Wish to win some…

Real Etsy, arty stuff…. From here – http://hippiehollysimplesally.blogspot.com/2010/09/return-gifts.html

Holly and Sally are giving away Return Gifts and I want them! And that too with the results being announced on Oct 2nd – Just a day after My Bday – can I expect to get the Bday gift? Wow!

Am keeping my fingers crossed AND hoping to win… Would be a surprise Bday gift for growing an year older – what an end to 30 it would be…

Like I said in thier comment –

At 31 Im thinking…
How ’bout a little experimenting?
What an end to 30
It would be…
For a sober dresser like me,
If I win all the goody!

Wonder where that silly attempt at poetry came from! :-O


The Mosquito Byte…

Warning: Silly snippet that I composed at 4.30am on a mosquito filled morning. Killed around 10 mosquitoes that night and there were still some flying around – thats when these words just crossed my mind…

SoLLe, plz dont bite
U’ve already had your feast tonight…
Its Early in the morning
And my eyes are burning!
Oh! Dont make me weep,
let me go back to sleep
Go Away pleaaassseee
Let me sleep in peace…


वोह पल वोह लम्हे
जो बिताये थे साथ हमने,
वोह हसीं वोह ख़ुशी
बुलाते है हमे…
वोह साथ खाना मौज मस्ती
बहोत याद आते है सताते है हमे,
कभी भी ये न सोचो यार
के हमने भुलादिया
कभी तुम भी भूलो मत हमे |
फिर से मिलने की उम्मीद भी है
और यकीन भी…
तब तक हम इंतज़ार करेंगे
और आप भी क्या याद करोगे हमे ||