Friday – Dress Down Day!


Most offices and Software companies have a dress code restricting the employees to wear only formal/semi formal clothes on weekdays. Only on friday we can dress casual.

Initially I thought it was so funny that even for adults in a free country we are told what to wear and what not to.Cant we – As Adults decided for ourselves what we want to wear or not?

These days I seem to understand the need for it though. Fridays are really a day when people ‘dress down’ – low waist jeans-both men and women, cleavage showing tops and what not! You cant come to office dressed like you are going to a Discotheque or a pub! People just dont understand the concept of Office Decorum! So much so that last friday I saw a guy wearing a really bad pair of jeans – which was ready to drop off, standing inside a building -wearing his dark goggles, tight T-shirt displaying his muscles – just a shade lesser than what you call flourocent, and with streaked hair that was made to stand using gel (i imagine).

Well ok, I understand its friday and that there is freedom to wear what you want – but like that? to work? He did attract a lot of attention no-doubt – but most people (including me – i admit) were only turning back to take a second look at him and shake their heads.

How could he even see with those dark glasses on – that too in the basement of a building? And how could he sit and work in those clothes there were sticking to him? Why the need for gelled/spiked hair if all you are going to do is sit and slog in front of your computer? Why that intense need to attract attention?

Anyone with any answers to these questions?! I really dont have any…


Just Because…

Its been more than 10 days since I did any post though there have been atleast 2 things everyday that I’ve wanted to write about.It happens only when the internet is down at home!

But my palms were itching to write something so here it is…

Ever faced a situation where your tongue JUST doesnt roll?!!
The past couple of days,suddenly, my tongue seems to have a mind of its own,refusing to twist the way I want it *sigh*

I’ve been having a problem pronouncing – Procurement (procruement?!!!) and Strategies (startegies?!!!) – and it got really embarassing at a meeting with 3 PMs attending. Came out of the meeting and pronounced the 2 words 3 times each until I was satisfied I will get that right in the next meeting! *whew*

Edited to add: didnt realise that i’ve crossed the 50 posts mark! Yay! In just 6 months – not bad *patting myself on the back grinnn*

Cleanliness Next to Godliness – Who cares?

Yeah! Who cares?

Every time we go on a trip and we are fascinated by the scenic beauty of the place -*Thud* we are back on uneven ground – coz right there next to that gurgling white water/ the lush green trees / the beautiful monument/ temple are chocolate wrappers/biscuit and chips covers/plastic water bottles and all rubbish that you can imagine.

The same happened this time around too… At the Chettiar park where the flowers were in full bloom and just looking at them brought smile to our faces – there just there next to the rose garden was a HEAP of all this rubbish. And the so called water pond was filled with the same wrappers/plastic covers/water bottles/aerated drink bottles and cans and what not! And on the trek to Pambar falls when the weather was just perrfect and we were literally walking in clouds – I tripped – on what? On a beer bottle. I was soo enjoying my walk, looking up at the trees,the water next to me and the cloudy sky- trying to see as far as I could that I really didn’t expect this thing to be just lying there. To top it off I had even removed my shoes – most people had – so what if I had stepped on it and hurt myself?

Why only at such spots? There were the stains of spitted pan at even a place like RajGhat! THE Taj Mahal our own wonder of the world *hah!* – Just outside the entrance is full of filth. And I don’t even want to recall the site outside Mathura temple! Don’t these places deserve some kind of respect?

When will people learn? When will they realise that keeping a place clean has its benefits? Forget the kind of impression it gives to the tourists – what about the health consequences? What about the stench that they are forced to live in everyday? Dont they want to get rid of it?

And as for the tourists – why that indifferent attitude? Why think – ‘Oh! someone will clean it. Its anyway not my home!’ When there is a dustbin just a few yards away-cant we just walk that distance to discard that water bottle – when we can walk a km to just buy a pack of cigarettes!?

I don’t blame the municipality or the corporation – they definitely are doing their bit. No plastic being sold in any shops/ dustbins everywhere, toilets where ever possible( here again I blame the people who use it-who make it dirty and don’t have the basic civic sense to use the water provided there!) and dustbins at every corner.

With so much of discussions happening on the environment and cleanliness – When are we going to start doing our little bit?


We are back from our Kodai trip and no second thoughts – It definitely is better than Ooty or even Mussorie for that matter. Coz it fit the description of a hill station!

I guess this time the weather Gods were with us – We got to see all weathers – sunny,cool,cold,cloudy,rainy,windy…

Hmm, let me start with Day 1 – We reached midmorning and thanks to the night journey and the rainy weather we just went around the resort, spoke to the travel guide,took some pictures played some indoor games and generally got a feel of the place.

