Day 31-Stats during Blogathon; the end

So, the blogathon ends? Wah! Thanks to the Disney trip I had enough fodder to last me a week and get through this blogathon. Suddenly, today as I woke up, I had atleast  3 thoughts that I could put up in posts. Why does this always happen? When I am raking my brains to get fodder  for posts and nothing comes up, suddenly on the last day all these thoughts that can be put into a proper post.

For now, how ever, I am surprised the amount of attention this blog has received during this last one month. Seriously! I do not believe that I can have more than 300 views in one day – here, take a look:


Thank you all for coming by here, can you please drop me a one liner so I know who you are. (Ofcourse excluding those friends and family who are always encouraging)I would love to get to know you and read your blogs too. I am so overwhelmed by all this attention! Why? It’s not that I write anything useful to anyone else. And that day’s post was only on the weather!

I think it will be quite a hypocrisy if I say that i will be regular here etc etc; I have been saying the same thing in multiple posts now. I know pretty well that I will just get back into my lazy cocoon reading my books and blogs instead of thinking and putting posts. But can I say, let me try to put a post a month atleast? That should be achievable. Especially that should make us travel and I can put up a travel post eh?! hubby – are you reading this? 😉

So long, farewell…
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye






5 thoughts on “Day 31-Stats during Blogathon; the end

  1. Congratulations on completing the blogathon successfully RS. It does give a high to see the stats booming no? Let’s shake each other out of slumber once in a while and not limit it to one montb every year. I would still request you to continue the Chutku, I mean, Sam tales on Fridays. Try na please?!

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