The 30s Syndrome

Last month while i was at a meeting in office I got a call from an unknown number, consistently 3 times. When I finally and irritably called back I was surprised to know it was an old school friend – how old you ask? – She’s known me from 4th standard! She got married at the age of 18 as soon as we completed +2 and we had lost touch after that. She had taken the pains to call home, explain who she was to Dad so he could give her my number and had called me!
Similarly a couple more school friends got in touch and over the last 2 weeks there have been a lot of ‘getting in touch’ happening. After plenty of phone calls we all decided to meet for lunch on Saturday last.

5 girls at Kobe sizzlers at Garuda mall – Wow! What a get together it was. I guess we were the ones making the maximum noise at that place. We met at 12 and had a nice long ‘lunch’ session until 3,had ice cream at Baskin Robbins took pictures and then sat at the cafe’ coffee day outside to finish talking until 5pm.3 of us who were in touch were surprised that the other 2 wanted tp get in touch now – why the sudden urge we asked. They both said -“Its the 30s syndrome”.

We’ve all been so busy with our own lives that we’ve lost touch with what’s happening with people we once thought were the best of friends. With whom we shared everyday laughter.Who knew who had crush on us and who we were infatuated with. Who ate our food out of our lunch boxes…

We reminisced on all the silly incidents,fights we had, the others we are yet to meet and also caught up with what’s been happening in our lives for all these years. There was never a moment of awkwardness,not a single moment of silence… By the end of the day we were back to being close again…

We plan to meet again – at least in the next couple of months.Who knows? It might become a “Quarterly” affair? I Wish!!!

I guess I’m now ready to turn 30 – if its going to bring me back all my old friends,get me new friends and let me make more such happy memories…


A Trip to a Farm

A city born bred girl that I am – I jump at any opportunity to experience a different life. A life at a farm for a day.

Hubby’s uncle owns a farm around 2.5hrs away from the city and we all decided to spend the festival of new year there. With full excitement the whole family left in 3 cars (That itself is a scene to watch for me) and reached there right on time for breakfast.

We were welcomed with water melon juice and after a yummy breakfast we all left to the ‘Thota’ or the farm. A 6 acre farm,it has a lot of mango trees, chikkoo trees, gooseberry,jack fruit and a lot of coconut trees.

The trees were full of fruits – the mango tree had almost bent with the weight of the fruits. We climbed trees to pull out the fruits, plucked flowers,drank litres of tender coconut and finally irrespective of the age – uncles and aunts included hogged on gooseberries.Along with all the fun we also got a lot of gyan on how ‘drip irrigation’ is done, learnt to differentiate between rosewood/teak wood and sandalwood. Learnt the govt rules that we can only grow these trees in our farm but that they belong to the Govt. Saw different types of birds and insects too!Finally we were shown how they use the machine to milk the cows and we saw a small calf (I guess around 2 weeks old) too.

After spending 2.5hrs at the farm we walked back to the house for yummy hot food had in the company of cousins on a banana leaf. We then relaxed and played cricket in that hot sun for an hour – yup – me included! We then had tea/coffee and with a heavy heart decided that we better start if we had to reach home by 9pm.

It was a day that is going to remain in my mind for a long time to come. The time spent with the family and an education in the farming. For someone like me who cannot differentiate the jack fruit tree from a goose berry tree – it truly was an experience! I’m just waiting to go back at the next opportunity…

I’ve not Vanished!

Hey! Im back – Just to say – stay put!

Random,broken thoughts in an empty head,made note of on the mobile under templates!But unable to complete them…

Will be back soon – after a short break…

Jald Hi Break Ke Us paar milenge 🙂

PS:I havent vanished – Thanks for remembering me Santosh! And Sneha for reminding me that I have a blog!

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