Day 14- Sankranthi SubhashayagaLu

Wish you all a very Happy Sankranthi. May this festival of harvest bestow everyone with plenty of joy and happiness and good health that comes with good food 🙂

I have written earlier about Sankranthi being a festival of going out to give yeLLu to all neighbors and family – a very busy, fun day.

How has today turned out to be? My plan was to finish Sam’s ice skating and head out to temple and then the regular groceries -atleast we would go to the temple if not yeLLu Beeru. The plans were thwarted  by the dear hubby who said he had to work today. We still thought we could just postpone the plans to the evening, but you know how that goes…

Hubby left at 8:20am to work while I had an early bath so I could cook pongal and do a small naivedya atleast. Got Sam ready and got him to talk to both sets of grandparents while I cooked both sweet and khara pongal and we both had breakfast. The advantage of the hubby’s office being close [5mins drive from home] is that he came to pick us up and drop us for the Ice skating class. We had hoped that hubby’s work will get done by 12pm so we thought we could still head out to temple in time for lunch 😀 That’s the most important part of going to the temple right? Unfortunately, hubby said his work will not get done sooner than 2pm and since we (Sam and I) had nothing better to do, I asked him to drop him to the library. I had put a few books on hold for Sam that I had read on Sangi’s blog and wanted to pick them up. At 1:45 hubby calls and says his work will take longer but by then we were beginning to get hungry. So, poor hubby again picked us up from the library and dropped us home to go back to work. Frankly, the library and the ice skating all being within a 5mile radius, we could get away with such circus today.

Sam and I came home,finished lunch and while he watched TV, I obviously couldn’t wait any longer before I picked up one of the library books. Hubby finally came home by 3:30 and said once we eat let’s go. Post lunch, “Do we really have to drive 1hr to the temple?” OK, temple idea dropped, 15mins later “Can we finish groceries closer home rather than drive all the way to Patel”…hmmm… OK… another change of plans. OK…another 15mins later “I am feeling very sleepy, do we HAVE to go groceries today?” looks at me and says “OK OK,I will take a quick 30mins nap and then we will go at about 6pm”. It’s now 6:20pm, he just woke up, watching a movie and Sam is having a playdate while I am typing this…

Meantime, neighbor visited us and has invited us to her house for dinner. I told her that I have pongal, she just dismissed it “get that also”  she said. So there, my pongal day has been a complete contrast to what I had imagined… But, that’s ok… I think I have now grownup enough to let such change of plans not get to me (too much) Tomorrow is another day, and I am going to start writing my grocery list now so I can send the boys out tomorrow to shop while I get the house vacuumed.

So long then…see you all tomorrow… hope you all had a sweet pongal 🙂

YeLLu bella thindu oLLe maataaDi (Eat yeLLu bella and talk good words)




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