Day 17 – Getting there

<ETA: These posts seem to be lengthy and detailed. I tried to shorten it, but that would mean skipping some details. Since this travelogue is also for myself to remind me of the good days, I choose to keep everything here. If anyone is planning a Disney world trip, this could help but otherwise, if I have no visitors on the next 5-6 posts I can understand πŸ™‚ >

A week before we were supposed to travel, I began to have second thoughts about weather, transport, food, basically everything!

I made numerous calls to the helpdesk at Disney world to confirm on the food options, book a special meal and ask check about alternatives to buses if required. I also bookmarked a disneytourist blog and have spent most evenings checking for where to eat, what are the must do rides, what are the night time options etc;

Our initial plan was 5 days with water park option which we changed to 5 days park hopper option and cancelled the water park. We had been to Hurricane Harbor from 6 flags group a couple of times in NJ and done plenty of lakes and beaches as well. Also, we knew that Sam would not get into the water without atleast 1 of us and neither one of us wanted to get wet. We thought if he wanted water he could always get into the pool at the resort πŸ˜› It cost us only 15$ more than our initial water park option and in retrospect it was the best decision we made.

I checked the weather and saw rain. I also read up that people wear ugly Christmas sweaters in the spirit of Christmas and I bought one for all of us. During Thanksgiving there was a good sale on DSLR that most of hubby’s colleagues were buying which prompted hubby to buy too! We also did some last minute shopping for new clothes keeping Disney in mind – a Minnie tshirt for me, cars tshirt for Sam. Hubby, acting very grown-up said it would look silly and did not buy anything. (You can imagine what happened later don’t you?)

On 21st, we had an early start – the flight was scheduled quite early. In order to reduce the weight of the suitcases, I convinced hubby to ditch the fat jackets and instead we all wore the ugly Christmas sweaters and a light jacket that I had decided would help incase of rain and winds after sunset (The website I checked said it could get as cold as low 50s if it rained or got windy).

Landed in Orlando at 12:45 and got to the Disney bus terminal. From the moment one gets into the bus there is a sense of Disney! As we settled into the bus for the 45mins bus ride and the AV in the bus started, it made me take a deep breath and put an automatic smile on my face. Here we come for a lifetime trip, I thought. I looked over to hubby sitting across me and he had the same relaxed look on his face. Thankfully, he did not have to worry about driving for the next 8 days.

I had already done online checkin and had my room number and the magic bands. We did not have any checkin process as we entered the hotel. We just took our luggage and went directly to the food court for lunch. Took us some time to figure out what the vegetarian options were and what our meal plan entitled. After a heavy lunch we went to the room and decided to roam around the resort. For an hour we walked around the resort checking out all the sporty stuff-our staircase started inside a helmet, there were buildings with staircases like whistle, tennis rackets, basket ball, baseball fields. Huey, Dewey and Louie playing american football with Donald πŸ™‚ Mickey with his arms extended. Buildings with surfboards as walls. Even the wreaths and the Christmas tree decorations were sporty. There was also an arcade where obviously Sam wanted to play. While we let Sam enjoy for nearly an hour, hubby enjoyed the massage chair while I went around to checkout the shop and inquire about the bus to Magic Kingdom the next day.

By 8pm, we were exhausted and we had a very early start next day – at 6am. After a heavy late lunch, I wasn’t hungry. While I gave bath to Sam, hubby got himself a soup for dinner and we were in bed by 9:30pm.

Some pictures of the resort. Check out the sporty wreaths:



3 thoughts on “Day 17 – Getting there

  1. Have been waiting to read about this trip ever since I saw the pictures on FB. Don’t you shorten the posts, love reading every bit of it.

    We went to HongKong Disneyland by catching the DisneyLand express train and like you said, the moment we stepped on the train it felt like being transported to another world.

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