Day 18 – Day 1- Magic Kingdom

The idea was to spend the entire day at Magic Kingdom. The park was scheduled to open at 7am for the early magic hour. 10 minutes before opening there would be a morning ritual of Disney characters coming to the entrance and welcoming everyone – I wanted to be there by 6:50am. Which means we had to be at the bus stop no later than 6:30am.

It all went as per plan. At 6:50, we were entering the park and saw the welcome by Mickey, Minnie and friends as we entered and went through security. We saw Pluto and Minnie waiting near the huge Christmas tree to greet the guests and there were maybe 4-5 guests waiting in line. Quickly, we stood in the queue and met Pluto and Minnie 🙂 And ahead of us – there it was… the Cinderella Castle! Still all lit up for another 30mins before it would be switched off for the morning. We hurried and took pictures and then started the rides. As I had booked Fastpass for the Splash Mountain and the Big Thunder Mountain railroad, we decided to walk towards it and do any rides along the way. As luck would have it, we walked right past and finished riding the carousel, “It’s a Small World”, “Peter Pan” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.It was a walk-in, walk-out kind of scene at that time of the morning. The boys (am going to address hubby also as a boy in this series because he was as excited as Sam to do the rides!) then did the Splash mountain and the Big Thunder ride while I waited and took pictures of them coming down that huge waterfall 🙂 Meanwhile, I checked on the downloaded App for what next. We met the Chipmunks and then decided to walk towards our breakfast destination.On the way,we came across “Aladdin and the magic carpet ride” So hopped on to that too…By 9:30am, we had already done all these rides!

It being Sam’s birthday, I had booked for a breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant (I checked for lunch but it was fully booked!) We walked in and found a place as I had already chosen the menu too. While there were people standing and waiting to be seated, we were seated immediately. This whole restaurant has been designed like the Beast’s castle of Beauty and the Beast – the red rose in the beast’s room,the music box with the beast and beauty dancing. The only disappointment I had was that I had put it on our reservation that it was Sam’s birthday and I was/am quite upset that nobody wished him – it comes up at every place we swipe our Magic bands but nobody bothered. Even at breakfast, I told the attendant that it was his birthday, so the only solace was that she got a signed Happy Birthday card and a gray cupcake for the Birthday boy. I had not expected anything extra that cost something. All I wanted was Sam to feel special – and that happens when strangers also wish you. Anyway there were a couple of places where the cast members did wish him and he was pleasantly surprised and happy.

Anyway, after the pre-booked breakfast we decided head out to the next set of rides. Except for the Horror house, I was game for hubby to take Sam on all rides while I waited. I am very scared of roller-coaster rides -any ride that has drops. Since, it was right after breakfast, we went to the Jungle (Jingle) cruise. We then walked to the Main Street USA to watch the Move It,Shake It dance party parade. Once we finished this, we got hold of a map and an event list and checked out the other rides that we could do – we had planned to spend 25th – Christmas too at Magic Kingdom so we had plenty of time to look through and see what rides we could do that day.  Since that day was the last of the Very Merry Christmas party which was a ticketed event and we had chosen not to buy tickets for that, we decided to do more rides that day until about 4:30 and then go to Hollywood studios for the night time spectaculars there. We quickly changed our fastpass for the Fantasmic show at Hollywood studios and decided to see the Disney Fantasy parade at 3:30. Wow! All the fantasy characters, fairies,prince and princesses, a huge dinosaur spitting fire and then finally Mickey and his pals. A good 20mins show. We then quickly walked toward Dumbo the flying elephant and the barnstormer rides. Once done we went to the Mad Tea party ride and also met Goofy and Donald. The boys also did Stitch’s great escape ride and  we squeezed in the Disney’s carousel of progress by which time it was almost 5pm.

We decided to leave Magic Kingdom and head towards  the bus stop for Hollywood Studios. We reached the bus stop and see a really long queue, all waiting for the Hollywood Studios bus! Looks like a lot of people had the same idea as us! Thankfully 2 buses came one after the other and we reached hollywood studios by 6:10pm and after security, walked towards the Starwars Galactic Spectacular show. This is done in the open area right in front of the Chinese Theater and it feels like you are stuck in the crossfire while the fight happens right over your head. A loud and bright 15mins show and there was hardly place to stand. The show got done by 6:45 by which time we were hungry. We had fastpass for the Mickey’s Fantasmic Show so decided to grab dinner first. Where to search for dinner? We walked to a couple of places but they were either very crowded or closed. We spent a good 20mins searching for vegetarian food. We came across 1 place which did not have much crowd and while hubby just walked past, I decided to ask if they had anything veggie in the quick meal plan. There was vegetarian chilli with Nachos and frozen smoothies. I quickly grabbed a seat and hubby got the food. We were hungry and thrilled with the hot food. We thought we did a smart thing and by 7:45 started walking towards the show. As we neared the open auditorium we realized that people had picked up dinner and walked to the theater and settled down in the best seats! Not like the ‘smart thing’ we thought we had done. *eye rolling* Anyway, we walked all the way to one end of the amphitheater and settled down in one of the benches. The 30min show was just as the name suggests – Fantasmic! The fountains acted as screen for the laser shows which was filled with Disney characters all apparently from Mickey’s dream 🙂 There were boats in the water, fireworks in the water and even the  fire dragon made an appearance. We didn’t realize how the 30mins ended so quickly. We then joined in the milieu of people walking back to the open space near the chinese theatre for the Jingle Bell Jingle Bam show – of elfs who come to town in search of Santa. A fun 15mins show with ‘snow shower’ in the end 🙂 but by then we were tired of standing and wanted the show to finish.

We walked back to the bus stand and reached the resort at 10pm, standing in the bus. The birthday boy was a trooper and walked around with us every where not once complaining about the miles. My fitness App showed we had walked nearly 23,000 steps that day!

Now for the pictures:

Meeting pluto
Splash Mountain
Fantasmic @ Hollywood Studios
It’s a small world
Big Thunder Mountain ride
Move it Shake it dance party
Fantasy Parade



2 thoughts on “Day 18 – Day 1- Magic Kingdom

  1. Wowww I am literally reliving my vacation from 6 years ago..
    I think they have made this birthday thing very commercial. Its just another way for them to make money. There is no personal touch to it..
    Wowww again on 23000 steps.. do you use Fitbit?

  2. I’m a total Mouseketeer so I’m enjoying these posts. Definitely want to go to Disneyworld one day though I’m a bit Disneyed out at the moment having gone twice to Disneyland in Hong Kong on consecutive weekends (there was a deal on).

    I’m surprising they didn’t wish Sam. Here, they give the birthday kid a badge (though V had to inquire at Guest Relations to find out about it) and at every ride someone wishes the kid. In fact, Nene disliked the attention and I later thought we probably shouldn’t have got him the badge.

    I’d love it if the park opened early. Here the earliest you can get in is 10.30 am and the rides start at 11 am. But 6.30 am to 10 pm is a long time!

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