Some basic Qs

Why do men need more AC than Women?
Why do men think that women cant enjoy life once they become mothers?
Why dont men like taking instructions or reporting to a woman even if she is more experieced and better at work?
And this one has never been answered – why do men refuse to take directions?!


Facebook Fad

OK so now Im on facebook.Orkut has become ancient now.Everyone who is anyone is on facebook these days. But I find Orkut better.Somehow the ease with which I can navigate – scrap,put up photos,find friends – cant find that with Facebook.

So what’s so great about facebook people? Someone tell me – help me learn! Why am i finding it so messed up that I cant understand what’s ‘Poke’ and what’s ‘writing on the wall?” How come I am not able to find my “wall” where people are supposed to have left me messages? And what happens when i ‘Poke’ someone, someone has ‘poked me’ – so what? Do I really need all those 100 thousand messages saying someone I know has 534 friends and I also need to add them to my list?Why cant I find the photos that people have posted? And I cant even find the farm where everyone seems to be growing trees and keeping pigs!

Whew! Facebook has me zoned-out of social networking!

Recap of the past few months

Yoohoo! Im back! And back at work! Things have been working out really good for me and God’s been kind. He’s given me a good career change where I can take Chutku to work with me and leave him in the day care.
The past few months have been such a frenzy of activities – with us moving to our own home, changing jobs, learning to take care of Chutku and managing the house all alone.

Now that Im back at work, there is a consistent guilt of not having completed a lot of tasks. Guess its always a see-saw with prioritising. I enjoy coming out to work,meeting people and generally feel more happy. On the flip side its really depressing to see that I havent yet personalised our home with even a single picture of us or its not as clean as I want it to be. Or I get worried and guilty when Chutku has a bad cold and he doesnt sleep at night – Is it because Im not spending much time with him? Am I not giving enough time and proper care to him? And now that he’s 6months and we still havent got the toys that he’s ‘supposed’ to have by now – Are we not giving him the mental stimulation he requires for his growth? But at the end of the day – he seems happy and relaxed and there is no problem with his eating and sleeping habits – I guess that should be enough for now.

And last but not the least – Have absolutely no time for personal grooming! I sometimes wonder where is the person I once knew when I look into the mirror! 😦
I would love to party/go out more often – Havent even bought books since there is no time to read(or I would have to steal minutes from precious sleeptime)! But then I would have to leave Chutku with G’parents which means even over weekends we will not be spending much time with him – So we end up not going out anywhere at all! So its a see-saw – To go /Not to go, To stay/Not to stay. Hope things improve once he begins to eat our food and able to express himself better…
An uncle said – Its going to be sleepless nights for you for the rest of your life – Its never going to end – looks like we are getting there slowly!