At 2 months

Chutku seems to have grown by leaps and bounds though he still suffers from severe colic. And every week his timings shift. These days his night begins only past 2 am and its a test for my patience.
He has now begun to lift his head when we carry him and can move his body so quickly that it gets a little scary at times that he will fall down. Which seems to be his perpetal fear as well. Even while sleeping he seems to get scared very fast and screams his head off until he is picked up.
He also looks at any bright movements and smiles at the colorful toy that his G’ma has bought for him.
And he is facinated with his ammamma’s voice and seems to converse in ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ with her – and that too at 1.30 in the middle of the night! I inturn, face the other side and try to get a few winks…
I am now leaving him for a couple hours and get away for some things that need to get done for the house.
Ah! Am now learning the joys of parenting…