Day 20-Day 3 Hollywood Studios

Day 3 Saturday was Christmas eve. The idea was to finish Hollywood studios and reach Magic Kingdom for the night time spectaculars.

After my research, I knew that there weren’t that many rides in Hollywood studios and we again had an easy start to the day. Reaching Hollywood studios by noon gave us time to do all the rides and take in all the shows. For those who are Starwars fans, this place is heaven. Everything is filled with Starwars with plenty of shows. We stood in line for the great movie ride and again after reading that it can be dark and scary, I backed off from the ride in the last minute and waited for the boys. I guess i was the only one who wasn’t taken in with the Star wars show that was happening outside. I just sat there in the shade and experimented with the camera a little. In about 20mins the boys were out and we just began to walk around to see what rides and shows we could do before our fastpass for Indiana Jones started. We came across the Muppet Show and we also met Mickey and Minnie again. The only ride Sam had categorically declined to ride was ‘Tower of Terror’ apparently because someone in school had told him that it was a very scary ride. The other ride that hubby wanted to do was the Aerosmith ride and so the boys went to stand in the 80mins wait line for that while I decided to wander around and saw that people were entering the theater for Beauty and Beast. It was 1:28 and the show still had some seats left for 1:30 show. I just happily walked in for the 30min show.

I knew that a colleague of mine was also in Hollywood studios that day with his family. He said he was standing in line for the Ariel show which was supposed to start at 2:30pm. I just walked to the show, met him and his family – cute little 2yr old V 🙂 and sat with them to watch the mermaid show.

Meanwhile, apparently while my boys were standing in the queue, there was an announcement that the ride was fast and had, as Sam puts it “loopty loops” Sam backed out and said he did not want to do the ride. So, after standing in the queue for 45mins the boys walked out of the ride. I asked them to meet me at the star rolls cafe for snacks so they could meet my colleague and his family too. We had a quick snack and bidding them adieu, went to settle down for the 3:30 show of Indiana Jones. Next was the Starwars show – thankfully it was clearly written it is a simulation ride so I did not hesitate to walk in to the line. Once starwars was done, Sam wanted a picture of himself as Agent Skywalker,so we spent considerable money indulging him.  Thankfully, the lady who sold the light saber asked us if we were going back by flight and told us that the light sabers would not be allowed on flight-so we could dissuade him from buying one! phew! It cost 40$ while Amazon is selling it for 8$!!!  After a 20min wait for our Toy Story Mania fastpass by 5pm we were done and as per plan, took the bus back to Magic Kingdom for the night time spectaculars.

We reached there at 6pm and were taken aback by the crowds. We knew Christmas would be busy but 24th evening?! Oh my God! Heads,kids,trolleys everywhere. Only when I got hold of that day’s scheduled events did I see that there was a Frozen show at 6pm and a Very merry christmas party show at 7:30 and 8:30pm too that evening. No doubt people had already found the best spots for the shows and settled down on Main Street USA. Not wanting to be left behind, we walked as ahead as we could and found a spot for 3 and settled down. By this time, we were all very hungry. Post the quick snack at 2:30pm we had not eaten anything. Poor hubby kept walking to the cafe’s on Main street only to return dis satisfied by the options. Then he walked over the tomorrowland terrace and got us all burgers. By then, I realized that the spot where we were sitting would be asked to vacate for fastpass viewers and that there was no point sitting there for 2hrs, Sam and I also got up and followed hubby back to the restaurant. We had a leisurely dinner infact and decided that we will be happy with what ever place we get to sit and watch the castle.

We were back near Main street USA by 8:30 and again scouted for a place to sit. A bit of a struggle, but we managed to find a small congested spot which irritated hubby no end, but thankfully, he did not complain. Well, not too much atleast when I told him that this would be the best spot for photos. Everyone anyway stood up by 9pm to watch the Holiday Wishes nighttime spectacular – wow fireworks with holiday music. Spectacular it was, with the backdrop of the castle. I loved the way Tinkerbell flies out of the castle during the middle of the show 🙂 Like they say in kannada “eraDu kaNNu saaladu” – 2 eyes are not enough to see it. We forgot all about the crowds at that time. The next show was at 9:30pm and we stayed put right there for the Once Upon a Christmas Time show. Again, the castle is used as a projector screen and it is so colorful! The castle keeps changing colors with all the Disney characters on display.

Once this was done too, Sam was tired and said he wanted to go back to the room. After 3 days, he was exhausted and for the first time he said he was sleepy and his legs were hurting – maybe because of all the standing. We pushed him a little bit more so we could take a couple of pictures in the ugly Christmas sweaters that hubby also had no interest in. But I had! I had spent well over 60$ buying us all that sweater and I definitely wanted a picture with the castle in the background. But as luck would have it, the girl who took our picture did not take even a single one correctly – they are all shaky and distorted 😦 But with 2 against 1, I could not argue more (even I was tired though I was not ready to admit it) we decided to head back. Another late night as we did not get the bus immediately and reached back only by 11pm.


Cannot get enough of the castle
Mickey shows the time
Wishes – Nighttime Spectacular
Magic Kingdom Entrance
Christmas tree at Hollywood studios
Found this restroom near Muppet show and laughed at the name 😀
Star wars parade
Beauty and the Beast obsession




2 thoughts on “Day 20-Day 3 Hollywood Studios

  1. Amazing pictures gal. I can only imagine how spectacular it would have been. Next time carry a selfie stick ok? It s very useful when you can’t trust other to take your pictures. We used to visit so many places but never had a picture of all of us together. With the selfie stick, we can always be sure that we have a family pic without depending on anyone.

  2. I hear you on how important it was to take the picture with those sweaters on. I am the same crazy freak and would have done the same while Abbas and Mantam would have rolled eyes

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