Day 26 -Weather update

In pictures:


So, this above picture was taken sometime in the first week of November at around 8 in the morning. This is my favourite sight to see from the balcony – I can see hubby driving to and from work, I can see the school bus coming, I have seen a thunderstorm cloud forming and lighting strikes, so I clicked this picture as the sun rays hit those trees. A few weeks later we had a snow storm and this below picture shows how it was:20161204_104957

As you can see, this was taken while it was still snowing. By the time the storm ended there was lot more snow on the pavements 🙂 Finally, the below picture was taken on the pond that is right across the perpendicular street – do you see the STOP sign and the main road? – right behind that. This pic was taken on Saturday to actually show my mom where the geese were – she was worried about the geese in winter 😀  I sent the below picture to her saying that the geese are happy walking on the frozen pond:20170121_163624

This week’s been a blessing with Saturday’s temperature at 56F but it is dipping again with snow tomorrow and over the weekend – what is this weather? – 56F feels warm!


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