100 Happy Days: Day 28

Happiness brought on by confidence. Confidence brought on by wearing smart clothes and all ready to head out by myself. Confidence of driving myself to the school to help at PTA for the holiday gift shop.

 It was a fun day. I met so many students-some who knew what they wanted to gift, some who were lost on what to choose, some who chose gifts under budget and some who made some tough choices of keeping gifts back because they were over budget. It was lovely to interact with the kids and get to know their thought process in choosing the gifts. 

What sold most? – slime! Who was it most tough to choose a gift for? – big brother 🙄


100 Happy Days: Day 27 

Finishing a good book by Susan Mallery and going to a neighbour’s house who is from such a different background by religion, country, growing up and then finding out ( a revelation) that our cultures are so similar over Turkish tea. 

There is always something new to learn and sometimes I feel blessed that I get to meet so many new people, learn so much, make acquaintance. Who knew even 10years ago that life would throw open so many small windows to this large, beautiful world?  

100 Happy Days: Day 26

Just to give a quick background:

a. We watched Boss Baby over the weekend and we spoke aboutGod/Baby choosing its family 

b. Where ever we go, Sam takes lemonade and tends to like them but it tastes artificial to me,  so I promised him that I will make him lemonade at home-our traditional lemon juice “nimbe paanaka” as we call it.

Sam has not been having enough water and been complaining of tummy aches.I thought the best way to ensure that he drinks enough water is to make that lemonade I had promised him on sunday. As expected, he came home, saw the lemonade, excitedly added 3 cubes of ice to it and finished it all. So I grumbled that he makes me worry about him like I should worry about a 3yr old not drinking enough water and was kidding about how he should have chosen some other mommy so she could worry about him. He was joking around too and then suddenly comes up to me, hugs me and says “I wanted you to be my mommy, you are the best, I was watching from heaven and saw that you are the bestest mommy, so I chose you.” 

What can be better than this? From some days being the “meanest mom in the whole world” to being the bestest? 😀😎

100 Happy Days: Day 25

Shopping! Cyber monday deals, not for us but for cousins in Bengaluru. Its been ages since I just did online window shopping without buying anything. I love to troll these home decor blogs and then see etsy and every other home ideas for the holidays.

After 4 days out of home, we went to Wegmans to stock up for the week. Guess what-I spent additional 10mins just looking around all the holiday and party stuff that’s begun to come up on the aisles.

PS: Had nothing to write yesterday since it was just the drive back home, getting stuck in traffic and the generally sad mood because the vacation was over!

100 Happy Days: Day 24

Thankful for all the family time that we get so the kids get to spend time together and get to know each other better.

What better way to spend the day than ice skating, bowling (the last time the 4 of us adults had gone bowling was 10 years back!) And the kids watching Boss Baby movie on netflix. And the food, food and more food consumed! OMG! We always eat so much during these family times that we can stay the whole of next week without eating!

Time to go home tomorrow. 

100 Happy Days: Day 23

Random thoughts of happiness- 

Gocarting! With Sam as my partner was the happiest, fun’nest’ moment today. Also the water jet game that got us sprayed with water, with little N as my partner. I love going to mall during this entire holiday season. I enjoy the colorful window displays, the life of the place. Ofcourse some un necessary shopping too. I got introduced to ‘Charming Charlie’ this time and its been accessories galore-just don’t ask when and where I will wear them. 

Ofcourse! How can I forget the twins who have been waking me up with cuddles and kisses the last 2 mornings. 😍😍

100 Happy Days: Day 22

Hot Breakfast cooked by cousin, yapping and online browsing in peace with kids away at park, drowsing and horrible movie watching on netflix all afternoon while the kids kept themselves occupied and then finally home made chaats dinner. Can you imagine, I had to put in effort to walk for 25mins so that I could get to meagre 6000 steps today?THAT level of laziness and relaxation-whats not to be happy about?

100 Happy Days: Day 21

So here we are at cousins’ to have a fun long Thanksgiving weekend after yet another 8.5hrs drive through holiday traffic. What makes the moments happy are to see 2 little cousins draw colorful rainbow to welcome their “aNNa” and the excited, past bedtime, mad running around-just happy to be with each other. The Ganesha I painted has already gone to the “office room”- no additional words needed. 

All these moments are priceless…and for everything else there’s the Thanksgiving sale this weekend 😉

100 Happy days: not counting today

Somehow, no matter how much I rake my head today, there just isn’t a happy moment. 

Husband is stuck with a nasty cough that refuses to go even after a week, my document seems to be lost in mail and looks like I need to go through the whole process again according to the officials and the boy hasn’t had a great day in school either. 

I will still thank God for I will choose to believe it’s not been a bad/sad day. Just one of those days, is all…

Tomorrow starts the fun for thanksgiving so until then I am telling myself – Just keep swimming…

100 Happy Days: Day 20

I have to say thanks to Maya for convincing me that I can do this. At the end of every day  when there isn’t much happening, writing these posts force me to think of what made me happy. Some days it could be laughter, some days it could be joy, some days love and some days just peace – all fleeting moments.

We went to the library and picked up books today. So the evening was quiet and peaceful with all of us in our books, little conversations here and there and quiet. No TV blaring, no screaming above the TV noise. I like such evenings. Especially now, in winter, if there are no activities for the boy, spending time indoors is a herculean task. More often than not the TV is on, like it or not. It’s not like when we were kids, when parents wanted to watch TV (that occasional saturday movie on DD or one off VCP cassette that Dad would get) we would be told to go to the room and that’s it – no argument, no negotiations. Now, it only works a couple of times in our home and mostly after a lot of persuasions and ‘deals’.

Only time this kind of peaceful quiet is seen are when all of us are in our own books 🙂 I will take an evening like today, anyday.

Good night!