Day 22 – Day 5 – Disney Springs

Finally we are here on day 5. We had only 5 day park hopper option which means we had exhausted 4 days and had just 1 more day left. 1 day for Animal Kingdom. Hubby was of the opinion that we should finish it and take the last day easy while I was of the opinion that there were no night time shows at Animal Kingdom so we could come back to the room early to pack for the next day so the last but one day we should do Disney Springs in the evening. Also, I knew that after so much activity and fun, if we did not do anything on the last day, I would be the first one to get depressed. Hubby, then threw in his idea – he wanted to go to Magic Kingdom one more time and finish that Space Mountain ride. He did not want to leave any ride not done! He knew it would be late if we went from Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom and we would get late for checkout the next day. I convinced him that I would finish packing in time and we should just relax and let Sam play in the pool at the resort that day. Poor boy had been asking since day1.

So, that is what we did – no parks on Day5. We had a late breakfast and then took Sam to the pool. Spent a good hour there and then got ready to get to Disney Springs by 2pm. I had made a note of Wolfgang Puck express for food but was not sure about what veggie we would get. Again, I did not want to settle for pizza or burger. By the time we walked around and figured our way to Wolfgang puck it was a good 1 hour and lunch time was almost coming to an end. Thankfully there were some veggie options. I don’t remember what we exactly took – only that we had ordered red velvet cake and Sam took his usual Cheese pizza which had such a thin crust that for a  change he finished the entire 4 slices! We then wandered around the lake (I realize as I write this,that every park has its own water body) taking in the streetmosphere. The place was full of life with live music, singing, shows, a small carousel, street lined with ice cream carts and children chatter. Of course, there was the World of Disney store, a Lego store as well. *small digression – I had promised Sam that if he behaved himself and got ready on time for school for 10days before the Christmas vacation began, I will get him a Lego in Disney – of his choice. He had more or less kept up his promise and had been reminding me from the time we got on the flight of my side of the bargain. So, I had to get him his Lego.  – End Digression* We walked in and he was so confused that he just ran around the whole store thinking what he wanted. Hubby and I tried helping him pick but he was not ready. He chose something so big that cost 159$ and we were not ready 😛 He finally decided on a Lego Ninjago which thankfully came within budget!

Seeing the World of Disney store, I wanted to again check for the snowglobe but more, I wanted to buy a princess dress for my niece in London whose birthday is in March. I went crazy picking up stuff. A nice dress and Minnie hairclips and a tiara and a wand and socks. I was imagining her dressed like that with heart in my eyes. Hubby helped me pick as well. My hands were full of stuff for the little princess while hubby said “How are you going to send all these?” I would have to ship them all. So, he came up with “Why don’t you buy them all online and get it shipped directly? Our suitcases do not have so much space also.” Again very practical but it did not satisfy the josh of the moment. Sadly, I dropped everything and walked out. The only thing I picked up as a memento is our usual fridge magnet 😦

It was around 6:45 by then and we found a bar on the water front. Hubby suggested we have a cocktail each (no driving!) and Sam a pink lemonade. While he placed the order, I went to use the rest room.I was still standing in line outside, it was horribly crowded, when the hubby calls up  “Hey! see see, your drone show is on. Quick, come and join us here, it looks beautiful”. I was in 2 minds, really, whether to leave the line or forget the drone show. Reluctantly, I left my place and ran out so I could watch the drone show on the water. Compared to all the other ‘spectaculars’ this was a short 5 mins lights hovering on the water kind of show. Still, something new to see. I went back to the restroom to see an even longer line.Sigh! What to do…nature calls…all that tea I had for lunch…I also had to make space for the cocktail 😛

So, I meandered back slowly to the bar where hubby and Sam had settled down comfortably on a couch listening to someone playing wonderful guitar. I joined them and the next 30mins or so was blissful. Nice waterfront, watching the crowd go by, live music that even Sam seemed to be enjoying. It was nearly 8pm when we  decided to head back to the bus stand and home…err. room.. We window shopped and walked around some more to reach the bus stop by 8:20 and back to the resort by 9pm. Another soup snack for dinner and off to bed with a nice buzz.

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3 thoughts on “Day 22 – Day 5 – Disney Springs

  1. ohh I can relate to that shopping all and then leaving them behind due to practical reasons..It is this trip in which we missed the flight back to home. hope you guys made it on time 🙂

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