Day 23 – Day 6-Animal Kingdom

The last and final day of the trip. Hubby had reshuffled our fastpass for the Expedition Everest ride cancelling the safari. As per plan, we skipped breakfast and managed to have an early start and be there by the time the park opened at 8am. While hubby had the big bag, Sam and I walked ahead as we had no security bag check and walked with the sole purpose of getting into the earliest Kilimanjaro safari ride. Looked like everyone was headed the same way! It was like all humanity was walking as fast as possible in order to get to that ride. We managed to get into the line as the ride opened but hubby was still playing catch up. Once we went upto the bus, we moved to the side making way for the others to get in waiting for hubby to catch up. Thankfully, there were enough buses so we did not have to wait long. A nice ride along African Savannah to see lions,crocodiles, rhinoceros, zebra, giraffe, Okapis, gazelle and flamingos. I felt it got done too soon for all the expectation I had built up in my head. Then we headed toward the Asia section for the Expedition Everest ride which has the scariest biggest drop. My God! Just looking at it made my stomach drop! My looks to the hubby went unnoticed because he would not hear of not doing it. After all we had the fast pass for it! I just stood at the place from where I could see the drop all poised for the picture 🙂 After what seemed like ages, they came barreling down the slope – all screaming. Sam was excited as he came out. “Amma, there is one place where we go up and there are no tracks only after that! Then the whole thing goes backward amma…we cannot even see where it is going…it will be full dark, then we go up and we come down this beeeg drop… you would have been scared on this ride amma. Good you did not come…” Even hubby said it was one ride where you cannot anticipate anything which makes the ride more thrilling.

Our next fastpass was for the Kali river rapids – a water ride that said ‘you WILL get wet’. I had thought of keeping Sam’s poncho but then felt silly and dropped it. A big round raft and the ride is compared to water rafting. Only 1 place which has a big drop and how wet one gets depends on how the raft turns and where you are sitting in the raft at that moment. As luck would have it, Sam and I were sitting exactly where the raft went down – into the water and we were soaked. Where as hubby, who was sitting hardly 2 feet away only got a wee bit of spray. Talk about luck and not getting the poncho! I loved the ride but sadly Sam did not want to do it again – he does not like these water rides where he gets wet – he says he is not wearing swim clothes to get wet! Anyway, it was 11am by then and we were beginning to get hungry. We walked toward Dinoland for the Dinosaur ride. Again, thinking it was a roller coaster I dropped off and sat down in the restaurant while they were still preparing for lunch and checked if I could book fastpass for anything else. I booked fastpass for the Space Mountain ride that hubby wanted to do but I could not get any more fastpasses for that day for Lion King. I had asked the boys to join me in the restaurant which they did. After taking veggie burgers for lunch which were more than filling with fries and coffee and lemonade for Sam we walked out for more rides. There was one ride just like Dumbo the flying elephant that we all did and then we walked to see if we could get to the 1pm Lion King show. This seems to be the most popular show and we could not get in for the 1pm. The option was to either ditch it or wait for the next show at 2pm. We did. We staked out there for the next 1 hr making sure that we did not miss it. It was extravagant with acrobatics and lights and music. But sadly, I thought that it would be a stage show of the Lion King movie which it wasn’t.

We got out by 2:30 and the next Finding Nemo show was at 4pm. What to do until then? We saw Its tough to be a bug (4D) show under the Tree of Life, we danced a little to live music, went back to DinoRama  to do one more ride. Sam was adamant about some ride that hubby thought would be boring which had a line of 40mins wait time and we had no fastpass. Also, since we did not have any fast passes for Finding Nemo show we decided to go stand in the line. While Sam and hubby were arguing someone in the crew walked up to them, gave them 6 paper fastpasses, said “Do that ride” and walked away! Just like that! So, hubby had no choice but to do that ride. By the time that ride got done it was 3:45 and we had to go stand in line for Finding Nemo show. We decided to use those Fastpasses that someone gave us. While we gave it at the counter, an elderly gentleman who was manning the fastpass, looked at it and said “Don’t waste it on this, use it for something else” and returned all the 4 passes! We felt so lucky that day!

Now Finding Nemo was a great show. The lights, settings, acting – everything met expectation! Beautiful. I wouldn’t have minded giving the fastpass for this one. Anyway, by the time we finished this, it was 5pm and time for us to head towards Magic Kingdom for one last time.

It was a quick ride and by 5:45pm we were there Magic Kingdom. Now, I had to ride the monorail – didn’t I? Boat and bus were done, how could we miss the monorail? So we just sat in one that went around to the other resorts and came back to Magic Kingdom – a 10min ride to satisfy that urge of Monorail and also give us a glimpse of the 5* resorts. After that, we entered Magic Kingdom for one last time. The fastpasses that we had, were given at the front city hall in exchange for any other fast pass ride inside Magic Kingdom. Sam chose the Seven dwarfs mine ride again. He was thrilled that he could do that ride one more time without standing in line 😀 We had a fastpass for Space Mountain at 8:30pm. It was still 6:15pm. We decided we will do all the rides and shows that we had missed the other 2 times. So, we did Mickey’s Philharmagic,Monster Inc. laugh floor, had earlier blocked fast pass for journey of the little mermaid and in the end took the last fastpass for Winnie the Pooh. We squeezed in dinner at Pecos Bill again – we had liked their salad bar that offered salsa and guacamole and the 3 soft tacos with rice. We did not have the patience or time to go in search of any other place either. The other 2 rides that the boys had fastpass for – another round of Seven Dwarfs and Space Mountain also got done by 9pm. We were done, there weren’t any other show that was on our must-do list anyway. There were some like the Liberty boat ride we found waste of time or the country bear jamboree show because we could not relate to it, or the shooting arcade where we had no idea what we had to do… so these got skipped.

I stood watching the castle lights one last time and the Christmas tree and the happiness and joy surrounding us and that had enveloped us over the previous 6 days.  Leaving it was quite depressing. Back to the resort and packing and off to sleep by 11pm.

The next morning, we took the option of checkin at the resort itself and got our boarding passes as well, so all we had to do was get to security and on to the flight. We landed to a cold Chicago though thankfully it was not snowing. Sigh! Back to the biting cold and reality but the memories remain forever.

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2 thoughts on “Day 23 – Day 6-Animal Kingdom

  1. Loved all the posts in this series with all the details. Awesome pictures too RS. If we happen to plan visiting Orlando Disneyland, will come to your posts and the agenda will be sorted. Superb planning ya!

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