Happy New Year…

And all the best wishes to all of you! i’ve been writing and re-writing this post over the past 10 days but so much has been happening that there is no time to sit down and write it. Or just to sit down. Period. But better late than never – right?

The new year started with a bang – with another party thrown at home – our home 🙂 so a lot of preparation and arguements later – we changed the look of the house and made plans for the party. Hubby says he’s not going to host any more parties for a long time to come! 😛 But I say we should host 1 party a month – that way the house gets a thorough cleaning atleast!!

And all the resolutions that are floating around seem really huge at the moment – my resolution would just be to catch up on a little sleep instead of reading/blog hopping or even watching TV. And all that I do only in the last 5 mins before going to bed until my eyes are closing on their own. I need to work out on a plan to be more efficient – now *that* would have to be my resolution!

As for the 10days that have already flown by – they are all counted on Chutku moments. Despite being ill he continues to keep us surprised and happy – He took his first steps towards his dad on the 1st and  thats just the beginning of all the milestones he needs to cross this year… Over the last 1 month he has begun to imitate us – so you can see him nodding his head, dancing, shaking his index finger to imitate a ‘No, No’ at all odd times. He runs behind me in his walker saying “aa.. aa..aaaa” or “haaaayyyyiiiii” depending on his mood! He continues to pull out stuff from all the drawers and throws them at random places around the house – so anytime if you want to drop in – you are well warned – dont be surprised to step on a spoon or a bangle as you enter the house. And the drama master has learnt well – to begin a fake cry with a wide open mouth and a sorry face the minute me or his Dad raise our voices! I am both looking forward to and dreading the coming days when he will begin to talk.And his favourite past time and the best way to expend his energy is to climb the sofa and get off it! And I take pride in the fact that I taught him how to do both carefully 😀

As for the work front – Thankfully the New Year has begun on a very easy note and though Im looking forward for some pressure and excitement in the coming days I hope it will be a smooth ride.

So for the few of you who are reading this – a Very Happy New Year to you and yes – May all that you wish for come true this year… Lets make 2011 Rock!