Day 19- Day 2- Epcot

After 15hr long previous day, we decided not to hurry. I had booked fastpasses for the rides and there weren’t as many rides at Epcot as there were at the Magic Kingdom. We also had fastpass for the Illumination show at 9:30pm so we knew we had time until then to finish all rides.

After a heavy breakfast at the resort cafeteria, we reached Epcot by 11:30am. I had fastpass for the Imagination with figment and The seas with Nemo and friends. Both of which turned out to be a waste. Unfortunately, the rides Soarin and Space Mission and Test track were the ones that hubby thought he wanted to do and there were huge crowds for them all. We could not even book other fastpasses as we had one still pending for the nighttime show. Once we finished the fast pass rides, we went to the Living with the land boat ride, which was educative and we would have easily missed it if we had not sat right near that for lunch. Lunch was a quick snack of soup,salad and cheesecake – 1 snack for each of us. We also saw a 20mins 3D short films and the circle of life show before standing in line for Soarin’ ride. It was a good 45mins wait and after reading the instructions, I backed off at the last minute thinking it was a dark,fast ride. Hubby and Sam came out and said it was like “Fly over America” that we had done in Mall of America and that I would like it. So, we stood in line for another 30mins and we did the ride again. It was a fun ride, going on top of Great Wall of China, and seeing Eiffel Tower and Paris all lit up at night and flying right above the Elephants in Africa 🙂 By the time we finished these rides it was 4pm and we still had 2 important rides left. While hubby and Sam went to stand in the 60min line for Space Mission, I walked to Jeoffrey’s and bought myself a Mocha latte with Hazelnut (turned out to be yummy) and walked to see what the test track was about which had a waiting for 80mins. It was a design your own car and have a test ride-sounded fun and it did not look like it had any drops. I love speed, so I wanted to do this ride too. By the time the boys came out of their Space Mission ride it was past 5pm. I quickly dragged them both to stand in the 35mins waiting line for Test track. Thankfully the wait line had reduced! While I was excited to do this ride, Sam and hubby were still going on about the Space Mission ride and said I HAVE to do it – atleast the less intensity one and that it was not a roller coaster but a simulation ride which I enjoy. Sam was bouncing off the metal barriers trying to convince me 🙂 Soon, we were asked to build our own cars and taken to the test track area. A fast ride, it starts off with testing for different parameters of a car and then at the end its about the speed. Woohooo! 0-65mph in 10seconds or less(or so I think). It was as I had imagined and more. We went back to the Space Mission – the one with lesser intensity and I thoroughly enjoyed landing on Mars 🙂 Though the  boys were disappointed that it was not as thrilling as the ‘orange’ high intensity one.

Once done with all rides, we decided to walk along the World Showcase to check out ‘holidays around the world’ theme. We walked along the lake to see Mexico,Norway, Germany, France, Italy,England,Chinese, Japanese and then to Morocco. Wonderful ambiance with Christmas music in some places, live shows etc; Although we had checked in all these places for vegetarian food the only option we had was pizza which I did not want. I wanted to try something different. At Morocco we decided to check for veggie options – we were in luck. A quick meal option of Tabbouleh, hummus, bread,couscous and baklava and hot Moroccan tea. Sam was content with his veggie burger-2 pieces of bread stuck together with cheese, lettuce and tomato. By the time we finished dinner it was 9pm and we had to walk back all the way across the lake to the FastPass viewing area for Illuminations night time show.

We reached there by 9:15 and just plonked ourselves at the first available space. By 9:30 there was visible excitement in the air as the music and the fireworks began. Then came the earth in the centre and the lights emnating from it and the background commentary. This was one 20mins show that hubby and I thought was the best – far better than the 3 night time shows we had seen at hollywood studios the previous day.

By the time the show ended and we started walking back to the bus it was 9:45pm. Thankfully we got a bus that was not very crowded and got a place to sit as we drove back to the resort on the second day at 10:30pm.

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