Day 2 – We went to see the major view points – Upper lake view,Coaker’s walk,Moir Point,Pillar rocks, the Green Valley view – a great view point at a much higher altitude. When we reached there the clouds had just started to move in and we got some amazing photos.It was as if we were on an airplane and taking the pictures.

However it soon started to drizzle so didnt spend as much time as we wanted there. Saw 2 parks – Bryant park and Chettiar park both of which had really beautiful flowering plants and luckily in full bloom.

Oh yeah! we also went to the famous Pine forest – which is where most of the film shootings take place. I only wished that it was cloudy at that time, so we could also take some nice pictures of the 2 of us amidst all those pine trees and clouds in true filmy style 🙂 We did visit 2 temples too – a Kurinji Andavar temple for Aiyappa swami and a Jain temple,ofcourse where we hardly spent 15 mins in all. We skipped the Bear Shola water falls as the driver said there wasnt any water and also the devil’s kitchen – we didnt want to trek for 2 kms just to see the mouth of a cave.I guess we disappointed our driver, he kept advertising that these were the caves where kamal Hassan shot for his Guna movie *hehe* .Unfortunately we didnt get to go to Berijam lake as it is now closed for the public by the forest department.

Day 3 – We rented a cycle each that day and went cycling the Satya Sai Baba ashram very close to the resort.Then to the lake for boating. Hubby being very enthu to go boating in rain – we took a covered paddle boat and that 1/2 hr was a very nice experience- boating in rain 🙂 We cycled back all the way to the resort – ofcourse with a million breaks in between. I was finally convinced that I badly need some kind of excercise in my daily life!! I was panting for breath after every 5 mins of cycling and had to stop to take a breath. To add to that woe, the rain never let go and we went back cycling in rain! We must have cycled nearly 7-8km that day excluding the paddle boating!

Day 4 and final – we decided to see a couple more places before catching the bus back. So Dolphin’s nose and Pambar falls it was – trekking again – Pambar falls was very refreshing and like always I couldnt resist the temptation of water 🙂 Went in first and finally poor hubby joined, left with no choice.That was a total of 4 km trek I guess.Finally we went to Dolphin’s nose – A rock structure supposed to be like dolphin’s nose – it was the toughest trek ever! But it was worth it all-only for the view-as we watched the clouds cleared to lush green trees and mountains. It was a sight to see! The climb back was literally breath-taking ;-p After stopping at innumerable spots I finally managed to climb back the 3kms in 45 mins.By the end of it all we must have trekked like 10-12kms that day!

Oh yeah! How can any trip be complete without a few hitches and disappointments? The biggest disappointment being the resort where we stayed. Though a known name (which was why we shelled out quite some moolah 😦 ) the management was pathetic. We were totally disappointed with the attitude of the maintenance people. Things were not clean/room service not cleared/fresh linen had to be asked for everyday and any response could be got only after repeated calling to the reception/housekeeping/room service.

Well, All’s well that ends well – So here I am, back now-uploading the photos and thinking of where and when to go next 🙂 Oh yeah! And I finally get to tell people that I’ve seen Kodaikanal too! Definitely a place worth visiting…

Aha! Kodaikanal – here we come

Finally finally! Everytime we told people that we havent seen Kodai there was always a surprised look on their faces – “Oh! Its such a beautiful place- its much better than Ooty, you 2 have seen so many places – you havent seen kodai?”blah blah…

So we decided we are going there- and we leave – YES! Tommorrow!

Am really looking forward to this trip – we havent been out anywhere in nearly 6 months now and work has been so hectic…

Anybody give any ideas of any ‘Must See’ places? Have already done a google and the resort people have also given a tourist list… But am wondering if there is something special – to eat/see/do there…

Will do a travelogue post once i get back! (yeah! Obviously!) *rolling my eyes*

Him or Her?

Last week it was pouring heavily when I started from work. Its a good 5 minutes walk from my building to the bus stop, so as soon as I came out of the building I opened up the umbrella. Also, waiting outside the building were 2 people – 1 guy and 1 girl waiting for someone with an umbrella to proabably ask them to join. My instant reaction as soon as I opened the umbrella was ask the girl to join me – which she did. And i was feeling happy that my 1 good deed for the day is done.

Later, much later,I wondered what would have happened to that guy? Did the poor chap get anyone who had shared their umbrella with him? Did he run to the bus in the rain and get wet?

Why didnt I think of it before? Why didnt it even cross my mind to ask that guy? Even if I HAD asked him – would he have come with me or offered it up to that girl? If he was the only person there – would I have asked him? Or ignored and walked away? (Lots of people who had umbrellas werent sharing). Why did I show that difference?

What would anyone of you done, in my place?