And I realised that I can still touch my toes without bending my knees!! 😉 so that counts as happy, right?