Life inside a car

As seen travelling to and from work:

1. A couple in the car arguing about something.
2. Another couple – both holding hands over the gear 🙂
3. A single man in the car – tapping his fingers to the music or talking over the handsfree.
4. A big shot in a swanky car with driver – on the laptop or talking on blackberry
5. A call center cab taking people back home- all dozing in the car
6. A call center cab with only driver – talking over the mobile and driving rash
7. A parent with a bored kid strapped in the front seat.
8. A busy body eating an apple/sandwich at the signal-probably having skipped a meal?
9. A confident lady driving a cool red Skoda Octavia (imagine me drooling over the car)
10. Finally, me me – sitting in a bus and observing all these and letting my imagination run wild – while my subjects are unaware ;-p

Observe anything else? Feel free to add in comments…


Cartoon Imagery of the wud-b baby

Now that its public knowledge that Im expecting, there are some funny conversations that happen both at home and at workplace regarding the baby. Ofcourse Im mercilessly teased by my friends because I have a short temper/Im lazy and what not but here are a few incidents worth making a note of!

I had a bad cold a week ago and was consistently sneezing. Now imagine the baby also caught cold-then when it sneezes the imagination is that with all the air that comes out in a confined space my tummy bloats up at that instant and then goes back to normal! Like a balloon burst!

During the recent festivities I made a mistake of bending down to bow to the God after which I could strongly feel the baby moving around. (I wanted to write of this milestone over the past couple weeks – so its kinda recorded here!) So hubby’s imagination: The baby standing like a chota hanuman-with legs apart and hands on the waist and a huffy face saying: “Mamma! How dare you bend so much and cramp my (already less) space” Dishshum! Disshum! hitting my tummy…

Whatever! *rolling my eyes!* 8-|

Black or White

This post has been on my mind for quite sometime now. Ever since we’ve announced that we are having a baby we’ve been getting a lot of advice from really well-meaning people around us. Ofcourse the general ones being take good care of yourself/dont eat junk food/dont roam around too much etc etc; Along with all these are some advices to ‘make the baby fair’.

I’ve written about this before – the obsession for ‘fairness’ here and it irks me no end that people want a ‘fair’ baby – not just a healthy one! And this is one ‘advice’ I completely REFUSE to follow. Tell me that something is healthy for the baby and I will galdly do it/eat it but tell me its to have a fair baby – I WONT do it.

For me its a question of basic principle- How am I going to teach my child not to differentiate people by colour if I myself do it? how am I going to tell my child that color is not important to make friends and know people.How will my child trust me and believe me if at some point in time it gets to know that I wanted a ‘fair’ baby? Isnt that hypocritical?


We’ve been reading so much about the dossiers being presented to Pakistan on the November attacks everyday; and I read in The Week or in TOI (Not sure) that some pages in the dossier were in Marathi which the Pakistan officials could not understand! And it stuck me odd because:

For a single line of program code change – we have documents that are written and reviewed multiple times before submitting to the client. Even a simple spelling mistake – if identified by the client comes back as a ‘Defect’ and we are all taken to task – for not writing it properly and then for not reviewing it properly!

Where as this being a question of national security is handled like this!Duh??