Day 21 – Day 4 – Christmas in Magic Kingdom

After 3 days of continuous parks and walking, we decided to take it easy and wake up late this morning. Then, made India calls and spoke to both sets of grandparents who were eager to talk to the little fellow about how he is having fun. We  decided to skip breakfast and had some biscuits that we had in the room. Decided to go to lunch at Disney boardwalk and then head towards Magic Kingdom as we had fast passes for rides later that evening. When we got to the usual bus stand, we realized that there are no buses from our resort to the Boardwalk! We were told we had to take the boat from Hollywood studios. Yaay! I thought, this too we will get to experience. So, off to hollywood studios and then caught the boat – quite an adventure this was, the boat which was about to start was stopped by Sam – running and panting 🙂 and he said “please wait, my parents are coming, don’t go without us” So the lady manning the boat apparently said, “No Sweety, the boat is going nowhere without you”. He was all smiles like he had achieved something.  It was a slow ride while we saw the Swan and Yatch club resorts while the boat sailed along the lake.

15mins later we reached the Boardwalk. Surprise, surprise! There was no one there! We were wondering if there was any place where we could have lunch. By then we were really hungry, having skipped breakfast. The only place that seemed to be open was the Boardwalk bakery and he had spinach,feta cheese and tomato sandwich (for hubby) Focaccia bread with cheese (for me) and a veggie burger for Sam. We also ordered a fresh fruit tart and peanut butter cake for dessert. While we picked these up and walked out, it had drizzled and stopped. Clouds hung overhead and the weather had turned muggy! We finally saw some people walking along the boardwalk and we ate leisurely watching the water. Of all the things we did/saw in Disney – this was the most boring place.

We walked to the bus stand and caught the first bus to Magic Kingdom, much earlier than planned! Reached there by 3pm right on time for the Very Merry Christmas parade. The crowds again! We quickly walked towards Tomorrowland as all our rides for the day were there. We stood in line for the people transporter that takes us around all the rides in Tomorrowland. A 20mins ride that was quite fun actually. We also saw Tomorrowland Christmas show while waiting. The boys then took a good 1hr for the Astro Orbitor while I went in search of coffee and then stood in queue for the Tomorrowland speedway ride. We ate Mickey’s ice creams and popsicles, did the Buzz light year ride which is very similar to Toy story mania. Once done, we walked to the main street to watch the Frozen singalong show and took pictures and videos to send to nieces all around the globe 🙂 The 10mins show looked boring to Sam however! While the boys had a fastpass for the Seven dwarfs ride (this is the most sought after ride in MK) I hefted our bag and walked as close to the stage as I could get to view the Very Merry Christmas Party show at 7:15pm. I stayed put right in front of the stage with so many others vying for a place to stand! A fun show of singing all Christmassy songs and all the Disney characters coming on stage – peppy and fast.

By the time this show got over, (Sam chose the ride over the show)  the boys had finished their ride and were ready for dinner. They also found an amazing place! Pecos Bill in Frontier land which served Mexican food – which means rice for us! On the way, I saw that there were so many Christmas shops all decked with christmas stuff and I really, badly wanted to see if I could get a snow globe from there. I love snow globes.  Met hubby and and Sam where they had picked up my dinner too and they were in a hurry to get to the Space Mountain ride. I told them to run along and said that I would checkout those shops and catch up with them by the time their ride was done in about 45mins. I quickly gobbled up my food and got into the Christmas shop with coffee in hand. I browsed through pretty things, cute things, Christmassy things but no snow globes. Anything else  that I saw – nothing was below 25$ (I had read on blogs before that everything inside Disney is more expensive than buying them outside). While I was still browsing, hubby called. He said that the ride was cancelled for the day due to some maintenance issue. Oho! ok, now what? we thought… we had done all the night time spectaculars the previous evening and were in no mood to stand in a crowd to watch it all over again. The crowd on Christmas was more than what it was on 24th! There was no concept of personal space, especially on Main Street USA where people had settled down to watch the shows.  We were in diagonal corners of the Magic Kingdom so we decided to meet in front of the Christmas tree at the entrance. While i walked, I saw a couple of Cast Members (people who work at Disney) and asked them about the electric water pageant and was told that it will be only at the Disney resorts at about 9:30pm and it would be good if we took the boat to one of those resorts to view it. It was past 8:45 by then. I met hubby and Sam and told them about this. We hurried to the ferry boat but were told that the ferry s were stopped for the water pageant. When we said we wanted to see the pageant, one of the crew pointed us to a few benches a few yards away and said “you can get a decent view of the pageant from those benches there but sadly that is a smoking area”.Hmmm….we looked around and saw there was no one there. Meanwhile, the Holiday Wishes night time show had started inside the Magic Kingdom and there was hardly anyone around. So, hubby said “Let’s just sit down here near the water and relax for some time. It’s a cool night and no crowds. We can head back towards the bus stand in another 15mins and we can still be back at the resort by 10pm.” We settled down on those benches. We could see the fireworks of Hollywood studios in the distance and behind us, the fireworks from within the Magic Kingdom. We asked Sam also to relax who did not want to sit there. Then, surprise surprise! We saw many boats making a formation a little distance away. It was 9:30pm and the water pageant had begun at the resort on the right banks of the lake! Though we could only hear the music faintly, we could see the different formations of octopus,dinosaur,fish,tortoise etc; We watched it for full 15mins and headed back to the bus stand. Yaay! I thought, we saw every thing that I had planned!

As we were already outside and near the bus stand, we got the first bus that was waiting there and reached back by 10pm as hubby had predicted.

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4 thoughts on “Day 21 – Day 4 – Christmas in Magic Kingdom

  1. This might have been a memorable Christmas for you all. I am sure you would love reading this series with Sam after few years. For some reason, I am not able to see the pics. I noticed this with Seema’s post too. May be some issue on my side.

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