Day 16 -Disney World-Sam’s birthday and Christmas vacation – the planning

In June 2016, I got a brainwave, of taking Sam to Disney world Florida before we decided to go back. That was one thing I wanted to do for the little fellow.We always decide on where we want to go so this was a trip only for him. The idea was to reach there on 21st before Sam’s birthday and also spend Christmas there.

I started my research online. Checked how much I had to save so we can make the trip. With my parents visiting I had to be clear if we could afford it. Then on the disney website I saw a deal – a deal which included Disney resort stay+meal plan+park entry+transport within the Disney parks and transport to and from airport. With lofty ideas I checked the Disney resorts and realized the only one we could possibly get in our budget was the Value resorts. I felt a little disappointed and had a lengthy conversation with hubby. That is how it is between us. I make all plans, figure out budgets and then put the proposition for his acceptance/rejection. I used his love for his son as a trump card and first convinced him that it would be a worth expenditure 😛 Then I laid out the plans – 6 parks – 4 amusement and 2 water parks-1 water park closed for renovation. So 1 day at 1 park means 5 day park tickets – 1 extra day to do Disney Boardwalk and Disney Springs.1 extra night for travel – in all 7 nights. Then I gave him the option of resorts and meal options. These are the times when I realize why I married this man – he supports my dreams but also keeps me within practical limits. It was then we sat together and worked out that if we are out at a park all day we do not need a resort with views, boating options, spa or Jacuzzi. We also did not need 3 table meals a day option, because when we travel we eat a hearty breakfast and get through the day until almost 4pm. So, we decided on a value resort – All Star Sports (because we knew Sam could not relate to the music or the movies) and chose the quick meal plan – which gave us 2 counter service meals a day with 1 snack a day option. Since we were staying at a Disney resort which had its own buses to all parks and to airport so we decided not to rent a car either. We convinced ourselves that it would compensate for the extra we would be paying for the resort.

However, we hadn’t anticipated the shift to Chicago in August. Disney was booked but what about airfare?! There was a thought of dropping the plan. My parents who were with us, asked us not to hurry in cancelling, we had given it enough thought when we booked, so they said we should just go ahead. Finally in September we booked the tickets and then started the countdown, the excitement and the shopping 🙂



2 thoughts on “Day 16 -Disney World-Sam’s birthday and Christmas vacation – the planning

  1. Booking vacation and the countdown gives us so much thrill. Can’t wait to read more about it. Loved the idea of celebrating Sam’s birthday i Disneyland. *pats on your back for the superb planning and S for the practical advice*

  2. that sounds exactly like our disney vacation in 2010/11. I even forgot the year. We went in this same package and stayed in all star movies for 7 days.. It was one hectic trip.. Hope you all had good time..

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