Day 15-Thanksgiving break

The next week of posts will be all about our travels. We did a lot of travelling through 2016 with my parents. We even went to Lake Geneva to see the fall colors but unfortunately it was a gray cloudy day and we couldn’t see much colors. The place is beautiful though and I am thinking we should go there again during summer – the lake beach, the vast park with trees and grass and play area. Ideal place for a picnic and just an hour away.

Anyway that isn’t the context for this post. Once my parents left mid November, the house felt empty and quiet. So, we thought of grabbing the opportunity  of the Thanksgiving weekend and decided to go to Minneapolis which is about 6 hrs drive. The initial idea was to start late afternoon on Wednesday and reach by late at night. But the weather check told us that there was an impending snow storm later starting Wednesday and well into Thursday. Like all our impromptu road trips, we decided to take Wednesday off and start that morning so that we drive through the day and reach home before it gets dark and driving gets more tricky.

We started at 7am the next day and a quick stop at Trader joe’s to pick up fresh pie to their home, we also picked up some butter croissants and buns for breakfast. We had expected to see some snow and rain but hadn’t expected so much fog that we could hardly see more than a 100mts ahead of us. Thankfully there wasn’t much traffic and we followed any tail lights of the car ahead of us. We reached their home by 3 pm before the impending snow storm. We did a quick walk in that cold to see the frozen lake near their home and then sat indoors chatting.

I had promised Sam that we will play pictionary there and so we played pictionary for an hour and then they set up the Karoke. Oh my God! What fun we had, we sang and sang for 3 hours! All 4 of us, Sam and me, Sam alone, all adults alone, the brothers (cousins). My co-sis and me attempted jawani jaaneman and even today I have a smile on my face remembering the fun we had singing that song “Oh ho” 😀 Finally, hoarse and tired we slept at 11pm.

The next day was Thanksgiving. All malls and shops closed. So we booked tickets for an afternoon show of Dear Zindagi and after a lazy brunch we left at 2pm to the movie. About the movie-I thought it would be a fun, comedy but on the contrary it is quite a serious movie with the 2nd half really dragged on. I did like Alia bhatt though. She seems to be improving with every movie. Post movie, at 5:30pm we decided to go to say our thanks at the temple and then eat at an Indian restaurant. A quick visit to the temple and then realized that the Indian restaurant was closed, we went back home to eat anna saaru and in bed by 10pm. It had been a cold rainy day and had started to snow by the time we got back home.

I had decided that being in MN for Thanksgiving and so close to Mall of America AND the fact that we had no major purchases scheduled for this year (like the laptop and TV we bought last Thanksgiving) I am going to buy branded stuff. Yes, I went crazy like that. All these years, it never mattered to me what purse I used or what watch and sunglasses I wore, but I always heard a lot about brands all the time. So this time, I decided I will indulge in branded bags, watch and sunglasses and bought in MoA 😀 So, off we went on friday at 11am to MoA.  We roamed around the mall and my first purchase was the red party purse that Sam liked and was endorsed by my co-sis, and 20$ – so bought it (I used this once for the christmas potluck party). Then, a quick stop at MK for a handbag that was 50% off. Co-sis and I wandered into Macy’s and Nordstorm for sunglasses but didn’t get anything that really was to my liking. That was it! We had lunch and wandered around some more. The best fun part of the day was the “Fly over America” ride we all sat in. Thrilling experience! Sam and his daddy did the other rides within the mall and bought some Lego and the day ended! I still hadn’t bought my watch or sunglasses. As we were headed back in the direction of the car park, I saw Sunglass Hut! Rushed in to check if I would like anything. There I found a Burberry – cateyes that I was looking for and both hubby and co-sis liked it too…That was it, picked it up and walked out of the mall before my eyes fell on anything else! oh! i forgot, while wandering we came across a store closing sale in Aeropostale that prompted us to buy some sweater tops and jeggings and a scarf. Additional expense. I also picked up the secret Santa gift at SIX there. I liked it so much that co-sis kindly bought me the same set as a gift 😀  Reached home exhausted and collapsed into bed at 10pm.

Saturday,we had plans of going to downtown Minneapolis by train. Co-sis had also booked  the 8am appointment at a hair salon. So off we 2 went while the men slept. I wanted to really try a short hair cut and had made up my mind after a lot of second thoughts. So, there… the hair got chopped off and the hair dressed set it up the way I showed her an image online. I was thrilled 🙂 We came back home by 10am and then set out at 11 to the train station. A  good 30mins ride into town where we saw the US Bank stadium and the Guthrie theatre. From there another train ride to an Indian restaurant or so we had thought. Unfortunately, the Indian restaurant was not open and all of downtown was alseep! We could find no place to have lunch. So, we came back near Guthrie theatre where we had seen a Thai restaurant and had yummy Thai food. Tofu and green curry – yummmm. Another train ride back to the train station by 6pm. Since it was still 6pm, co-sis suggested that we take a stop at the outlet mall as well. She said there is a Watch station there where I could look at my watch. So, off we went. Though I did not like any watches, hubby liked an Armani  that he bought while I saw a Coach outlet right in front. I told her that we should give it a try and we went in.  We were getting Coach bags for less than 100$! We were wandering the store looking at the prices while a sales person comes in and says -” these tags are all slashed prices and there is another 40% on the slashed prices.”What luck! Everything in store was more than 50% off! One look at each other and like most other women there we began to see things in new light! I looked at a mid size handbag which both hubby and co-sis said looked boring 😦 and so I bought a red (I can’t believe I bought it) coach handbag and a wallet for hubby. co-sis bought a bag for herself and her sister. We came out of the store looking like Cheshire cats – grinning ear to ear! We even put it up on our whatsapp group and SIL also bought one. With that loot we went back home by 9pm and tried to sleep early (by 10pm) as we had to head back home the next day.

Sunday had to come and sadly we had to start early, which still ended up being 11am after breakfast. We reached home by 6pm after a quick grocery halt in time to prepare for the week ahead.

It’s now January and I haven’t used any of those handbags even once…now I wonder, why was I so impulsive to buy ‘brands’!

The fog and non-visibility on the way-do you see the car in front?
Mall all decked up for christmas
My loot 🙂
At the Lego store in MoA
Sam enjoying at MoA
one more

2 thoughts on “Day 15-Thanksgiving break

  1. Arey baba, it’s ok to indulge yourself once in a while. It’s only mid Januaru and you will eventually use them.

    Enjoyed reading about all the fun you had. It’s great that you have family there you can catch up with.

  2. Omg look at that fog.. I was about to ask you to put up the pics of all the branded items 🙂 I was like you too.. Never bothered about brands till few years ago but now routing for Louis Vuitton to the husband 🙂

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