Day 27 – Sam Updates(3)

Sam always has an ear for music. He used to catch the lyrics of Hindi songs that played on the radio even in Bangalore so I am not surprised that he learnt quite a few songs from one of his friends in school.

During Thanksgiving 2015, while my in-laws were visiting, we were in Washington DC at a relative’s house. Their son, a nurse at a hospital close by was home for the holidays too, and to spend time with us. On day 2 in their house, he comes and tells me – I hope you know Sam has learnt this new song from school. My only question was “Is it appropriate for him?” And Abhi says, yes, it is the top of the charts right now and Sams says he learnt it seeing some kids dancing to this in school. I was quite surprised that Sam hadn’t mentioned it to me. So, I put the song on youtube and watched/listened to it until i was convinced that it was ok for Sam to know. Now, everytime I hear this song, it reminds me of Abhi and this incident 🙂

The American boy that he is becoming, here are some of the songs he has learnt from friends around him. Some of them are fine, some of them I am not OK with the lyrics, but hubby says not to make a deal of it as all kids are singing these songs. One more song I liked that Sam sings:

I had never heard of him before, but apparently Charlie Puth is quite famous on the music scene now. Here are a couple of his songs that I hear all the kids here singing: (Not very happy with these songs though 😦 )

And then finally, my boy has become Amreecan:

On Tuesday, while having bath, he asks me “Amma, is it ok if I love anyone else also, other than you?”

Me “Yeeesssss, who else do you love? Appa?” Wondering where this is going

Sam “Nooooo….. I think I love I” *My heart stopped beating and Sam was looking at my face for a reaction*

Me “Who is she? In your class?”

Sam “Yes”

Me “Why do  you think you love I?”

Sam ” I like her, I like talking to her”

Me “OK”

After a few seconds of me not saying anything else

Sam “Don’t worry Amma, I will always love you”

Abbha! Thank you God! My son is giving me assurances that he will love me forever!

But I couldn’t stop smiling or worrying if this was ok. What? He just turned 7 and he is talking about love? In my head I’m thinking “You can’t even wash your bum properly yet or have your own bath and you are in luuvvv???”

I called the hubby and told him. He says”I thought this was coming, he has spoken about I a couple of times before” My eyes just popped out – what? Aren’t you worried? He says “Why worry? See think like this, now you know your son likes girls” Duh!! really? and he says “Relax R, this is the age when he starts liking girls, I also remember I was in 2nd grade when I first liked some girl”

After that I am left thinking – Am I retarded or what? Why I didn’t know what crush was until I was in 9th grade. Stupid me!

Sigh… I just hope he – I mean Sam! comes and tells me about all the girls he ‘likes’ *rolling eyes* and patting my heart to get it to normal rate again…

Happy Weekend folks!


One thought on “Day 27 – Sam Updates(3)

  1. Mantam also sing Nae Nae and a lot of songs that we get introduced to only because of them.It’s good that he has keenness for music and don’t worry too much about the lyrics like S said. All kids are singing, you cannot ask him to not sing it. It wil make him even more curious to find out why it is banned I guess.

    Haha, I was laughing out loud at the mention of girl he likes. Again, it must be just peer influence. All I can say is that you don’t have to stress till he is confiding in you 🙂

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